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Super Mario 3D Land

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Full Review for Super Mario 3D Land by Joshua M. Norris

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Who's up for a review? Me, actually. This is a review for Super Mario 3D Land. Is it an excellent game, or does the 3D gimmick make this game a fail? Read all the Mumbo-Jumbo ahead like the graphics, sound, lastability, and overall scores to find out!



Okay, First, the graphics. This game looks amazing, but the 3D gimmick is a little hard on the eyes if you play for extended periods of time, bringing the score down only SLIGHTLY. The actual graphics are the same as the Super Mario Galaxy series, so that means that in 2D, it's amazing, and in 3D, it's blazingly life-like. The best part is that you get to switch between the two, making a 2D & 3D adventure. Your choice.



Next up is the Sound. Pulling away from the oh so classic Mario tune, Koji Kondo decided to compose a jazzy main theme instead. In fact, I think that the only returning tune is actually the Plateau theme from Super Mario Brothers 2. Every other tune is entirely new and fresh, and also, did I mention that I damn love the ending theme? It's basically the main theme with lots of added bells and whistles, making it incredibly catchy.



The gameplay is AMAZING. I originally thought that it would be very awkward to handle since the move buttons are the B and Y buttons, with the long jump being performed by pressing Y, then holding down R, then tapping B. But incredibly, it didn't take me long to get used to the controls. The only thing that took me a while to perform was the roll, which is performed by holding R, and tapping Y. The honorable mention in my books is the cannons because you can use the hardware itself to control which way you shoot.



The Lastability is amazing as well. After completing the main adventure, there's actually another 8 worlds called the special worlds, which have different layouts and different star medal locations. Not to mention that Luigi is playable once again if you beat the first special world's castle. Also, remember how the Tanooki suit didn't completely return? Well, that part is present as well, but the reason you don't see it is because it's only in the special worlds. You know, that part where you turn into a statue? Cool!



Overall, this game was the game that everybody was hoping for. But is it worth buying if you have a Nintendo 3DS? I would say yes, it is. Don't be put down by the glaringness of the 3D if you play it lots. It sells for about 40-60 Canadian Dollars, but only because it has 3D. It is a blast and you will not regretting picking it up if you do.

The End

Final Score: 96%

Review by: Joshua M. Norris

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