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free stuff hint for Mafia 2


free stuff

Are you sick and tired of buying things from shops? if yes then you can beet it. all you have to do is walk in to the store and go to the counter brows the shop if you want to. when your done pull out a gun and drop the person behinde the counter and eney resestance rob the till if you whan to and then take what you want. you have to be quick and get the hell out of there befor the cops arive. ore ur fubar.

it would help to have a get away car out side for a quick smash and grab.

hope this helped HAPPY HUNTING and dont get BUSTED. thanks!!!!

Added by: Guest Jan 2nd 2011, ID#6787 and get
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At Mikes Car crusher,you dont have to do a loop for another car, just get into the first car, backup straight down towards the first dirt road (like 50 ft) another car will pop up, also pack the crusher with 4cars at a time, you dont have to pick the lock just smash it,then backup so another car pops up,repeat this until you get 4 cars in at a time, if you back up to far one of the cars may disappear in the crusher but in most cases it gives you credit for it.Also while backing up,turn the camera around so you can see when the car pops up,this saves time.

Added 12th Jun 2013, ID #289748

Make so we can have sec

Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #234987

kill the guy run out let the cops in so they dont notice dont go to far (i wait around the corner)they leave i take what i want and leave then the place is locked with the police crime scene lines thats why i wait around the corner for cops to leave

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211643

They should make the game into a movie.

Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #168202

Or dont even kill the person, just go behind the counter grab the money out of the cash register and take what you need.

Added 30th May 2012, ID #147027

or when u shoot the chap behind the desk, drag the body quick into the mid of the floor then crouch behing the desk and wait till cops go then take the stuff.

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134123

U dont have to make a loop around mikes junk yard just go behind the car crusher and run straight down to railroad tracks and then go back to the car crusher and there will be a car

Added 12th Mar 2012, ID #122425

we need Cheat codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 11th Feb 2012, ID #113915

Does any1 no some cheatcodes

Added 3rd Feb 2012, ID #111736

How do u put like button cheat codes in

Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #110210

hey if you go to mikes junkyard and get in one of the cars that is there and do a loop of the junkyard another car will be there and then crush the one your in then do the same again you get like $400 and change lol

thanks dom

easy money without the police on your back!!!!

Added 24th Dec 2011, ID #98303

hey guys ive got a really cool glitch!!!
if you go to hightop were the diner is carry on up the hill for about 10 meters then drive of the rock and into the water your screen will mess up for a minute and youll be standibg on nothing but then youll be somwhere different youll have been teleporting lol

thanks dom

Added 24th Dec 2011, ID #98299

also from the last comment do that then later on if you go back you can bribe the police in the gunshop $200 you can start stealing again but dont pull a weapon hell shoot you!!!

thanks dom
also the last comment was mine to lol

Added 24th Dec 2011, ID #98297

or what you can do is go into a gunshop and push the matey behind the counter then back out of the shop whils hes still after you (make sure when you enter u leave the door open)them walk in and go round the edge literelly right rond the edge then rob loads of stuff but be quick hell come after u again if you start stealing

Added 24th Dec 2011, ID #98295

dis tottaly works i got a s**t load of $ man

Added 13th Oct 2011, ID #79931

if you drop them and get out of the store and run a little distance the cops wont bug you and you can go back and take whatever you want

Added 8th Oct 2011, ID #79133

every time i do that at the clothes shop some guys pull out guns and start shooting me and by the time i,m done with them the cops are all ready there.

Added 11th Sep 2011, ID #74078

nice cheat :D

Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #72418

i like guns man

Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #68898

i like pie

Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #55562

That's pretty cool but also risky

Added 30th Jun 2011, ID #53600

hey does anyone know and cheat codes for mafia 2 ie. rt Lt x y a left right up down b please help me thanks

Added 2nd Jun 2011, ID #46445

Cheat codes on mafia 2

Added 22nd May 2011, ID #44347

I do that anyway!!!!!

Added 30th Apr 2011, ID #40573

I just got the game, and the clothing trick worked the easiest.

Added 16th Apr 2011, ID #37684

It is old guide

Added 11th Apr 2011, ID #36920

WTF ima try this right now.................nah dont work

Added 24th Mar 2011, ID #33979


Added 19th Mar 2011, ID #33223

or u kld just go to the shop take cover by the door shoot the guy in head go get the money and guns then run to clothes shop kill untill cops stop wanting to chase u in the clothes shop then change clothes then u wont be wanted walla (twice as much fun and get free clothes aswell so yeh you know

Added 24th Feb 2011, ID #30269

hes right

Added 24th Feb 2011, ID #30229

shut up

Added 20th Jan 2011, ID #26148

cool advice i always loos 1000 cash at a store awsome advice

Added 6th Jan 2011, ID #24356


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