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Changing your Name cheat for The Sims 3


Changing your Name

Do the following if you want to change your Sims name but don't want to start over again from scatch. Go to your map and find the City Hall and there will be an option to change your name during the daytime between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. during the week (Monday through Friday).

Added by: Sanzano Nov 19th 2010, ID#4128 and get
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i cant interact with the door either. I have 3 different saved games in my sims 3 for wii, and in all of them, I have some girl with a boy name, or a guy with a girl name! It is horrible!

Added 22nd Nov 2015, ID #627434

It won't let me interact with the door

Added 11th Jul 2015, ID #583049

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Added 10th Dec 2014, ID #482842

I have a girl named Luke because they had a name there and it was Chris so I thought that it was a boy is I named her Luke but I wanted to name her Zoe if she was a girl and I'm at the City Hall and I was trying to go inside but it didn't work so please help me I don't want a girl named Luke.

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445562

I done the same thing.. Now my little girl is named Luke and I wanted Sophie

Added 15th Apr 2015, ID #543291

your wrong it works on sims for pc not will I play every day for hours and look up all cheats so do not says you can do this and you did not even do it

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431873

It doesnt work for wii!

Added 22nd Jul 2014, ID #423483

It didn't even work.>:(

Added 21st Jul 2014, ID #422864

I have a boy names Penelope

Added 18th May 2014, ID #385323

i was playing this game and i named my girl TRON! plz help

Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340398

I have a super pretty sim named Vanessa. she had a baby girl and its sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly! it has a unibrow and a wart, and she needs braces XD LOLZZZZZZZZZ

Added 29th Nov 2013, ID #323428

An easy way to name the kids, is to save the game every once in a while and if you give the wrong name just restart your wii without saving and name it again.

Added 30th Jul 2013, ID #301420

thank you!!!

Added 29th Mar 2015, ID #534870

My girl name is Mike -_- im really not amussed

Added 21st Jun 2013, ID #291833

There is [b][/b] no option at city hall and I wanted to change my girls name because it choose on for me an not letting me pick the name so now my girls name is Tonia

Added 2nd Mar 2013, ID #259968

It does not work for me.

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259624

If You Want To Know If Your Sims Is A Boy Or A Girl. Right Before She Goes To The Hospital Or Sometime As Soon As She Goes To The Hospital There Is A Stork In Your Wishes At The Bottom Of The Screen. If You Hover Over That It Will Tell You If Its A Boy Or A Girl . But You Have To Hurry Because Once She Gets Out Of The Hospital And Haves The Baby It Goes Away.

Added 19th Feb 2013, ID #256330

when your sim is having a baby in the wish thing it will come up with have a boy/girl press it and when you go to the hospital it will either go or stay if you pressed have a boy and it goes away it's a girl and if it stay's it's a boy etc

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255656

ive been to the city hall through ou tthe week on the sims game and everytime i get there the doors dont even have a option or wont let me throught. what's up with that?

Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #233200

Ya. I didn't know I was having twins so I accidentally named them both amber! How do I change it! I tried what u said and it didn't work!

Added 8th Dec 2012, ID #216845

this game has a lot of faults that need to be fixed. of course you all know this. but i think that it was almost like a test to see if sims could be played on the wii. so im thinking the people who developed it will make another with improvements based on comments like these.

Added 3rd Dec 2012, ID #214843

yeah, when i play with my sister she called kid a boy and girl name 0_0

Added 21st Nov 2012, ID #210878

it doesnt work. but I have a son named Emilia!

Added 19th Sep 2012, ID #187385

click to reveal

Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #177090

My girl is named Liam... >.< How do I fix that????

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #167930

im was smart i chose a name wichis for a girl and a boy like sam charlie jo/joe

Added 13th Jul 2012, ID #163654

I never name my babies for the wrong gender. I just look in the wish thingy for the mom and whatever gender it says she wants will 80% of the time be right.

Added 20th Jun 2012, ID #154910

I once had a girl named tom -_-

Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #153648

[color=red][/color] it toattly works but 9am and 8pm

Added 10th Jun 2012, ID #151077

My sister has a girl named Kurt

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145775

Lol i had a japanese family and a had a boy name Sakura lls which is a girls name

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #136040

Maby they shoulda told u tht u u had yo b ther rite at 8:00 a.m or rite at 9:00 p.m and if ur even 1 second late it wont work I hope tht was helpful this cheat was hrlpful they just needed to put all the fact about it on ther. :★)

Added 18th Mar 2012, ID #124284

idk when i tried, but it dnt let me in i have a boy named eliza and i spelled taylor wrong for girl talor is this even for Wii?!

Added 5th Mar 2012, ID #120777

What I do is a soon as I see she is taken to the hospital, I save the game. And if it turns out to be a boy and I put a girl name. I just quit out and then load the game and name the boy.

Added 14th Feb 2012, ID #114986

this is stupid i have a boy named Ella and another boy named Jazmine! but i luckly have a boy named Dylan.

Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #114307

This doesn't work! I now have a girl named Kyle! Lol! XD
I'll try it again -.-

Added 6th Feb 2012, ID #112594

about the naming ur kids when ur pregnate sim wishes for a boy or girl for example if ur sim's wish is to have a boy u can add that to the wish list and when she gives birth a lullaby plays and that means u hav a baby boy

Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #110220

Hey why don't you guys try to name your children a name that fits both genders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because you people complain about stupid things just do the the thing u people do not do

Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107967


Added 17th Jan 2012, ID #106836


Added 11th Jan 2012, ID #104937

Holy crap i had 4 fricken kids n named em all Brianna hoping for a girl n ALL r boys! HELL

Added 10th Jan 2012, ID #104629

I have 3 boys named Ella Stacie and Jenny -.-

Added 8th Jan 2012, ID #104235

[color=red][/color]lol this is so funny ! i was waiting at city hall cuz i was bored and it was like 4:30 in the morning and the stupid cerefew thing brought me home again and i was underneath my decking and my head was pokinhg out XD

Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #100697

People, quit complaining- You need to go about 10 sim-minutes early (before 8a.m. or 9p.m.) then try entering BANG ON 8a.m. or 9p.m.

Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #99854

Does this really work

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #97180

lol i cant even get IN the city hall. R u sure ur not on something?

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #97110

I named my guy Tianna and the girl Chris and they have sucky personalities. But the pregnant lady thingy does work.

Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #96013

i was waiting out side city hall and i stood there for 24 hours playing my guitar and i peed myself then put the guitar down when i was playing then fell down the steps and fell asleep XD

Added 11th Dec 2011, ID #94192

What if it still wont let you change your name????? Help please?

Added 23rd Nov 2011, ID #89536

thx for the answer!!

Added 9th Nov 2011, ID #86250

It dosnt work because I had a girl named John LOLZZZ! Maybe it dosnt work for kids, Because I had tons of children and only like one of them had the right name and I couldnt change it. John was the only one I can remember!!! Are you sure this works for wii because It dosnt work!!!! Sims 3 for the wii kinda sucks!!!

Added 1st Nov 2011, ID #84378

I found this helpful choosing the sex when the women Heya rushed to the hospital at the bottom near the moodlets if its a pink dummy its a girl so girl name if blue dummy its a boy have to look rather quick due to it jumps straight to name your child hope this helps took me several times most of the time iv choosen unisex names! :-)

Added 25th Oct 2011, ID #82900


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