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Easy unlimited money cheat for The Sims 3


Easy unlimited money

*sims 3 wii only*Go to the fuit store,buy 106 THREE STAR CATFISH,go back home and put them in fridge!!!!!Wait 20 seconds or more then,put them back in your inventory,go back to fruit store and sell them!!!!You should get $999,999 simelons which is unlimited money [everything for free]........good luck .......*IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS CHEAT BEFORE OR don't HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY IN SIMS 3 THEN YOU MAY WANT TO TRY BUYING A FEW LESS 3 STAR CATFISH BEFORE THE 106 ONE CHEAT!!!!!!!*[THIS DOES WORK,TRUST ME ;)

Added by: sims3.girl Aug 28th 2011, ID#4680 and get
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yess it works

Added 1st Nov 2015, ID #621403

I can't get the fish to stay in my fridge

Added 8th Jun 2015, ID #567562

This is AWSOME!!!!! it really dose work!!! :D thanks a ton!!

Added 26th Mar 2015, ID #533121

Totally works but I only got 80! Thank you

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518132

i did it and it got rid of all my money on my wii so screw u

Added 14th Feb 2015, ID #515827

You must have did something wrong. It always works for me.

Added 18th Jun 2015, ID #572232

It works. I don't think you need one-hundred and six catfish. I recommend buying sixty or ninety.

Added 6th Dec 2014, ID #481022

It works thanks so much

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431857

I play sims 3 on the wii and i find it takes for ever to furnish new houses , is there a way to make it quicker ??

Added 5th Aug 2014, ID #431019

It dose work try soooooo much u rock

Added 4th Aug 2014, ID #430587

Yayyyy works

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421793

How do you sell stuff

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418704

Wow. Thank you so much! This worked awesome for me! I only bought 55 and I got an exceptional amount of money!

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405493

We did it with 55 cat fish with 3stars we made 948k it works.

Added 25th May 2014, ID #388569

It works we do it all the time & keep changin houses it's so fun having unlimited money!!!

Added 17th Apr 2014, ID #376015

GENIUS!! Works like a charm I'm excited thank you.

Added 13th Mar 2014, ID #363650

Can't wait to try it![color=red][color=red][/color] [/color]

Added 2nd Jan 2014, ID #338159

I cant believe it worked! thx

Added 26th Dec 2013, ID #334300

I think it works really well have done it I think 3 or 4 times already and it has worked every try we have done so. I think you only need to buy 50 to 60 catfish though and if it doesnt give you the unlimited amount of money just go back and do it again what will it hurt just a little advice here. I play sims.It is one of my most favorite games to play. the wii is a very hard console to play on i have to say. xbox360 is easier to play than the wii t=my favorite games on that are black ops 1 and black ops 2. the controllers that glow up are really cool they are no a s expensive as the cordless ones and i think it saves a lot of money that is put into batteries with the cordless ones and the glow up ones last longer lots of times than the actual xbox ones. I do not recommend a headset unless you have a personal preference because both my brothers have had hundreds of dollars in headsets and all of them have broken on them and they are really sick of them breaking on them.thanks for re...

Added 26th Nov 2013, ID #322441

it works YAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321148

Guys it really works I have done it many times on Different files I'm rich on all of them!!!!!! :-)

Added 13th Aug 2013, ID #304491

It won't work for me anymore. I has done before but now it won't. :(

Added 23rd Jul 2013, ID #299608

Did not work now I am mad I have negative 50000000000000 dollars
I am still mad because I. Did it
before but I couldn't do it now

Added 9th Jun 2013, ID #288959

does it work on wii

Added 19th May 2013, ID #283746

It worked for a little bit I bought 54 and got 999,999. But it lasted for 10 minutes and I didn't buy a lot of things but a tv and a laptop

Added 4th May 2013, ID #280119

YAY!!!IT REALY DOES WORK EVERYTHING IS UNLIMITED!!! thanks sooooooooo much whoeva you are

Added 9th Feb 2013, ID #252383

Yes works! I highly reccomend this!

Added 29th Jan 2013, ID #247607

It worked woooo :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #242185

or instead of buying 106 catfish u could just by 70 nd still get the same amount of money

Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #235188

All it did for me was take money and give me negative like 4,000 dollars.

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232301

it diddnt work for me it made me negative $ :(

Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211345

I dont have enough mony for 106 catfish! Ahh. Oh well did this cheat before and it works. Bu the game does get boring after you do it. its like unlited free ness do whateva you want!

Added 18th Nov 2012, ID #210039

thanks alot

Added 2nd Nov 2012, ID #204330

wow it worked i only bought 60 catfishes and got $999,999

Added 19th Aug 2012, ID #177833

Heh. It worked. c:

Added 29th May 2012, ID #146661

i am the one who just commented and it wooorkssssssssss

Added 9th Apr 2012, ID #131505

um ill try it since alot of pple r sayin it works

Added 9th Apr 2012, ID #131495

Cool it really works xxx

Added 10th Mar 2012, ID #121773

Thnx soooo much I got almost everything tht I wanted
For my house!!!!! Most of the stuff was crappy
So I didn't buy it lol thnx so much

Added 20th Feb 2012, ID #116685

Cool it works and now me and my sister are rich we keep buying the most expensive thing it totally work spry people who can not get it you do not have to get a lot of the fish all you need is 70fish and you can keep them in the fridge as long as you want and the longest I can say is do not leave them in the fridge longer then a sim week

Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #112000

promise it works? cause i already broke and i dont want to be more broke

Added 27th Dec 2011, ID #99337

good cheat i am going to try it i want the house that is fasive it is the one that has got a fontain out side

Added 20th Dec 2011, ID #96782

wow it worked! thanx xxx

Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #96130

it does work. I have it. I tried it thinking it was just a fake cheat that someone made to be funny but it really does work!

Added 29th Nov 2011, ID #91403

I"m getting the Sims 3 for christmas cant wait to try this!

Added 17th Nov 2011, ID #87991

sims 3 wii right? I can't find any catfish >

Added 6th Nov 2011, ID #85398

its not all for free its just as much as it can show you have more money that it cant show you will run out at some stage

Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #84978

You are awesome!

Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #84096

thanks whomever put this cheat up now my sims are rich

Added 28th Oct 2011, ID #83519

I am going to try this cheat because I want to buy the really big light house type house!!!!!!

Added 23rd Oct 2011, ID #82357

This works and ur money never decreases

Added 18th Oct 2011, ID #81309


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