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Treasure Clue locations 1-6 hint for Fable


Treasure Clue locations 1-6

CLUE 1: Complete the "Bounty Hunter" quest. To find the quest card keep checking the Map table at the Guild through out the game.

CLUE 2: Complete the "Lost Trader" quest. The quest card should turn up shortly after the "Twinblade's Camp" quest, so keep checking the Map table for updates.

CLUE 3: Kill the 5th and final assassin, the guild master will warn you about the assassins a while after you've completed the "Twinblade's Camp" quest.

(Assassin locations for CLUE 3:
1: Knothole Glade- up the long path near the bridge.
2: Witchwood Cullis Gate- Walk around the "Focus site" thing, that's down a long path you see on the Map.
3: Windmill Hill- Walk up the stairs of the Windmill.
4: Prison path- Just walk down the path.
5: Hook Coast- Walk around the Well, at the top of the town.

CLUE 4: Win the Archery contest in Knothole Glade (You must complete the "Break the Siege" quest first.

CLUE 5: Go to Orchard Farm and open the chest near the apple trees.

CLUE 6: Go to Windmill Hill and open the chest behind the Windmill.

REWARD (The Frying Pan)- Once you have found all the treasure clues, and you read (and understand) what the riddle says, it will lead you to a weapon buried underground. OK, the weapon is in Orchard Farm, just dig in between the barn wall and the hay bales that are in front of it. BUT..If you dig there before you find all the Clues you will still get the weapon but it's damage will be at "0". If you collect all the Clues first, and then dig it up, it's damage will be at "100" AND you get 5 Augmentation slots (it will show 4 but the 5th is hidden and will still count).

Hope this helps- from Baddam

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The frying pan is great if you use a bow because the augmentations can be for health, mana, or EXP, and simply having the weapon equipped but not using it still gives you the buff

Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #415354

or got to bowerstone north in the shop buy some diamonds and resell them to the shop keeper you make 400 profit each diamond i have 65 diamonds...

Added 13th Mar 2014, ID #363779

WELLL just so you know you can hang trophies in a house you buy that increases the value, Sell the house then break in steal the trophies and buy the house back cheap, then hang the trophies sell the house, So much easier than ruby collecting

Added 24th Feb 2014, ID #358681

If anyone that plays fable 1 has a hard time with money or weapons does not no what they are doin on that note, just needs to stop playing the game....

Added 1st Nov 2013, ID #317330

if you put 5 mana regen aug's on it you won't have to worry about your mana or if you use health aug's you can use it for healing or put 5 sharpening aug's and it may do some actual damage not sure though

Added 12th Sep 2013, ID #309275 can u call this stupid thing a treasure?? if it has more dmg...or if it would be a cool looking sword..

Added 2nd Aug 2013, ID #302053

If you go to the ancient cullis gate, fight the rock monster collect the bag run up the stairs and back down the monster returns, most of the time you'll get the ruby after you have plenty sell them for huge profits

Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #222591


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