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Full Review for Shadow the Hedgehog by Dingo_Dile

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Shadow the Hedgehog... Probably one of THE most famous and liked Sonic characters to exist. The uproar of the new game caused a lot of chaos amongst the fanbase as Shadow fans rejoiced and Shadow haters were 'sharpening their pitchforks'... So to speak.

So, Shadow wants to uncover the truth about his past. And suddenly a whole bunch of black aliens come falling down from the sky. Suddenly, along comes Black Doom demanding the Chaos Emeralds off Shadow. Do you help Black Doom? Or do you go against him? Your choices in each level affect Shadow's past. And eventually... You will uncover the truth.



In all fairness, the graphics, particularly the characters looked a lot like the ones from Sonic Heroes. The backgrounds, although not bad, could have been a lot better. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a graphic upgrade of Sonic Heroes, which was really only seen in very few of the CG Movies.



The voices on this... Some were just terrible! The only characters that actually sounded alright (in my opinion) were Shadow, Amy, Espio and Charmy... Oh and perhaps Eggman and Black Doom too. Rouge sounded just like the label most anti-Rouge people have been trying to pull off her for years. And whoever did Vector was just trying too hard to sound like the original... And failing.

On the other hand, the music was a real breathe of fresh air. It was so fitting to each of the levels. On occasions, I'd just turn up the volume to listen to the music of the level. It has a very rock type tone to it. The one disappointment though is the song for completing the Pure Hero story (as I call it). Apart from that, I really enjoyed the music.



To put it simply... Gameplay was just neat. You had either had two or three different choices of mission on each level and could choose which one you wanted to complete. In some cases, you might fail the mission you want to do but it's quite easy just to start over and try it again.



This game can last forever if you want it to. You are able to take different routes within each different story you make and can unlock over 200 different combinations of endings. Not only that but you can get more upgraded weapons by completing each ending. As per tradition of new style Sonic games, there is also a Last story for you to complete, adding onto the Lastability.



Well, not a bad game overall. There is a lot of interactivity in this game and a lot of work you can do on it. I might want to make a small suggestion to you though. Try not to get irritated by the Sonic X cast trying their luck at voicing the characters. If you can not help getting irritated by their voices, turn off the sound altogether.

Final Score: 80%

Review by: Dingo_Dile

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