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Full Review for Pokemon Sapphire by laxgodx

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Pokemon Sapphire is a great game where you are the new kid in a town. Your next door neighborhood is a Pokemon proffesor and is being attacked by a wild pokemon. You choose which Pokemon you want to use to save him, and begin your journey on the road to being a Pokemon master.



Alot better than many GBA games out there, sapphire has much better graphics than the previous games. The colors are bright and focused, the trees look great, sand and grass are adequat, the everlasting ocean looks like a real ocean. I give the graphics 8/10



The music is alot better than the previous games' music, it actually sounds real instead of computerized like the previous games. There is a wide selection of different tunes for different times in the game, when you hop on a bike there is a different sound, when you go into a cave there is new music, new music for pretty much everything! I give the sound 7/10



Sapphire is hard to put down once you pick it up! You go through the game collecting badges by defeating powerful opponents, getting stronger, and catching more pokemon. You stop an evil teams plans and save Hoenn.you have the chance to catch very powerful, one of a kind Pokemon such as Kyogre and Rayquaza. I give the gameplay 9/10



In sapphire the story itself isn't that long, about 15 hours average, but there is so much more you can do after that, about twice as much to finish after you beat the elite four then before. Catch all the legendary Pokemon, make a secret base, expand you pokedex (386 Pokemon in all!) and that in itself could take over 200 hours! I give the lasability 8/10



Sapphire is a great game for both veteran Pokemon fans and people new to the world of pokemon. Sapphire has a brand new selection of Pokemon for classic players, including lunatone, Kyogre, Regirock Regice and Registeel,Rayquaza, Zigzagoon and many more!

Final Score: 80%

Review by: laxgodx

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