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All Unlockables - Saints Row 2

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All Unlockables cheat for Saints Row 2


All Unlockables

Ronin Notoriety Reduce - Drug Trafficking, Hotel and Marina (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduce - Escort, University (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Increased Melee Damage - Fight Club, Arena (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
2x Sprint Time - Insurance Fraud, Factories (Lvl3)
Infinite Sprint Time - Insurance Fraud, Factories (Lvl6)
Reduced Damage from Vehicles - Insurance Fraud, Museum (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Police Notoriety Reduces - FUZZ, Suburbs (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Reduced Damage from Bullets - Heli Assault, Barrio
Health Regeneration 2x - Snatch, Chinatown (Lvl3)
Health Regeneration 3x - Snatch, Chinatown (Lvl6)
Reduced Damage from Explosions - Trail Blazing, Downtown (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced - Trail Blazing, Apartments (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Brotherhood Melee - The Brotherhood Mission 6
Ronin Melee - Ronin Mission 6
Samedi Melee - Samedi Mission 6

Shock Paddles - Ambulance diversion Complete (Lvl10)
Pepper Spray - Crowd Control, Hotel and Marina (Lvl3)
Chainsaw - Crowd Control, Hotel and Marina (Lvl6)
XS-2 Ultimax - Drug Trafficking, Airport (Lvl3)
Kobra - FUZZ, Projects (Lvl3)
GAL 43 - Snatch, Downtown (Lvl3)
Unlimited Shotgun Ammo - Drug Trafficking, Airport (Lvl6)
Unlimited Handgun Ammo - FUZZ, Projects (Lvl6)
Unlimited SMG Ammo - Snatch, Downtown (Lvl6)
Unlimited Rifle Ammo - All Hitman Targets Killed
Satchel Charges - 3 Hitman Lists Complete
Flame Thrower - Mayhem, Nuclear Plant (Lvl3)
Annihilator RPG - Mayhem, Nuclear Plant (Lvl6)
Improved Weapon Accuracy - Septic Avenger, Suburbs (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Mini-gun - The Brotherhood Mission 10
Pimpcane - Epilogue Mission 2
AR-50 XMAC Special - All Combat Tricks Completed
Hand Grenades - 1 Hitman List Complete

Stunt Car - All 80 Stunt Jumps Found
Ambulance - Ambulance diversion Complete (Lvl10)
Combine - 2 Chop Shop Lists complete
Bandit - 15 Stunt Jumps
Firetruck - Firetruck diversion Complete (Lvl10)
ATV - 10 Hostages Kidnapped

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Maero's Monster Truck - The Brotherhood Mission 11
Brotherhood Vechicles - The Brotherhood Mission 11
Donnie's Vehicle - The Brotherhood Mission 2
Ultor APC - Epilogue Mission 2
Akuji's Prototype Bike - Ronin Mission 11
Ronin Vehicles - Ronin Mission 11
The General's Bulldog - Sons of Samedi Mission 11
Samedi Vehicles - Sons of Samedi Mission 11
Race Car - All Car Races Completed
Race Heli - All Helicopter Races Completed
Race Plane - All Plane Races Completed
Race Motorcycle - All Bike Races Completed
Race Boat - All Boat Races Completed
Super Taxi - Taxi diversion Completed (Lvl10)
Tow Truck - Tow Truck diversion Completed (Lvl10)
Gang Customization Cars - 15%/45%/65% Hoods Conquered
Attack Helicopter - Epilogue Mission 4
Medical Helicopter - Ronin Mission 7
News Helicopter - Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Demo Derby Vehicles - Demo Derby (Lvl6)
Septic Truck - Septic Avenger Both Instances Completed
Escort Vehicles - Escort Both Instances Completed
Buggy - First Chop Shop List Completed

100% Music Store Discount - All 50 CDs
Mechanic Discount - All Chop Shop Lists Completed
Clothing Store Discouns - Crowd Control, Suburbs (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Mechanic Discount - Demo Derby (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Weapon Store Discount - Heli Assault, Trailerpark (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Crib Customization Discount - Mayhem, Red Light (Lvl3 / Lvl6)
Food and Liquor Store Discount - Septic Avenger, Red Light (Lvl3 / Lvl6)

One Follower - Prologue Mission 4
Two Followers - 25% Hoods Conquered
Three Followers - 50% Hoods Conquered
Vehicle Delivery - Escort, Red Light (Lvl3)
Free Vehicle Delivery - Escort, Red Light (Lvl6)
Legal Lee - Fight Club, Prison (Lvl3)
Troy - Fight Club, Prison (Lvl6)
Tobias - Sons of Samedi Mission 6
Pierce - The Brotherhood Mission 11
Johnny Gat - Ronin Mission 11
Shaundi - Sons of Samedi Mission 11
Jane Valderama - 50 Muggings
[spoiler]Zombie Carlos - Ring "Eye for an Eye" After The Brotherhood Mission 4

CUSTOMIZATION ITEMS **Possibly incomplete**
Free Music Track - 10/20/30/40 CDs
Chop Shop - 1 Chop Shop List
Avenger Jacket - 3 Gold Stars in Gang Kills
Fireman Outfit - Firetruck diversion Complete
Pimp Outfit - Ho-ing diversion Complete
Paintball Mask - 30 Muggings
Cowboy Hat - All Races Complete
Red Light Apartment Crib - Prologue Mission 2
Saints Hideout - Prologue Mission 3
Traffic Cone Hat - 3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing
Samedi Personality - Sons of Samedi Mission 11
Ronin Personality - Ronin Mission 11
Brotherhood Personality - The Brotherhood Mission 11
Fire Fighter Suit - Trail Blazing Both Instances Complete
Body Guards gang style - Game Progression
Ninjas gang style - Game Progression

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