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Anti Air Wraith

You can also get an AA Wraith by yourself

Melee the hood off the wraith so you can see the brute inside, melee the brute so his armor comes off, but so doesn't kill him. Hold RB and head shot him (preferable with an accurate wepon, battle rifle, magnum, etc). If all goes well you will get into the wraith.

Happy Shooting!

Added 14 Nov 2007, ID #1760, by Dark Jmo
Ask.com and get

How to drive the Anti Aircraft Wraith

To drive the AA Wraith (the one with the duel fuel rod cannons) do as follow.

In co-op eliminate all enemies and allies in the area (its easier that way) kill the gunner (if there is one) now, Player 1 board the wraith and player 2 just jump on the hood. Player 2 must now melee the hatch off so you can see the brute inside. Once you can see him, melee him so his helmet comes off. Now Player 2 must hold RB and player 1 press b. This will kill the brute and player 2 will now go inside the wraith. But as soon as you leave the wraith it will explode.

I did this on the level "The Covenant" seeing as there is one right at the start, but you can do this on any level.

Happy shooting!

Added 10 Nov 2007, ID #1746, by Dark Jmo

Flying Elephant

Ok you first need to go to forge mode on santrap
Then put all of the fusion coils and the other little splody thing in the back of an elephant
Then set the run time max and min the same (16 and 8 so once they blow up they respawn right away)
Then shoot them and the elephant should start sploden around in the sky

Try to jump on...... I dare you

Added 6 Nov 2007, ID #1728, by john_the_allmighty


To create an infinite number of exploding barrels read on.....

In forge create a stack of 3 or 4 large crates then CAREFULLY place a few fusion cores (or anything else that explodes) on top. Once it's steady face one of them and press X, you should now be in it's spawn menue (if in items menue move closer). Once in the spawn menue press X again and scroll down to the spawn minimum (should be 0) set it as high as you can. Press B twice and then delete the crates underneath. If all is well then the fusion cores will be floating. Now stand back and shoot each with 1 bullet each. They should fall down and explode (if they don't explode then you needed more crates). They should spawn over and over again each second as well.

You can also do more! Instead of 3 or four crates only make one. Do everything else the same but don't make them fall. Instead make a gravity lift under them (a permanant one, don't forget to set the spawn minimum!) they should now spawn in the gravity lifts energy field and hit each other as they go up and down and explode, you may also want to create some fusion cores and propane tanks nearby.
Do this all on last resort it's the best to do it on.

Do shoot them into man cannons read on....

On valhalla create a radio anteana over one man cannon, place some fusion cores on the anteana (so they are over the energy waves too) set the spawn minimum and delete the anteana. No make the cores fall and they should continuelly go into the man cannon.

One more thing:
In a small room create heaps of propane tanks and fusion cores spread envenly through out the room (spawn minimum!). Create a fusion core so it falls down and explodes near some (as in paragraph 1) now it should explode and set of some others, including propane tanks, the propane tanks will fly around and explode setting off others in a never ending chanin reaction!

Hope you have fun!

Also spawn minimum may not be whats it's called. It may be run time minimum, by maybe I mean probably.

Added 5 Nov 2007, ID #1718, by Dark Jmo

Grunt Begging for Life

First of all, credit to Rocore, he found him, I discovered his funny little speech

On the last level, Halo, drive along untill you hear cortona say "90%, Firing sequence initiated!" Its just before the big jump into the ship to end the level. Off to the right is a big rock. Drive over and hop out. There is a grunt standing on an edge. He takes time to insult you before begging for life. He wont attack you, and he is fun to beat around and get in a good laugh.

Added 30 Oct 2007, ID #1699, by skater 918

Postpone death by plasma gernade

Ok this only works with forge mode but when somebody stickies you (throws plasma gernade at you) if you go into forge mode that gernade doesn't go off so you can run away go to say a warthog with enemies in it go out of forge mode and blow them up (You still die though) it only works in forge mode and only with plasma gernade.

Added 27 Oct 2007, ID #1692, by Xein

Super jump

Go to the forge screen and start forging the map sandtrap. Now place a fusion coil on a flat surface vertically. Once you have done that get a sniper rifle. Go back to the fusion coil that you placed on the map. Jump on top of it. Crouch put your aimer thing in the center. Then pistol whip while holding crouch and you should go flying!!! You might not get it the first try because it is really hard. If you can't seem to get it using a sniper rifle get a gravity hammer and waste all the energy. Then repeat the steps I told you before. You can use this in match making or anything. Happy super jumping!!! If you need to now anything else just contact me. My xbox live gamertag is whatWASthat4991 Happy cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 27 Oct 2007, ID #1691, by whatWASthat4991

Instant spawning items

Ok first to make anything instantly spawn you have to go into forge. Pick any level you want to do it on and make sure you have the item you want as an option in the forge menu. Now follow these steps.

1. Spawn the weapon/item/scenery you want and place it on the map.
2. Look at the item (make sure your cursor is green)
3. Press the X button to bring up the items option menu.
4. Press the X button again to bring up a summary.
5. There should be a option that says Run time minimum and Run time maximum.
6. Click on Runtime maximum and switch it to the exact same as the number of items placed on map (should be at the top of the menu)
6. Now click on runtime minimum and switch it to the run time maximum.

This should make any item you want instantly spawn when picked up or exploded. I myself usually use this with the exploding barrels. You can set a bunch of them inside of an elephant on sand trap and use this glitch to watch it fly threw the air with a bunch of explosions happening.

Added 24 Oct 2007, ID #1681, by someguyuh8

Fire Chopper Guns Faster

To fire the guns on the Chopper at about twice the regular speed, rapidly tap RT. This may also work with the Shade turret, but not Machine Gun/Plasma turrets.

Added 4 Oct 2007, ID #1622, by ffc Squall

The REAL Halo 3 launch date

Well the last launch date given was Microsofts EXPECTED launch date (November 1st 2007) the real launch date as you all must know is September 25, 2007
Thats like 28 days from now or 28 days later know whats halo wars launch date?

Added 27 Aug 2007, ID #1524, by Gameking17

Halo 3 Beta glitch

Load up your level Highground, and go to the end of the map where the sniper rifle is. Be sure you have a M90 shotgun with you. Then jump and have the other player sword climb you and you will reach a cliff a slanted one, then you can go around other cliffs!

Added 16 Aug 2007, ID #1485, by Xxandre5000Xx
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