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Spoot the magic llama!!! cheat for The Sims 3


Spoot the magic llama!!!

when playing the game pause the game and press LT,RT,LB,RB at the same time and a menu should come up. answer these accordingly and spoot the magic llama should be available in the miscellaneous decor section of the buy mode.when placed on the lot click on it and there should be lots of cool goodies. Happy gaming!!!

Added by: Guest Dec 13th 2010, ID#6710 and get
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thx really helped me, im skint

Added 29th Oct 2015, ID #620640

Me and my brother tried on our xbox 360 and it did not work

Added 21st Oct 2015, ID #618590

Sent you sima outside and than buy the llama. After that click on the llama to make losts of money.

Added 12th Oct 2015, ID #616006

I've got the llama but how do you get it to give you money what do I need to do ??????

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605592

To add more sims you will have to press L1 L2 R 1 R 2

Added 30th May 2015, ID #563088

Thank. You it WORKS

Added 25th May 2015, ID #561106

It does work!!!!

Added 18th Oct 2014, ID #459844

It does work... However you do need to enable cheats beforehand.

Added 31st Aug 2014, ID #442842

no you don't need cheats before

Added 18th Apr 2015, ID #544480

dosent work

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #434841

are you on PC? Cause it does work on 360

Added 26th Jun 2015, ID #576049

All it says is joke please or put in inventory, and the mailbox only says reset sim, it's not working... Help!

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #434831

Does not work!!!!

Added 22nd Jun 2014, ID #404486

HELP! All it says is 'Put in inventory' and 'Joke Please!'

Added 16th May 2014, ID #384748

It doesn't work it says you wont get any achievements etc i pressed yes then when i was going to go and get the llama it doesn't even give me any goodies it only says "jokes please" and thats all so I think this is all a big joke. If someone would help me and i can see it from my own eyes that it really works then for now on im not using it any more!!!!!!

Added 11th May 2014, ID #383526

Try this other way I used go to your game and pause it by pressing the start button and then press L1 L2. and R1 R2 at the same time then go back to the build and buy section and go to decor next go to miscellaneous decor trust me on that

Added 31st May 2015, ID #563950

When I buy and select it , there is only the joke optio. And put in inventory . Am I doing something wrong ? Im enabling creative mode and doing everything right .

Added 9th Feb 2014, ID #353392

umm ok so i cant grt it buti made a new one sohoprfully itwroks

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332713

helloo my name is sophie i just wanted to say hi to all the good people in this world. SHAMOOOOZA!!!

Added 21st Sep 2013, ID #310530

it works

Added 24th Jul 2013, ID #300027

Can somebody tell (that got the llama to work) can you tell how to do it please? If someone can than thank you!

Added 30th Jun 2013, ID #294000

This. Does not. Work. Spoot only says Tell joke please! And Put in Inventory. This is so frustrating!

Added 26th May 2013, ID #285477

IT IS AWESOME!!!! I have on the ps3 and it works perfectly fine

Added 20th Feb 2013, ID #256651

I have a PS3 and every time i use L2 on the mailbox its only displaying "reset sim" and if i click the llama its only telling jokes... =(

Added 15th Feb 2013, ID #254264

Please help all my Spoot llama says is " put in inventory " what have I done wrong?!?!?! :,(

Added 9th Jan 2013, ID #240575

This puts me in Creation Mode, but spoot doesn't give me any options other than "Joke Please" and "Put in Inventory." The mailbox trick only give me the option to "reset sim." Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it?

Added 5th Jan 2013, ID #237896

Don't u need to pause the game first

Added 5th Jan 2013, ID #237546

it does'nt work for me :(

Added 25th Dec 2012, ID #228085

For Xbox 360 on Sims 3 it works perfectly and ends up giving you 50k ot 100k I think and gives karma powers as well and tells jokes. :T

Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #173712

i have it on sims 3 pets and all he does is tell joke anybody got any idrea's how to get all the karma powers?

Added 7th Aug 2012, ID #173389


Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148895

I tried that, but my Llama only ask for jokes and put into Inventory :( how can I do all over again?? Does it has to do with Creation Mode?

Added 14th May 2012, ID #142086

the llama just tells jokes? Wat?!?

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #135996

Has ANYONE figured out why this stupid llama only tells jokes??

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133304

Thank you for the menu tip I also just paused the game and got nothing:-(

Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #130152

Mine still doesn't work!

Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #118494

on sims 3 pets in just says creation mode is availiable and when i go to the catalogue to get spoot it just says hes a comedian??? HELP!

Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #118416

on mine all it says when i click the magic lama thingy is ... ' jokes please!' and 'put in invetory' :L
Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #118385

Does this actually work because on sims 3 pets i click on the letter box and nothing happens....... ..........P L E A S E W E N E E D H E L P!!
Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #118384

It does not work i am frustrated:( i need help!

Added 3rd Jan 2012, ID #102411

The llama just tells jokes, why? x

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #100995

Ok i have spoot...but he does nothing. I have unlimited money but nothing is unlocked and cant "make all happy" not even the mailbox/sim LT thing works? Houses are not unlockec neither are powers and spoot was not free? What gives

Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #96247

Mine won't let me use anything but kaching and motherlode and jokes... what am I doing wrong?

Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95750

Is there anything that works for the sims 3 pets? Cause L1L2R1R3 only puts it in creation mode... and then thats it... no magic llama... except the one that tells lame jokes... please help :(

Added 10th Dec 2011, ID #93873

Its not working? :(

Added 1st Dec 2011, ID #91769

thank u

Added 29th Oct 2011, ID #83793

My spoot the magic llama apparently decided to 'reform' his ways or whatever, and instead of cheating became a comedian? it wasn't free, it cost $10 and all it does it tell jokes... how do I get the cheats?

Added 20th Oct 2011, ID #81609

how will i do that

Added 6th Oct 2011, ID #78552

(Xbox 360) You can also hold LT and select a Sim for an additional menu. If the Sim is in your Active Family, you can change their Traits or instantly age them up. For a Sim that's not in your Active Family, you can add them to your family, or age them. Another menu can be accessed by holding LT and selecting your mailbox. From here you can force a Sim that you usually have to call to come to your house. You may also force a random visitor, and you can have up to three visitors at once. This menu allows you to make all your Sims happy, change their need from dynamic to static, and many other things. Have fun!

Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #62944

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Added 10th Jul 2011, ID #56486


Added 19th May 2011, ID #43798

oh thank you i was so confused why it wouldn't work lol

Added 15th May 2011, ID #43149

Important In order for this to work you have to go to the pause menu, with "Save, Lessons, Options, Credits, and Quit" on it, not just pause the game. Lol it took me like, fifteen minutes to figure that out...

Added 11th May 2011, ID #42499


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