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Extended Hobb cave cheat

It is the same cheat as the Hobb cave cheat, but if you do it on the frist level were you look for the Arceologist if you havent gotten any keys you can get all of the keys availible at the time because you came warp anywere.

Added 15 Jul 2007, ID #7240, by Jomomaonroids
Ask.com and get

Infinite Evil Points

When you first start out at Oakvale as a child go to the spot where the bully is trying to get Rosie the teddy bear from the little kid. Once there, hit the kid NOT the bully. The kid will give you Rosie to give to the little girl when you hit him, Then keep beating the kid up you will get Evil Points but the gaurds won't come and you won't get into trouble. Do this as long as you want and you should have lots of Evil Points in no time.

Added 25 Jun 2007, ID #7178, by Super Ragnar

Infinate money in 10 min

Go to bowerstone north and buy as many diamonds as you can,then sell them do this continuisly for 10 minutes

Added 7 Jun 2007, ID #7139, by D-Nick

Easy theiving

Ok, what you need to do is go in a shop just before night, the shop closes at night, so you need to hide so the shop keeper or anyone else can't see you. If you do it right the shop keeper will lock the shop after he locks it he usually looks at one spot the whole time ....but somtimes he calls the gaurds so be carful.(need to have theiving option)...it has only worked 2 out of 3 times for me...



No thumbs

Added 23 Apr 2007, ID #7066, by bmah

Lots of cash!!!!!!!!

If you get lucky while walking in great wood forest and find some one that is selling Emralds then your in luck! If you do make sure your Guile is at least 4 or higher. Then buy all you can and then sell them all back. This is a long prossess but it's worth it. Now Go buy that cool plate armor or that obisidian clever you always wanted!

Hope this helps!!!!

Added 5 Apr 2007, ID #7030, by gearsofwars MASTER

Easy money in Oakvale.

If you are always wanting to get more money that way you can get the best armor and simple things you want, well heres a simple cheat. While your in Oakvale during the night go and find people and if your on the west side take them to the bridge and kill them.

Eventually you will kill a whole house hold and a window will appear saying "theres a house for sale" or something like that. If not look for a yellow dot that has a house right in the midle of it. Keep doing this until you own all of Oakvale.

Hint; I have not found a way to own the tavern so just own every thing else and you will be on your way to glory and riches. Also if you wait 3 days to colect your rent you will get full price of what you are owed. If you have any problems leave a message on my page.
The Blind Seeress

Added 24 Mar 2007, ID #7013, by elanor_cha

Plenty of Gold

Ok if you do this right you will never go broke again. You first must have access to bowerstone north. Once there go to the shopkeep and buy all the diamonds from him. Make sure you buy ALL the diamonds.Once you have them all sell them all back and you should make a profit.Keep doing this a few times and you will have more money then you will ever need!

Added 31 Jan 2007, ID #6923, by shadowinthedark91

MORE silver keys

Well, this cheat/hero save glitch is like the hobbe cave 1, only better and faster. When you are doing the lychfield Graveyard quest, collect all 3 keys, hero save, reload, and so on. It is better then the Hobbe cave one because you get 3 keys, not 1. I got over 40 keys doing this, but I reccommend only getting 30 because of the risk of corrupting the save game.


Added 13 Oct 2006, ID #6532, by THE~REAL~DEATH

Big fish!!

If you want big fish all you do is go to leachfeild gravyard and fish you get fish that is over 1000kg

Added 18 Sep 2006, ID #6381, by jut0111

Bed glitch

This isnít much of a glitch, but it is one.

When you go into any house with 2 beds right next to each other talk to one and when the screen is turning black talk to the bed next to it. The screen will go back to normal and fade black again. Now you canít use either of those two beds twice in a row.

And that buy the dimonds sell the dimonds thing really works. At first I didn't believe it but then I did it and it worked!-i got over 1,500,000 gold! ^v^

Added 8 Aug 2006, ID #6170, by sum1u mite not no

The Katana Hiryu

Once you gain access to Lady Greys Mansion there is a 15 key chest that holds the lengendary weapon the Katana Hiryu. That is all you have to do to get weapon.

Added 8 Aug 2006, ID #6169, by The Kid 2112

Quick Cash when you need it fast.

The best way to get alot of money is to get the Solus Sword or the Bearever or the Sword of Eons. Make sure you have at least over 10,000 Gold. Then go to any city where you can have you weapons. The best town is Oakvale. Then go on a killing spree and slaughter every villiger and buy every house you can afford. It's best to beat Jack of Blades the second time because you will have alot of money (if you don't buy alot of stuff). The best stuff to have is the plate armor (regular, dark, or light) and defeate him and earn 20,000 Gold after (I don't know if you can skip the credits or not to continue, I would let the credits run just in case). Buy every house you can and leave. Note:Make sure that every house you buy you put it up for rent or it won't work. If you don't own the whole village leave and sleep for at least two days and wait for you HUGE fine to go away. Then go back and you will earn some money. After you own the whole town (all the houses are bought by you and are all up for rent) you will get about 12,900 after sleeping about 4-5 times. This is the easiest way to earn money (besides quests) and if you don't want horns get the money and do the Temple of Avo trick. It's when you donate you gold and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1 GOLD REMAINING and when you donate it PRESS "A" AS FAST AS YOU CAN untill the donate thing comes up again and you will have only lost 1Gold. But make sure you save it before you do that because if you screw up you will loose all you money and that would really suck especially when you have over 90,000 dollars (happened to me once and I was really angry). Oakvale and Snowshire are the best places to do that at. Good luck with earning tons of quick and easy gold.

Added 23 Jun 2006, ID #5931, by Majin Goku

Lots of money - Quick!!!

Ok, first get about 35-50 health or mana potions....you will need to work for a bit of money first, about 5k, once you have them go to any trader who buys/sells potions, then buy all of there potions, straight away sell them (ALL) in one go to the trader. (make sure the trader has no potions when you sell yours to them). Now buy them all back, and sell again, you will notice your money is going up about 8k each time you sell and rebuy, when you have about 400 potions you will get about 60-70k each time you do this. (Make sure that you don't sell separate or you will loose money, sell them all in one go, and also buy in one go aswell) I got this lil exploit is from another site, so credit goes to the person who figured this out, you rock!!!

Added 11 Jun 2006, ID #5833, by Paradox 501st

Infinite money

Buy a house the one in hook coast is probally the best for it put your best trophies in it and brake down the door while you still own your house if you are evil brake the door down while you don't own the house and you evilness will go up so when you put you trophies brake the door down and sell you house then go back in and take the trophies out and buy the house again and put the trophies back in then sell take em out buy back and just keap repeating it it will take a while depending on what house what trophies and how much money you want.

Added 26 Apr 2006, ID #5635, by ps2freak_jak_rules


If you have read my other submition then I apoligize you must not use this cheat more to get more than 13 keys or it will ruin you'r game

Added 3 Apr 2006, ID #5518, by imacheat

Infinite silver keys cheat

When doing the hobbe cave quest, go and talk to the grandmother in rose cottage
Dig up the silver key in the circle of plants in her garden
Now hero save
Load your save and go in the rose cottage again
You will still have your silver key, and will be able to dig it up again as well! (that's because you have only saved your character, and not the world around you)

You can repeat this cheat as many times as you like

Added 22 Nov 2005, ID #4881, by ROBINO
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