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Cheat for 50,000 or 1,000 money cheat for The Sims 3


Cheat for 50,000 or 1,000 money

Press start and then press lb,lt,rb,rt all together and then it will ask you if you want to save after that go to

build and buy section go on buy go to decor then miscellanous decor then the will be a free llama it is the first one there buy it it is free and there you go.

Go back on to live mode and then it will say 1000 money or 50,000 money it will also ask if you want a joke or other things like that
Edited: Apr 21 2011

Added by: davo2k11 Apr 14th 2011, ID#7209 and get
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Do you do it while you are playing sims or at the beginning and is this for Xbox 360

Added 11th Oct 2015, ID #615843

thank you for these cheats

Added 5th Jul 2015, ID #580123

It didn't give me a choice it just gave me unlimited money :( what'd is I do wrong?

Added 20th Jun 2015, ID #572877

Is there a way to do this on Xbox 360?? Or was this for Xbox...

Added 10th Jun 2015, ID #568310

It is so awsome thanks alote

Added 25th Apr 2015, ID #547709

I can't even find the llama it's not on mine please can someone tell me where it is.

Added 15th Mar 2015, ID #528821

It should be the very first thing when you go to the decor section then the last option in decor and it should be the first thing you look at.

Added 4th Apr 2015, ID #537719

ahhhhhhh it worked thanks so much!!!!!!
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Added 7th Mar 2015, ID #525400

This is not working at all😫 ugggggg

Added 1st Feb 2015, ID #510325

It works perfectly for me no problems

Added 23rd Jan 2015, ID #505775

only half of it worked like I got to put the llama on my lot but I didn't get asked bout the money I just got the llama which is sad because I hoped for money I really need it

Added 19th Jan 2015, ID #504300

You better not be lying because Irealy want to be rich so please confirm than it work

Added 27th Nov 2014, ID #477214

Im tom

Added 31st Aug 2014, ID #442911

It worked for my first game but then I started a new one and I can't get it to work. Bummer.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431842

it worked but the thing that sucks is you don't get your gamer points or achievements .... I made an extra file w.o the cheat just in case

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430351

it is amazing i got 50000 yahh

Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #375467

It didn't do what i wanted it to do it gave me the 99999999 one and not the 50000 or the1000 I still wanted to get my gamer point tromp this game I already went through 4 generations of my family now I have to delete it because it can't be undone.... great!!!

Added 16th Mar 2013, ID #264153

Not work

Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #247424

Worked fine I've done it on every game

Added 26th Jan 2013, ID #246598

It didn't work and I was holding down, LB, LT, RB, RT altogether as you said, but it just went to the hard-drive section. you have to pick which one you want to save your game to. then it goes to the regular boot screen to start the game. Maybe it's because I use a wireless controller, I don't know, but it won't work for me, I tried 3 times.

Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #245217

it didnt work!

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #235628

plz let is work if it dosnt so toooo bad :I

Added 6th Dec 2012, ID #215665

UMMM i havent tryed yet but my cousin did and than she didnt get anymore missions or achievments after which i want but i want the money so how do we become rich and also get missions and so on. ADD ON .... and if we get 50,000 can we keep clicking on it and we get over 7 million dollars???? please answer.

Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209694

It restarted my sims game

Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #193359

i tried it and it shut my xbox down

Added 4th Oct 2012, ID #191535

It would be good if you could do this cheat and still get gamerscore points. But thanks for the cheat anyways I have loads of money.

Added 5th Jul 2012, ID #160575

It didnt work! Well it did, kind of. . . It said i had to go on another save game or make a new account thingy then i went to find the llama in a new game and it wasent there :(

Added 24th Jan 2012, ID #108944

It works ! It even asked me if i wanted it lol

Added 1st Jan 2012, ID #101730

It didn't work :,(

Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #99856

it didnt work

Added 17th Aug 2011, ID #67914

does it rely work?

Added 30th Jul 2011, ID #62691


Added 17th Jul 2011, ID #58656

thank you i got alott of mooooooonnnneeeyyy!!!!

Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #55260

Thank you very much for all the nice comments if it works please say if it doesnt also please say

Added 19th Apr 2011, ID #38319


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