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Pokemon Battle Revolution

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Full Review for Pokemon Battle Revolution by platinumsmashbro

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Pokemon Battle Revoltion is the first Pokemon game on the Nintendo Wii.Like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,it supports the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection.You can transfer your Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl and fight with them in Single Player or host battles with nearby DP games.You can also customize your own trainer with clothes,accesories,and catchphrases



Pokemon Battle Revoltion has some truly stunning graphics,even ones that may seem like CG.However,I dislike the fact that for most of the old Pokemon,the original models were used and just updated a bit so they wouldn't stick out from the new Pokemon models.The game also has a soft filter,which really blurs the images of most scenes and can hurt your eyes.



There really isn't anything too impressive here.There are various battle themes,but they are mostly similar to old Pokemon Stadium and Coloseum themes. The cries of Pokemon aren't very well exprssed,but are still present.Most other mysic is pretty basic and although unimpressive,it grows on you.



Pokemon Revoltion does exactly what the title states--it lets you battle!In each Coloseum,there are specific rules,but either way it goes,you're still doing plain battles.The game has no other attractions,like a freeroaming mode,minigames,or anything.Imagine baking Poffin with the Wii Remote or viewing Pokemon Contests in gorgeous 3D graphics.



The game really isn't very challenging,and the Stary mode lasts for onlya few days.You can clar a Coloseeum in just 15 minutes or so,fight the leader,them move on.After you beat the main game,there are new rules for some Coloseums,but you'll still only fight regardless.There is a secret Surfing Pikachu Gift for you,though.



Overall,Pokemon Battle Revolution was sadly a bit lacking.The graphics are stupendous and fighting is fun,but only for so long.Unfortunately,Wi-fi doesn't add much to the game,since you still fight random players in plain old battles,and legendaries are prohibited.Maybe the sequel to this game will add more attractions,but ntil then,this game is just decent.

Final Score: 58%

Review by: platinumsmashbro


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