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Some good things you should know to survive Halo 3 in Campaign a

Some things you should know about Halo 3 for your survival in Campaign and/or Multiplayer:

1) How to steal a wraith: This works best if you are facing a wraith with a gunner, you need to kill the gunner first, this for some reason deals damage to the wraith, next climb on the hood of it, smash it 2 times and the driver should fall out dead, the wrait will be a little damaged but you get it from your opponent (*NOTE* I don't know if this works with the AA Wraiths, I have only tried it on the regular purple Plasma Mortar Wraiths). Though once you steal it try not to get shot too much since the wrait will be damaged from the blows you inflicted upon it.

2) Deflect a Rocket/Brute-Shot Shot/Grenade/Fuel Rod Gun Blast
To deflect one of the you NEED a Gravity Hammer that still has some charges left, when your opponent shoots one of those at you or throws a grenade at you, swing the gravity hammer when it gets really close and you send it flying away, useful when they are trying to stick you with a grenade or using a Rocket Launcher.

3) In campaign if you're really getting killed and Arbiter is nearby, HIDE, he cannot be permanantly killed and seems to never run out of ammo, so if you're getting owned by something, hide somewhere far away and let Arbiter do all the hard work while you stay safe and are free to roam around for extra grenades and ammo and better guns, etc. Then go back every couple of minutes to check if Arbiter killed them yet (helpful for the last level on Normal and up when you're facing the flood horde when you're going to go to activate the Halo ring).

4) If someone is camping, try to get alot of people to swarm him so he can't keep camping there, and just for good measure, put a proximity mine right by the doorway on the inside so if he decides to try again, he gets a nasty surprise.

5) In legendary, never try to melee ANYTHING at all even a grunt because chances are his buddies are going to show up and you're going to be in big trouble then, unless you have about 2-3 grenades, you're going to die sorry. Especially if a brute or Brute Chieftan comes along then you're really not going to survive long.

Added 13 Jan 2010, ID #5354, by rpgamemasta
Ask.com and get

Armour help

Here are a few corrections to help people out with the armour:

Katana is unlocked by obtaining 1000 or more gamerscore(katana is still glitchy)and can be obtained offline(by means of mythic map pack download or halo 3 mythic disk from halo 3 odst{with the mythic disk 1100 gamerscore is possible, as proof I made the gamertag dropic})

Security head is unlocked by obtaining 1000 or more gamerscore(Security head is still glitchy)and can be obtained offline(by means of mythic map pack download or halo 3 mythic disk from halo 3 odst{with the mythic disk 1100 gamerscore is possible, as proof I made the gamertag dropic})

Commando shoulder are unlocked at start(make a new account and check if you don't beleive me) due to them being so glitchy

Added 23 Dec 2009, ID #5299, by zelda71000

Road to Recon

You can get recon by getting these achievements:

Annual (beat level Halo 4 players xbox live Iron skull all in ghosts legendary) Halo 3
Endure (beat 4th set in heroic firefight) Halo 3: ODST
Lightswitch (get to lieutenant in any gametype) Halo 3
7 on 7 (earn 7 exp on any gametype on the 7th of any month) Halo 3
Brainpan (find all mythic skulls) Halo 3
Déjà Vu (beat Coastal Highway on legendary Iron skull 4 players xbox live no 'Hog or tank) Halo 3: ODST
Classic (beat any campaign level without firing your weapon on legendary)

Added 13 Nov 2009, ID #5133, by Hitmonbam

?.Strange way to walk with flamethrower.?

Ok first you MUST be an elite on custom games for this to be done correctly. Then grab a flamethrower. But you must not have any weapons before you pick it up. Then drop the flamethrower, crouch, then throw a grenade. Then you should be standing up holding your right arm up holding the flamethrower and your left arm will be resemble him throwing a grenade. But the thing is when you walk around you will just slide across the floor and such. To see how your person looks go to the theater and watch how you look. It takes a few tries.

Happy doing whatever that's called.

Added 30 Aug 2009, ID #4908, by cblack423

oblivion12!!!!!! cheats

This here is the master spartan oblivion 12 and I've got something here for ya and it's more of a story than a cheat ok so this one time me and my freind were playing slayer on sandtrap and he was sneaking around the back elephants and I sniped him out but somehow he respawned behind me so when he tried to hit me I jumped and hit in the back and he respawned to the back of the mine feild and died then kept respawning back to it and dying until I won hilarious more comin at ya oh and supercheat 17 do you have a big inspiration or do you come up with your own material just wanna know

Added 17 Aug 2009, ID #4846, by oblivion12


First, you need to be in co-op to get to it. When you start the level of Halo, just keep walking until you get to the first metal structure. Instead of continuing the level, turn right and walk towards where the terminal is. Cortana should say "Where are you going," then "Wait, whats that?" You don't have to go to the terminal room, just turn right and you will see a big gap in the floor with a blue beam in the middle of it. Get a run up and get your partner to shoot just after you jump. If done right, you should land on a platform on the other side. Your partner should commit suicide, so if you die you respawn at the same place. Look back at where you jumped from, then look right. There is a big room. Try and jump to the room. When you get there, go all the way to the end of the room, with your light on. The guy should be there bouncing up and down.

Added 8 Aug 2009, ID #4815, by Supercheatermario

Marine army

Ok if you want an army of marines the you can mess around with it's realy simple to get them only in coopritive campain mode. First you go to the level The covenent rally point alpha so you get to the hornet part you go to the a.a. Wraith island kill all of the enemys. Next you have to destroy all of the vehicle and if your standin in the right spot a marine will have to bring you a honet. After that have the other player drive the hornet into the water then another marine will bring you a hornet do the same thing.Sonn youll have lots of marines to play with and if you stack your hornets you also can have them dive the hornets so youll have an army of hornets. I hope this help you with having fun on Halo 3.

Added 18 Jul 2009, ID #4728, by ODSTmarine

Mid Air Float and Unlimited Spartan Laser

High Ground Glitch:
Go to High Ground in forge mode. Then head out to where the rock formation is that is between the rocket launcher and sniper rifle.

If you stand outside the rock formation(not in the tunnel) you should see some rocks you can jump on and crouch.(stand directly in front of those rocks)

Now enter forge mode and go up as high as you can the head towards the rock formation like you could just fly over it get in as high and far back as you can.(then exit forge mode to become the chief again)

If done right you'll be floating high up in the in front of thr rock formation. You can move side to but only a little bit if you move to far out you'll fall.

Unlimited Spartan Laser:
On mission halo when the robot opens the door and the guy with the spartan laser jumps down kill him with your spartan and take his spartan laser then kill him again again and take that spartan laser back and it's unlimited.

Added 14 Jul 2009, ID #4720, by Plasma Source

infinite spartan laser ammo

On the last level of Halo 3 (the ice level) Johnson helps by using a spartan laser to kill enemies. On your why up the Ziggurat you will fing a rocket launcher. Take it. Johnson will be on a very tall cliff. Wait until he has stopped moving and shoot him with the rocket launcher. Make sure he falls off the cliff. Go to his body and pick up his spartan laser. It chould have about 2 ammo. Kill him with the spartan laser. Now there should be another spartan laser. Pick it up. It should have about 68 ammo. Try firing it. The ammo does't go down! The final boss was really easy for me. It might take a while but trust me it's worth it.

Added 28 Jun 2009, ID #4655, by naruto 2

secret skull ()splazer()

To start it out I don't have xbox live, the skull is in cortana and it's in the room with the 3 generator things you have to destroy. So make your way across the room to the oppisite side from where you started from get on top of the railing and crouch jump to get ontop of the mushroom ledge(1 player) in 2 player put up a deployable shield both players stand on it and then have 1 player jump on the other and jump off to get to ledge. Anyways,now go across the walkway you have found and go to ontop of where you started(other side of room)you will see once close enough a skull pick it up (note: it dosn't pop up as a skull in the skull selection page nor a aceivment) and if you finnish the level you get a spartan lazer for the next mission I will try to upload pictures to my profile if you want to see them.

Added 27 Jun 2009, ID #4643, by wii nut =]

Campaign thingy

Alright it's called campaign thingy because I have no name for it.

In any of the levels that have a machine gun turret or a plasma cannon on it and you have the arbiter fighting with you you can get the arbiter to hold the plasma cannon / turret and he will have unlimited ammo.

1. Pick up the turret and break it off with b
2. Kill arbiter
3. Drop the plasma cannon and pick up his gun
4. Now he has the turret and you can kick some butt.


Added 21 Jun 2009, ID #4604, by bbublack

[Glitch]Almost Invincible Area On Rat's Nest

Drive mongoose or warthog up to the fence across from the cliff,and park the vehicle driver side (left).Get out of the vehicle and you should be inside of the fence.

Added 17 Jun 2009, ID #4579, by ScArTuP0987

1 armed spartan :)

Supercheat17 yet again. This cheat is more of a glitch. Ok, first go to forge. Spawn a flamethrower.have 1 person a human the other a robot ball thing. Both players must grab the flamethrower at the same time. You will know this when the humans arms are in the air the robot will be holding nothing but something. Then the robot deletes the flamethrower and 1 of the spartans arms will be gone.
Please rate a 10!

Added 16 Jun 2009, ID #4569, by supercheat17

boublebox open intersection!?

Supercheat17 again. This cheat is also really fun and easy to make. First, spawn a double box open. Then, press Y on the box. Make the "spawn in same place"(or what ever it says) to no instead of yes. Next, start a new round. Then, spawn another in the same spot only sideways. The other box spawns back and they become one! I suggest using both of my cheats together. It's cool.

Your cheat guide expert,

Added 15 Jun 2009, ID #4556, by supercheat17

Instantly exploding rockets

Ok guys hear it goes
Please rate this.
This is prety much and the same as my previous nuke glitch just done differently

By instantly exploding I don't mean exploding a foot in front of you I mean eexploding on your target without watching all the smoke and rocket move through the air. Ok so hear it goes Firs go into forge. Spawn a rocket launcher. Have one player the oracle and the other a human. Both players have to pick up the rocket at the same time. You will know when you did this right when the human player is holding the rocket launcher but it's invisible and his arms are bent all weird and stuff and the oracles aiming thingy (i think it's called a recticle?) is green and has a closed fist. While holding it like this have the oracle player Hold R and rotate the right stick and change the spawn time to 30 and the spare clips to two. When channging the spare clips to two click A a lot of times because on my 360 however many times you presseed A is how many times he will auto maticly get new ammo. Also a thing I found out is that if there are rocket launchers around or things like overshield and invisibility aroun you will pick them up automaticly if you are around about 20-40 feet away from them.

Ok one more thing is that sometimes instead of your rockets instantly hitting your target they shoot from behind you and go straight through you but the still hit your target. If it doesnt work try it again. Again please rate this.
Thanks for checking out my glitch.

Added 15 Jun 2009, ID #4555, by bbublack

dumpster death trap

this is supercheat 17 with a cheat I just love! It's so simple, too. Place a dumpster (don't turn or rotate). Then, place 1 door on the left(on it's side),1 door on the right(on it's side), and 1 door on the top(turned over). Then, place your favorite of the power ups on 1 side that isn't covered by a door. Put a cannon man on the other side that isn't covered by a door(make sure the cannon man launcher part thing on the dumpster so it blends in with the dumpster. This is the last step (in building the trap), put a wall a little bit in front of the power up and when someone take the power up the dumpster gets flung @ the person who took it, and they die. Sorry this cheat was so long but it's affective.please leave me some comments on what cheats to make next.

Your cheat expert,

Added 14 Jun 2009, ID #4543, by supercheat17

Holy crap i found out how to be invincible in forge on vahala

This glitch might work on other maps but I'm not sure. Ok this glitch is actually 2 glitches in one so first you need to go to forge and (you need two players) you spawn a gravity hammer. (this first part is the exo arm glitch).

Set the gravity hammer so that it spawns in 10 seconds and that it's run time minimum is 1. You need to have one player as the ball (oracle) editor dude, and another player in the regular human form. The person in human form needs to pick up the gravity hammer at the same time as the oracle. To do this you need good timing. Have the human grap the hammer with RB and about a half a second later the oracle grabs it with A. If you did this right the human will be weilding the hammer on his screen but on the editors screen his arms will be facing behind him. What you are going to do is rip his arms off. The editor needs to hold down R or L I forgot witch but it's the one that you use to spin/push the object you are holding away. While holding L or R rotate the right stick counter clockwise or clockwise it realy doesnt matter. The human players arms should go crazy and spin around. Now there should be a hole through him and he should be missing his arms. The player in editor mode needs to press Y and delete the hammer. When I did this on accident while trying to do the nuclear bomb glitch I got mad and started throwing grenades, and thats when I found out I was invincible to my own grenades. After I found out I was unable to kill myself I tried having the other person kill me (and it didnt work). I don't think you can be killed by any weapons but the only downside is that youll be missing an arm while your invincible (missing your arm does not effect game play though). SO there you have it invincibility in vahala.

Again I am not sure if this works on any other maps but I'm guna try.
If this works for you please give me a good rating.

Added 14 Jun 2009, ID #4542, by bbublack

all armour and how to get them!!

Please rate!!

Elite Armour

Unlock Ascetic Body - Get the 'Up Close and Personal' Achievement.

Unlock Ascetic Head - Get the 'Steppin' Razor' Achievement.

Unlock Ascetic Shoulders - Get the 'Overkill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Body Unlock 'Triple Kill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Head - Get the 'Overkill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Shoulders - Get the 'Killing Frenzy' Achievement.

Unlock Flight Body - Complete Tsavo Highway On Herioic or Legendary.

Unlock Flight Head - Complete Campaign mode on Heroic difficulty.

Unlock Flight Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Heroic difficulty or higher.

Spartan Armour

Unlock EOD Body - Complete Tsavo Highway on Legendary difficulty.

Unlock EOD Head - Complete Campaign mode on Legendary difficulty.

Unlock EOD Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Legendary difficulty.

Unlock EVA Body - Complete Tsavo Highway on Normal or higher difficulty.

Unlock EVA Head - Complete Campaign mode on Normal difficulty.

Unlock EVA Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Normal difficulty or higher.

Unlock Hayabusa Chest - Collect 5 hidden skulls.

Unlock Hayabusa Helmet - Collect 13 hidden skulls.

Unlock Hayabusa Shoulders - Collect 9 hidden skulls.

Unlock Mark V Head - Get the 'UNSC Spartan' Achievement.

Unlock ODST Head - Get the 'Spartan Graduate' Achievement.

Unlock Rogue Head - Get the 'Spartan Officer' Achievement.

Unlock Scout Body - Get the 'Too Close to the Sun' Achievement.

Unlock Scout Head - Get the 'Used Car Salesman' Achievement.

Unlock Scout Shoulders - Get the 'Mongoose Mowdown' Achievement.

Unlock Security Head - Get 1000 GamerScore points.

Unlock Security Shoulders - Get 750 Gamerscore points.

Unlock Katana:
When you've completed ALL the Achievements and found ALL the skulls Katana becomes unlocked.

Happy cheating !!(dont forget to rate!!)

Added 8 Jun 2009, ID #4524, by brooksie_6


On the third lvl (where you have to deactivate the bomb) when the pelican comes for the second time a guy will jump and hang on to it shoot him in the head and he will fall off and die but after a few seconds he will get up, walk in a circle, then walk straight, and dissapear.......

Added 6 Jun 2009, ID #4518, by oblivion12

Here is something cool!

Are you tired of all of the time you take reloding? I stumbled across something while in Forge Mode: When you are about to reaload, turn into the oracle and when you turn back (right after you turn into him, turn back) your ammo will be refilled!

Warning: Only works on forge mode!!!

I hope I helped!

Added 27 May 2009, ID #4485, by g-man5000
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