Lego Star Wars 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough by levels_alive
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Lego Star Wars 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough
levels_alive's walkthrough for the first chapter of Episode 4.
Secret Plans:1st Room-Computer Build

In the room of your spaceship where you start,there are 2 computers you
need to build.Hold the B button to build them(if you are having a 2-player
game,you can build 1).They will open a door that will lead you
to 2 switches.Hold the B button again,then it will take you to the
2nd Room.

Secret Plans:2nd Room-Stormtroopers!

When you enter the 2nd Room,you will see Rebel Friends going to cover
by walls.When the door bursts open,Stormtroopers attack.Defeat them,
then go on to the 3rd Room.

Secret Plans:3rd Room-Grappling Room

Enter the room.See those red circles.They are Grapple Hook
Circles.Press or hold B to grapple.Then you will see
two conveyor belt machines.Build them,and go onto the 4th Room.

Secret Plans:4th Room-Darth Vader Shield

You will need 2 players for this.Player 2 will take care of
the Stormtroopers,then you can pull 2 switches.This will bring
a bomb to destroy the shield.Player 2 will take care of the
Stormtroopers again,then destroy the bomb.Darth Vader will
escape,then you will enter a room that has Stormtroopers.Attack
them,then get ready for Room 5.

Secret Plans:5th Room-Movin' Da Blocks

In this room,there are 2 blocks to move.Move them,then encounter
3 Stormtroopers.Go into Room 6.I made up a mini-boss fight
against Player 2,so you can be happy.

Secret Plans:6th Room-MiniBoss

Mini-Boss:Player 2
Crane Hp:3
Attacks:Grab,Drop Explosives(that Player 2 grabs)
Walkthrough:Player 2 starts going around 3 times,
dropping 1 bomb also.Walk to the controller(the
thing that controls it),and shoot the crane controller.
Player 2 will start going around 3 times again,then
dropping 2 explosives.Shoot the controller,then Player 2
will be able to go around 3 times,then 1 more bomb.Player
2 will still be alive to help.The crane will not be destroyed.

After you defeated Player 2,drop C-3PO to the upper platform.He
will start holding B(Player 2).Then you can go to Room 7.

Secret Plans:7th Room-Brick Build

When you enter Room 7,Rebel Friends will be held captive
by Stormtroopers.You and Player 2 will stop them in the 
room that you can build a brick to cross over.Then
you will enter another build-a-brick room,where there are
pods.The 1st pod will hold Rebel Friends captive.Pull the
switch,and enter Pod 2.Pod 2 will have 2 Stormtroopers in
a bath.Shoot them and pull the switch.A C-3PO
lock will be active.R2-D2 will activate it,then you will go
on to chapter 2.