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How to Beat Carlito

1st time: Run around to the back of the food court and jump on the boxes in the seating area, then follow the catwalk to where Carlito is, when he reloads time to UNLEASH A HAIL OF F*CKING BULLETS INTO HIM!then he runs around the back and there is a wall you get behind (on top of a restaurant) the wall will be blue, you can aim at Carlito and he will just shoot the wall so UNLEASH A HAIL OF F*CKING BULLETS IN TO HIM!

2nd time: Use the Machine gun from the convicts vehiclem (go onto the the second floor carlito should die in abot 3-8 seconds deponding on your accuracy.

Added 16 Feb 2007, ID #903, by Dos6650 and get

Sub machine guns

1. There is a sub machine gun in the paradise plaza first you go to the stairs to the right and there is a blue balcany thin on the wall. Go to the middle of the stais and jump up on it then go all the way back and there it is
2.there is one to the top left corner of the park and it is in a tree marked with a rock and pick it up and throw it in the tree where the gun is
3.there is one in al fresca plaza in the fountain
4.there is one in the entrace plaza it is in one of the palm trees you can only do this if you have zombie ride you jump on the zombie for zombie ride and jump off the zombie on to the tree

Added 6 Feb 2007, ID #875, by daltonpribble_2005

Best weapons for free

When you find the gun shop there should be a guy gaurding it with a shot gun. Go inside and hide behind a magazine rack. When he takes 6 shots he reloads so when he does sprint behind the counter closest to the door and grab a sniper rifle. Let him thorugh you out and go back in. This time when he reloads, snipe him in the head a few times and the gun store is yours! Now you can get unlimited sniper rifles and shotguns.

Added 16 Jan 2007, ID #816, by cheesemonkey

Get high zombie killing achevments easy

Go to the park in the middle of the mall and use your map and go to the parking garage and
Get a vehical (a car or truck is recomended) and just start running over zombis. Watch out for zombies with the big oxygen tanks becouse they explode and take alot of health from your car.

Added 1 Jan 2007, ID #760, by Ps3_1992

Fast Spinning

If You want to spin really fast, spin the right thimbstick araound (any direction) really fast

Added 22 Sep 2006, ID #455, by mattyishere

Unlimited Guns

To get unlimited guns (pistols only) go on a little zombie hunt and look for zombie security guards. They usually have a pistol with full ammo. Use this cheat and fill your pockets with guns and maybe some food then go to the north district. In the north district there is a gun shop with a guy who refuses to let you have guns and you have to fight him. DON'T TRY TO FIGHT HIM WITH JUST MELEE AND CLOSE RANGE WEAPONS. You'll probably die unless some miracle happens and even if you get close enough to have an edge on the fight he'll just throw you out which is why you need to use the security guard cheat and get lots of pistols and maybe some food just incase.

Added 15 Aug 2006, ID #370, by Darth Alex
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