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Moves - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Pack Shot

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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Moves cheat for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks



Enter these codes during gameplay to perform the corresponding characters move.


Blade Spark - Press R + X.

Blade Spin - Press R + Y.

Jump Spark - Press R + X, X.

Blade Slam - Press R + Y.

Blade Chop - Press R + B.

Decapitation Slice Fatality - Press Left(4), X.

Blade Lift Fatality - Press Down, Left, Right(2), X.

Johnny Cage

Green Bolt - Press R + X. Shadow Kick - Press R + B.

Shadow Uppercut - Press R + Y.

Quick Draw Bolt - Press R + X, X(2).

Decapitation Uppercut Fatality - Press Left(4), X.

Punching Bag Fatality - Press Up, Left(3), X.

Torso Rip Fatality - Press Down(2), Right(2), X.


Fan Lift - Press R + Y. Fan Toss - Press R + B.

Teleport - Press R + X. Kiss Of Death - Press Right(4), Y.

Air Fan Toss - In air, press R + B.

Head Chop Fatality - Press Away(2), Forward(2), X.

Kung Lao

Body Slice Fatality - Press Right(4), X.

Friendly Rabbit Fatality - Press Up(3), Down, X.

Head Toss Fatality - Press Left, Right, Left(2), X.

Headache Fatality - Press Up, Down, Up, Right, X.

Many Chops Fatality - Press Up(2), Left, Up, X.

Mid-Air Slice Fatality - Press Up(3), Right, X.

Razor Edge Brutality - Press Left(2), Up(2), B.

Arm Cutter - Press Left, Right, Left, Down, X.

Buzzsaw Fatality - Press Right(2), Up(2), X.

Tornado Mutality - Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Y.

Hat Control Mutality - Press Left, Right(2), Left, Y.

Unfriendly Rabbit Fatality - Press Left, Up, Right(2), X.

Liu Kang

Stomp Fatality - Press Left(3), Up, X.

Bonebreak Fatality - Press Left, Up(2), Right, X.

Dragon Fatality - Press Down, Right, Left(2), X.

Headclap Fatality - Press Right, Up, Right, Up, X.

Rage Mode Brutality - Press Right, Up, Down(2), B.

Fire Trails Mutality - Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Y.

Arm Rip Fatality - Press Down, Left, Right, Up, X.

Dragon's Fury Mutality - Press Left, Right, Up(2), Y.

Fire/Kick Combo Fatality - Press Left, Right, Down(2), X.

Flipping Uppercut Fatality - Press Up, Right, Down, Left, X.

Shaolin Soccer Fatality - Press Down, Left, Up, Right, X.


Slide - Press R + Y.

Acid Spit - Press R + X. Quick Orb - Press R + B.

Hidden Chomp Fatality - Press Left(3), Down, X.

Face Rip Fatality - Press Up(2), Right, Left, X.

Head Eat Fatality - Press Left, Right, Left, Down, X

Slow Homing Orb - Hold R + B for three seconds.


Flame Fatality - Press Up(2), Down(2), X.

Raise Hell Mutality - Press Down(3), Up, Y.

Spear Slice Fatality - Press Right, Down, Right(2), X.

Searing Blade Brutality - Press Right, Left, Right(2), B.

Toasty comment - Hold L + R + White + Black + Up and Scorpion will say 'Toasty'.


Ice Stomp Mutality - Press Up(2), Down, Up, Y.

Freeze Shatter Fatality - Press Left(2), Down, Right, X.

Spine Freeze Fatality - Press Right, Down, Right(2), X.

Frostbite Rage Brutality - Press Up, Down, Left, Up, B

Frozen Uppercut Fatality - Press Right(2), Down, Right, X.

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