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Spoiler : Julius

*** SPOLIER ***

I thought the game ended with killing fane vogal but it didnt go to the cop station in harrowgate and go to the detective buro and there will be 3 conversations... Listen to them then go into the office in tehre and get dexs phone number and you fnd julius... Enjoy

Added 7 Mar 2009, ID #4109, by dee3irish and get

Car hop

Ok this literaly just happened to me I died and came back to life at the barrio district hospitle and I wanted a car so I ran dow the street to the car gorodge and a motorcycle came out and a red truck made a left turn from behind it(towrds me) and I shot and killed both drives so that the motorcycle and car were touching and I went to the driver side door to look in the window(dont press Y) and I walked into the door and it shot me into the air and about 10 feet higher then the train track suspended in the air and then I landed it!!!!!

Happy cheating wii nut =]

Added 1 Mar 2009, ID #4064, by wii nut =]

ghost of the police motorcycle

go to any repair shop and go under body mods and take off all police body parts so it looks like a chopper and if you chose the right options you should see the number of that vehicle floting in mid air and the lights and windshield of the police motorcycle

Added 15 Feb 2009, ID #3978, by wii nut =]

fork in the ceiling

Ok first off you need the vehicle ORING and then go to a small repair shop that you can hardly have it in there. Then change the french fries to a box of chickon nuggets(under body mods) then drive it out of the shop and what do you know it's still there in the ceiling. You can walk into it and it wont disapear until you save and quit your game

Added 15 Feb 2009, ID #3977, by wii nut =]

extra cheats

Pause the game and go to your cell phone and dial cheats.
The UFO cheat is #728237
Peewee mini bike cheat is #7266837
Gyro daddy helicopter cheat is #4976.

Added 29 Jan 2009, ID #3902, by hussnain009

50 Muggings

When you get the secret achievement when you Mug 50 people you unlock the "Homie" Jane Valderama. She drives to you in the "News Van" and brings along side of her a Tombstone.

Added 28 Jan 2009, ID #3899, by NinjaHampster5

how to get half naked

Go to a clothing store with a one piece bathing suit #3 you could find it in alot of shops. Then go to bras ane choose a bra and there you have no pants or underwear on.

Added 5 Jan 2009, ID #3752, by grumpylocc

contorted body

Not a cheat but is funny. Make the character face you and walk slow with a gun you need both hands to use. While walking shoot and keep walking and your body will be contorted

Added 13 Dec 2008, ID #3644, by sonicblue

zombie carlos

After beating all of the brotherhood missions and eye for an eye 555-5966.good luck with braaains

Added 3 Nov 2008, ID #3398, by mg04273

extra stuf

To unlock a small bike: pauze the game,go to the cheat menu and enter:#7266837
For a funny chopper enter: #4976
Have fun.

Added 16 Oct 2008, ID #3298, by Fast Torque
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