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Get out of Foundry and a cavemen group!!!

So if you want to get out of foundry you need one or two people.(easier with two people)First spwan a turret, any kind. Then let the first person get on the turret and then let the other person turn into editer mode. Hold the turret the first person got on and go to the windows and make sure the turret is against the window and let the first person look up until he can't. Then make him turn into editer mode and he will be out of foundry. NOTE:If the first person turns into human mode and goes past the building he will die.

If you want to see the cavemen group all you have to do is play the level sierra 117 and when you get to the part where the snipers are on the trees STICK TO THE LEFT then when you reach a sinper kill him and get on him and turn around and walk then jump and walk until you see cavemen with a teddy bear and if you shoot it, blood will just come out.

PS:Thanks for reading
PPS:Please rate!!
PPPS:You owe me one hundred bucks

Added 28 Apr 2009, ID #4360, by sundalo90
Ask.com and get

see any armour this includeds recon and bungie armour


Replace the following with what piece you want
* 0=spartan 1=elite
$ heads
% shoulders
# body
for spartans who want recon replace all symbols ($ % #) with 3
Also for spartans for the bodies 5 and 8 are bungie/ eod it's hard to tell the difference since they just have 1 difference when using this method

Added 14 Apr 2009, ID #4307, by zelda71000

fast turret walk

Have you ever been annoyed at how slow you are while holding a heavy weapon like a turret? Well, I have found a way to bypass that. If you push the left analog diagnally to the right, at the right angle, you will noticably walk a little faster than normally.

Added 13 Apr 2009, ID #4295, by kev1994

orbiter off the edge

In the level halo on one player you start off with the roket launcher on the snow ledge so what you do is shoot the orbiter off the edge then keep your eyes on him and he will come alive on the bottom and as long as you keep your eyes on the triangle over him even through walls he will stay there if you look away he will telleport to you.

Added 19 Mar 2009, ID #4180, by #1cheaterehiku

How to walk through a door

If you want to make it so you can walk through a door you have to make a door and then make a sender node put it sideways and then make a receiver node on one side and another on the other. Then you should be able to walk through the door sometimes you go on the side you were already on :( but it is still good.

P.S if you want it to be more realistic you should hide the light and make the receiver node go through the ground. Pleas rate good. I found this myself

Added 18 Mar 2009, ID #4176, by kicu2

secret/wierd and scary spot!?

On mission 4-the storm theres a secret place when you get out of the building turn left then there is a fence there is also a ledge near the end of the fence (recuirements:a full alive ghost and 2 people playing and gernades)put the ghosts wing on the edge then jump on it then jump to the other side of the fence then the other person will need to die (here is where youre going to need grenades)then when the person respawns the person who respawned needs to either turn to the left or right side then the other person needs to die then that person should respawn over the pipes and gates then the other person needs to die then that person should respawn over near the other person after that one of the people needs to go forward until they can`t then the other person needs to die then s/he should spawn past the barrier then the other person needs to die and after s/he respawns turn right and then go that way then turn right agian and you can see the other persons screen.

Added 15 Mar 2009, ID #4155, by killercam

pink teddy bears everywhere!!!!

In every level there is a pink teddy bear in the trash heaps just laying around there are definetly more then 1 in each level in the multiplayer map in highground where the mongoose is parked in the building look behind the 2 barrels and you should see 2 trash piles with 2 pink teddy bears also can be found in story mode

Added 7 Feb 2009, ID #3943, by wii nut =]


To create an infinite number of exploding barrels read on.....

In forge create a stack of 3 or 4 large crates then CAREFULLY place a few fusion cores (or anything else that explodes) on top. Once it's steady face one of them and press X, you should now be in it's spawn menue (if in items menue move closer). Once in the spawn menue press X again and scroll down to the spawn minimum (should be 0) set it as high as you can. Press B twice and then delete the crates underneath. If all is well then the fusion cores will be floating. Now stand back and shoot each with 1 bullet each. They should fall down and explode (if they don't explode then you needed more crates). They should spawn over and over again each second as well.

You can also do more! Instead of 3 or four crates only make one. Do everything else the same but don't make them fall. Instead make a gravity lift under them (a permanant one, don't forget to set the spawn minimum!) they should now spawn in the gravity lifts energy field and hit each other as they go up and down and explode, you may also want to create some fusion cores and propane tanks nearby.
Do this all on last resort it's the best to do it on.

Do shoot them into man cannons read on....

On valhalla create a radio anteana over one man cannon, place some fusion cores on the anteana (so they are over the energy waves too) set the spawn minimum and delete the anteana. No make the cores fall and they should continuelly go into the man cannon.

One more thing:
In a small room create heaps of propane tanks and fusion cores spread envenly through out the room (spawn minimum!). Create a fusion core so it falls down and explodes near some (as in paragraph 1) now it should explode and set of some others, including propane tanks, the propane tanks will fly around and explode setting off others in a never ending chanin reaction!

Hope you have fun!

Also spawn minimum may not be whats it's called. It may be run time minimum, by maybe I mean probably.

Added 22 Jan 2009, ID #3857, by pokeman2

bird hunting spartan

In the multiplayer map there are birds that fly abouve the map. If you and your friends are board on that map just go bird hunting if you do hit a bird A. They fall out of the sky and you can go find them after they hit the grounb B. You can not stick them it just goes threw them and C. They are somewhat hard to hit. Also they are yellow birds with alittle black on them

Have fun bird hunting(hope there in season)

Added 22 Dec 2008, ID #3672, by wii nut =]

Destroy the floaty thing

Go on epitaph and overload it. The floaty thing in the middle will go away.
Or if you don't overload, just put a ton of neverending fusion coils (only in forge). Then blow them up. It will blow the thing across the map. When it gets to the roof turn off the unlimited fusion coils. Then it will come down to the floor. I don't really know it's point though.

Added 20 Dec 2008, ID #3663, by warriordawg8

secret tv#2

Ok in sandtrap in multiplayer there is a secret tv so to speek if you look at it you see someones screen parshly it's usawely an overview of them.but here is where it is. Go to where the gravity hammer is if you are facing it look to your left and you should see an walk way over to where air vents shot you upnow look left again and you should see a piller(there are about 4 on each side)and head over to in at it's base there is a leadge you can fall onto and there should be a gap inbetween it's base and your ledge look in the crack and you see someone alses screen(there is also one in storymode I found with my friend)

From wii nut =]

Added 20 Dec 2008, ID #3662, by wii nut =]

turret glitching

Go to the forge menu and use any forge options you like. If you have the downloadable map packs then the preferable map to do this on is Avalanche(but I think you can do it on all of the maps but you better find that out your self)

Turn into the editing ball and fly towards a wall. Spawn a turret and place it right up against the wall so that the handle with the trigger is right up at the wall. Then jump on top of it and press RB when it comes up on your HUD. Half of you should be outside of the map and half in. Aim right up untill you can't aim up any more then turn into the editing ball. You should be outside the map.
Have fun, CONA NO1

Added 13 Dec 2008, ID #3641, by CONA NO1

Turn black on Gaurdian

Ok this is what you do, first go underneath the blue room.Second you hop on the leadge between under the blue roo and the main Gravity lift. Then you move slowly to reveal the darkside!

Added 30 Nov 2008, ID #3569, by Dja1333434

flipping an elephant at sandtrap

Ok this is mad wierd......go to forge and put whatever options you would like, (this works better with two players, mainly because the other person freaks out if they see the elephant flip) go to sand trap and go into editing mode, press x and go over to scenery, choose the drop pod(closed) and find the nearest elephant. Convince your unaware friend, or whoever is playing too- to stand at the controls... Then hold the pod under the space where the mongoose is and push up, the elephant should be lifted and , depending on your skill, this should help you flip it literally upside down.

* and, if you do flip it, it will say, " press x to flip.... Wait, what?...how did you do that?

Added 29 Nov 2008, ID #3566, by tothefoof

Vidmaster's Secret Revealed?

There's a rumour going about, those vidmaster being worth 0G, it's said that there will be 7 of these some are as you see on the achievements page, they are the ones that will be from Halo 3, the rest maybe from Halo Recon? Start collecting them and I believe if you have them all it will unlock Recon Armour variant.

Added 25 Nov 2008, ID #3542, by bile777d

Advanced Cloning

Now this is not the cloning your probely thinking of, it's better. This type is an EXACT copy(or clone) pf yourself.
Ok,heres what you do---
You host your own game(or join another) and have three people join(make sure they join in order so you know who the second host is and the third host is)
Then have everyone go in the PAUSE menu and go down to LEAVE GAME.
Have the host quit and both the second and third hosts shoud apear in the game board that shows the players and the score. Thats when the SECOND host quits.
And wah-lah there is your ADVANCED clone of the SECOND host!
And yes it is not the cheesey turret thingamewut clone. This is much much better.Enjoy yourself messin around with it=^)
P.S. Im no tsure if you can save it on your map, you'll have to exparament with that.

Thanks for reading my cheat;^)

Added 17 Nov 2008, ID #3479, by Bulack6^Messyfighta

Head shot

Use a sniper and mauler and you can use any place to use this glitch:(prefered place is guardian.) Shoot mauler three times,sniper 1 , and maulep two. Then you should see a bullet come out of your head and kill the enemy instantly.

Added 26 Oct 2008, ID #3352, by jgxpc


In the last level when you are killing/running away form the stupid zombies there is a easy way to et past them first
#1 when you first get to the zombie montage kill the dude with the gravity hammer
#2 run to your right up the slope and keep running and make sure NOT to stop running
#3 hide behind the fat rock kill all the zombies and go on

#4 befor you run up the metal floor invested with zombies be smart and turn around there is a slpe that is like a metal slide (note: if you go to your far right , hug aganst the wall and run up the wall
#5 have fun sniping the fun crumbling zombies this is where the glitch is so be carfull if you look down at your feet there is a yellow/ tanish ditch thats like a slide DON'T TOUCH IT!! Because if you do this at the middle of the slope or towards the bottow you will slide into a little hole(invisable) and will be stuck lucky I was in 2 player so my friend killed me and I went to my dead body '=[ and took my stuff back BUT there is a hole in the middle of the slope that you can stand/ hide in to snipe the zombies

hope I saved you a game over wii nut =]

Added 9 Oct 2008, ID #3255, by wii nut =]


In vanhal if you are under the glass floor(at both bases) and your enemy is above you on the glass floor and he jumps as soon as he is about to hit the glass floor you jump and hit B and if timed right you will smack him and he will be in the red health area. And to finish him off run out from under him and shoot him

hope I helped wii nut=]

Added 8 Oct 2008, ID #3249, by wii nut =]

How to lower your gun

If you watch RvB and stuff like that you'll love this. Also it's good for vidios.
LB,RB,left analog, down directional pad, "A". You gun is now lowered, to raise it shoot,melee or grenade.

Added 14 Sep 2008, ID #3108, by John-Spartan-117
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