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Full Review for Shadow the Hedgehog by cubegamer4u

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"Some fifty years ago, this "Ultamite Life Form" was the result of the army's secret research. With no records of what transpired, his true character is shrouded in darkness and even his own memory cannot serve as a key to unlock the mystery; there is only emptiness..." The way you play the game will determine the outcome of shadow's future. The main character is Shadow the Hedgehog. When you play for the evil side, you tag along with Doom's Eye. If you play the hero side you will meet up with Sonic the hedgehog.In neutral you play solo. Multiplayer is also a great aspect of the game, considering it's fun,challenging, and addicting.



The graphics are detailed and sow every portion of shadow's structure in great depth. If you look closely, you can even see sweat dripping down shadow's face, it's pretty cool. Everything is detailed, down to the laces in Shadow's shoes. The background is also colorful and alive with color. I say,awsome graphics.



The sound is the best part of the game I think. Do you like techno with a mix of rock? If so, this is the game for you. Every level has a great beat. It's like you get excited from the background music which makes you play harder. One level called "Digital Circuit" has music that suits the surroundings perfectly. I say the music kicks you know what!



The controls are'nt bad. Here's a layout of the control configuration. Control Stick-Move Shadow, C Stick-Rotates camera, A button-Jump. B button-Attack/Shoot, X Button-Special Action, Y Button-Drop Weapon/special attack, R button-Strafe. Those contols seem easy, but they take time to master.



The game is'nt that lengthy. If you know the controls exactly, then the game should only take about a week or two to beat. After you beat the game, you should invite some friends over, and play multiplayer mode. It's great, there's three large levels,which makes it a game of hide and shoot.



Overall, I'd say it's a must for the Nintendo Gamecube. It beats all the previous SEGA games by a longshot. If you like to blow things up, shoot soldiers and aliens, then you should go to your local video game store, and purchase this incredible game, just like I did.

Final Score: 90%

Review by: cubegamer4u

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