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two guys getting chased by the flood

This isn't really a cheat but on the level befor flood gate when you go to destroy the plasma battery you should see an open feild that seprate from it
On that ledge on the level flood gate you will see two guys getting chased by flood you can shoot the flood and save them or let them die


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Added 16 Feb 2008, ID #2132, by top dog32
Ask.com and get

a little glitch

On the new maps when someone holds something in the air and you save it and end the game and then go back to the map you created it will be floating up in the air and not fall unless you move it


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Added 3 Feb 2008, ID #2088, by no v8s


On forge summon all the fusion coils you can then throw a grenade (any) jump and rapidly fire a brute shot there is a big surprise waiting for you

Added 26 Jan 2008, ID #2060, by ax 94-54

cool mirror thing

This cheat only works on one tv with co-op campaign
Go to the first tower in the covenant do whatever it is you do with the wraith and prowlers.Go past the crate with cloaking and grenades look at the landslide. Think it's useless dirt right? Well you're wrong. Go all the way to the top of the landslide snd look at a small opening between the roof and the dirt turn on your flashlight on and look at the gap.Next have your partner walk around and kill a person or two and through the gap you are looking through you will see some of the stuff your partner is doing you will only see the top of their view though.

Added 24 Jan 2008, ID #2052, by SHADOW SNIPER

Floating Human

When you are on two player forge mode...get someone on a turret and get the other player to play as the robot.When the person is on the turret...the robot should pick it up.The player will be floating and can shoot.If the player breaks the turret off the stand...the player will have the turret and another will be in place of it.The glitch is pretty cool.You should try it.

Added 7 Jan 2008, ID #1970, by tegan41

Turnt glich

Get on forge with two players and get a turnt and get you're partner on the turnt. Become a robot and pick up the turnt. You're partner should be able to shoot the turnt and while flying.

Added 27 Dec 2007, ID #1938, by bob514

Ninja Ball: Surviving Tips

On Ninja Ball you will notice that gaining control of the ball makes you alot stronger. But you will also loose the ability to use weapons without first dropping the skull.

The easiest way to survive while playing a Ninja Ball match, is to stay away from your opponent but, sometimes it is impossible when you are backed into a corner. When your opponent has a gun, the easiest way to kill him/her is to run at the person, jump over his/her head, turn around, then to melee as quickly as possible.

When your opponent for say has a Gravity Hammer or a Plasma Sword the best option is to run. If you are backed into a corner with no where to go simply jump over them and run away. Be sure to make a long jump though, becuase if you are within reach when you touch the ground, you will be killed easily.

-Thanks For Reading-,

Added 17 Dec 2007, ID #1895, by Kiginotio

The secret of security shoulders....

I finally unlocked the security shoulders after getting every achievment you can get offline (i have no live achievments). The last one I got was "Complete campaign on Legendary. I also have all the skulls, so figueing out how to actually get the shoulders is tricky. But it's definatly no getting 750 Gamscore points or 39/49 Achievments.

Added 13 Dec 2007, ID #1889, by Dark Jmo

The 14th SKULL dun dun dun!!!

Yes there is a 14th skull (well technically it's the 13th, making the mythic skull the 14th but anyway). To find this supersecret extra special skull all you have to do is the following

Go onto the "Cortana" level
Go throught the level until you reach the reactor room
Grab a brute shot and a depolyable cover (there's some on the path from the entrance to the room, brute shots in a covenant weapons holder and deployable covers are on the ground)
Go onto the center problem, now walk towards the little bridge made out of flood flesh that leads onto the path that leads to the doorways to cortana.
If your at the right place you will see a ledge or two made out of flood flesh stuff (if say flood flesh because it looks like flood flesh)

Now the tricky part:
Stand under the edge of the ledge facing the middle platform. Throw your deployable cover down onto the flood bridge and jump around it (shouldnt be too hard) now jump on top of it and facing the middle platform, look donw at the deployable cover and use your brute shot to jump to the ledge behind and above you (you may have to do the double brute shot jump, done by shooting 2 grenades). If you fail to make it up onto the ledge theres more cover lying around or you can just revert to you last checkpoint. Once your on the ledge the hard part is over. All you have to do now is walk around the side of the metal ledge next to you to the other side of the room to the part that ends in a smooth point, the skull is sitting on this part just look down for some bones and flood blood. Still can't see it? Just hold RB and run around this part and you will pick it up.

But wait this is a special blind skull! If you keep the skull until the end of the level and finish the level holding it, guess what? You spawn on the next level (Halo) with..... A spartan laser! And some pissibly random weapon.

Added 11 Dec 2007, ID #1882, by Dark Jmo

Hammer Slammer and Double Jumping

I'm going to teach you how to use the hammer slammer technique.

First, you're going to need a Gravity Hammer.

Second, you must do something to flip a small vehicle over, like a Mongoose, Ghost or Banshee(you can also do another trick with a Banshee and a rocket launcher, but that's for later.) I suggest meleeing the vehicle with a melee weapon like a plasma sword or flipping it with a grenade. Now, jump on top of the capsized thing, and take out your hammer. Look down, and fire! Not only will you cause unnecessary carnage, you will be thrown into the air so high up, chances are you will die from the fall. It's a hell of a trick, but it's fun!

Now for the Double jump.

First, have someone jump onto your head(This is still possible in Halo 3) and jump. Now, after he jumps, you jump. This will give your friend a place to land when he hits the top of his jump, and now he can jump again, doubling the height of the leap! This is useful for reaching hard-to-reach places like corridors placed 10 meters up above your head, where you can't rech normally without a friend. Happy Hellraising!

Added 9 Dec 2007, ID #1869, by mastersurgeon

Frozen grunt

On the level the storm start the level off at Rally point alpha then take out the scarab then when it goes doen look in it and there should be a grunt frox=zen alive and it has to be on legendary.

Added 7 Dec 2007, ID #1868, by manhunt Xx

Creepy Thing on Halo

On the last level, when you go into the room with the terminal you should see a long hallway thing on the opposite side of the room. While on co-op have one person stand on the other persons head. Then have the person run off the edge and the player on top jump off his head and land on the ledge then wait for the other person respawn and repeat untill you reach the end. Turn to you left and you will see a CARDBOARD CUT-OUT OF A MAN IN HIS BOXERS!!! All he does is go up and down, up and down, up and down.Very creepy.

Added 3 Dec 2007, ID #1859, by the cheat boy

A nice hiding spot on the pit

Ok the plat form where you go up and down their should be a big square hole on the side the bend down at the hole and look in it it should be a space in their so you should be able to get in their so bend down and down alot of time and and go forward while doing it and you should be able to get in the space only for the game infection have to be a human and have alot of ammo so you can stay alive because when they find you you shoot them and they can't get you until you run out of ammo and then get the one of the swords and keep doing the same thing but it's hard to keep doing it with a sword.

Added 26 Nov 2007, ID #1824, by cleaton14

Co-Op Mode Glitch

Me and my friend found a cool glitch. Note: This only works in co-op mode. In the level Halo after you kill the Oracle go to the next building as usual, then, after killing all the flood, go to the door where you entered and you should be able to see whatever your friend sees on his screen. And I think if you throw a grenade in the door it will freeze in the air and disappear. But when you leave the door it will close.

Added 25 Nov 2007, ID #1823, by Rhino_Man_12

Elephant flip

On the multi player level SANDTRAP while forging, you can flip the elephant (Large vehicle). First you select a drop pod from scenery, then move the drop pod to the cockpit and lift-er up. You can experiment on how to move it but it is pretty entertaining to watch it go flying through the air.
Profet of Regret

Added 23 Nov 2007, ID #1817, by Profit of Regret

Cool local Match Codes

The following cheats can be performed during a local match or replay only. PRESS & HOLD the following buttons for 3 SECONDS to turn the effect on / off
LB = Left Bumper
RB = Right Bumper
LS = Click in on Left Analog Stick
RS = Click in on Right Alalog Stick

LB + RB + LS + A + DOWN [D-PAD] Hide Weapon
[HOLD LS + RS] Press Left on D-Pad Pan-Cam / Normal while Show Corrdinates is enabled. LB + RB + LS + A + UP [D-PAD] Show Coordinates / Camera Mode

Added 22 Nov 2007, ID #1812, by Profit of Regret

Battle Rifle fun

To shoot the battle rifle without you even having it out do as follows:

Pick up a battle rifle and press R R Y B, and if you pressed them correctly you'll shoot a round, switch to your secondary wepon and then shoot another round.

You can also shoot 1 or 2 bullets from the battle rifle, just quickly press R RB, or R B

Happy Shooting!

Added 17 Nov 2007, ID #1778, by Dark Jmo

Snowbound cheat over load map

I'm going to tell you guys how to overload two maps snowbound and sandtrap ok all you have to do is this go to forge mode and create three trip mines and create a over sheild an put it on top of the trip mines an then put the inf
Spawn time on the trip mines and on the over sheild to and then go to player mode in custom games lobby and then enter the map you just made once you are in the game you go to the trip mines and make sure your geting inf over sheilds and then you stay in the spot you put the trip mines and the over sheilds at and then you get the trip mine and keep laying them in one spot and do not blow the mines up it well blow it self up and blow you back but you should not die or any thing like that and the big guns should go away for about 20 seconds on snowbound an all the sheilds on the bases should be gone and you can go out the map with out the big guns shooting you for sandtrap you do the same thing but the elephant should go away and come back 6 or 7 times and the mines should be gone.

Added 16 Nov 2007, ID #1776, by cleaton14

Sky base cheat

All you need to do is this go to forge and create a crate and place a talaportor

On top of a crate then wait for five seconds and then delete the crate under the talaportor and the talaportor should be floating in the air and then you put another crate on the talaportor thats floating and then put a talaportor on the crate and delete the crate and the talaportor thats under the talaportor.

Added 15 Nov 2007, ID #1768, by cleaton14

New Vehicle!!! Co-op only :*(

Yeah, that's right. Theres a new vehicle. But to drive it you need to be on co-op mode. Well not really drive it.. More like fly it.

What you do is.
On almost any level on Campaign there are dumpsters layiing around.
What you need to do is get one to a high ledge.
The flap should be facing the opposite of the way you want to go.
Have both players in the dumpster.
Then both of you should keep rapidly jumping at the same time.
You should eventually start to fly..
This is very useful on the level The Storm..
On the scarab part use the dumpster at the beggining to get on the scarab

Added 14 Nov 2007, ID #1765, by jakary
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