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Full Review for Shadow the Hedgehog by craigsydenham

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Shadow's suddenly the hero or is he still very evil. Lets face it he's just made a whopping good game he's shotting guns a wicked way of method. The levels see you doing missions very good and they are so big and you even get a health bar for enimies. You get very good cut-screens and great bosses you get 2 types of badies good and bad badies. You get 2 gages that fill and you can use them one is the chaos control and chaos blast. Good baddies are like G.U.N and sometimes Eggman bad baddies are black arms and Eggman. (Eggman is actully able to be good for once) so a game with this greatness will sell greatly and will be populer.



The graphics they are wicked I mean come on shadow and enimies are in great graphic 3-D mode. The background objects are in great grphics too they look so real even the guns look so real. The transport are sooooo realistic the only bad thing is that real guns don't leave a line



The sound is very good you hear very good voices even enimeis when they die. The guns give a great bang to tell a shot you can fire your gun and hear another gun the same to get it. The sound is very important to you you might not hear an enimie and not get a chance to move if you looked another way.



Very good it just wants you to get all the posibility done. Even it says on the box that 2 player is a mode you can play story mode with 2 players but the camara stays on shadow. If you are having a hard time on a boss the second player will help you this is very big and the secret guns are great.



Very long and you will spend hours just to get to the last way. Even more to all the possibillitys of completing the game. It will take you days and weeks mabye even months mabye even a year or more it is a very good, hard and long. Once done story get a ranks and the 5 secret keys in each level.



Very good a top notch game my fav is the guns and secrets. Tresure this game this is much better than sonic rush and any other sonic game. And also a tip chaos blast near enimeis cause it causes more damege. So keep this, tresure it and look after it it is one of the best in history

Final Score: 86%

Review by: craigsydenham
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