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Game Reviews for Pokemon Battle Revolution


Full Reviews

platinumsmashbro19th Aug 2007, ID #696
Pokemon Battle Revoltion is the first Pokemon game on the Nintendo Wii.Like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,it supports the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection.You can transfer your Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl ..

Rating: 58%Read Full Review
kimmy45610th Mar 2011, ID #1316
The first game that I have ever played on the wii that had to do with Pokemon, at first glance this seemed to be a good game that I would love to play. I couldn't wait to see what features it had an..

Rating: 76%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Fun, but no point Added 5 Sep 2016, ID #5746
I used to play this game and It was so fun! I beat the game and transfered all my awesome pokemon. I was ready to play online, I made friends that way and I had much more fun registering them.

A few dozen months later I broke my Wii and got a new one. I hadn't played my wii in about a year, I put in Pokemon Battle Revolution. I clicked on the online play option, and guess what! They discontinued it! I was very angry at them for doing that.
Ash's Review of Pokemon Battle Revolution -Wii Added 1 Jul 2014, ID #5662
Pokemon Battle Revolution is anything but a revolution. It feels like a step in the wrong directions sometimes. Mostly, however, you just feel like the game wasn't complete... Like it could use a lot more than we got. Simply put, Battle Revolutions isn't bad, it's just a glass that's half full. This is a game for only the most die-hard of Pokemon fans only.

Let's get the first big annoying thing out of the way. If you don't have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, then I highly suggest buying those before you actually dive into this game. Otherwise you'll find your experience to be a pretty daunting one. If you don't, you get passes with random Pokemon on them. This is pretty sad considering other Pokemon games in this genre let you rent Pokemon. Instead here, you're given six random Pokemon with random stats and moves. You've no say in the matter, and that's just lame. At least transferring your Pokemon from your DS games is no pain at all.

Let's get the second really annoying thing out of the way. The menu is alright and everything, but your guide through the menu is really really annoying. The guide has to explain everything. And when I say everything, I'm not kidding. If you're a seasoned gamer, you know what most of the stuff the guide is going to tell you is, yet you still have to sit through it anyway. The good news is you only have to sit through it once.

Previous Pokemon Stadium games also gave you a more RPG like experience. There was actually more to battling than just the sake of battling. Here in Battle Revolutions, that's all you're doing. You're battling just to battle... And you're battling endlessly. There's no real reason why. Of course, this isn't a HUGE problem, though, because in the long run battling is quite fun. I just wish there was some kind of objective here, and some kind of reward to show your achievements to your friends. Not found here. Of course, there will be some who really love this. After all, the point of battle revolutions is to do just that: Battle.

Seeing all your favorite Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl is a real treat indeed. The game has a cartoon like look, but that doesn't mean it isn't impressive. In truth, it is. It doesn't take the Wii to it's limits, but again, no Pokemon game ever really pushes a system to it's limit. But the game looks good for what is. Visually the game is great. It's the other aspects of the graphics that I sometimes find pretty lacking. It suffers from the same thing Pokemon has suffered from for years. There's hardly a whole lot of animation going on. You simply watch your Pokemon step forward and perform the attack, and then you see the other Pokemon take damage. There's no interaction between the Pokemon. It's a limitation that doesn't make combat less exciting, but over the past few years you do kind of wish your Pokemon would actually... You know... Look like they're battling each other rather than just standing there idly. Regardless, combat is still pretty solid, and much like the DS games, pretty addictive.

As far as DS and Wii connectivity go, this game shows that it can be done. As you can transfer your Pokemon from your DS to your Wii wirelessly. However, you get the feeling so much more could've been done with it. Unless Nintendo plans on making a "DS Player" for the Wii, I can't imagine why they wouldn't let you play through your DS games on the big screen. Again, it's not a big set back, but it is a step back from other Pokemon Stadium installments. There's also the excitement over using your DS as a controller, but even that feels incomplete sometimes. Simply because you can't use your DS as a controller in the main game. You CAN, however, use the DS as a controller when playing against a friend. It feels limited, though. Otherwise you can use your Wii-Remote like an NES controller or use the motion sensor controls to point and click.

Now there's the online experience. This is the first real true taste of an Online gaming experience on the Wii. Unfortunately, like the rest of the game, it feels a bit... Incomplete. The only thing you can do online is battle. And the battles are all random. To be honest, if all I wanted to do online was battle... I'd just boot up my DS copy of Diamond or Pearl, and they let you do more online than this game does. It just feels like the online mode in this game was a test to see if they could actually do it. The test is a success, but the experience is pretty stale overall.

This isn't the kind of game you buy for curiosity's sake. A lot of it really does feel incomplete. There's so much potential here, but the overall product feels as though it were rushed. Previous Pokemon Stadium games had a lot more substance to them. Pokemon Battle Revolutions is, for the most part, fun. It just doesn't include a whole lot of content worth getting excited about... Because the things that we were getting excited about aren't really all that exciting. You're pretty much only going to buy this game to battle... But why spend 50 bucks to do so when you could just as easily spend 35 bucks on the DS games? Besides, without those DS games you can't enjoy the full experience of battling in this game anyway. It's a good "test" to see what the Wii can do, but hopefully the next Pokemon Stadium game will actually push the structure to it's limit.
Pokemon Battle Revolution Added 11 Jul 2012, ID #5219
Pokemon Battle Revolution is the ultimate Pokemon fighting game, where you can actually see your Pokemon make the moves you want it too in regular DS games. Even though the Graphics may be a little uncoordinated with the game, it is still a number 1 Pokemon game!!!
Pokemon Battle Revolution Short Review Added 8 Dec 2011, ID #4868
Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first Pokemon game on the Wii. The Pokemon look really good, and it is fun to battle. The soundtrack for the battles are catchy but can get boring after beating the main game. Also, you have to have any of the 4th Generation games, or else this game is not as fun.
PBR is really cool! Added 12 Jun 2009, ID #2809
This game is awesome! All the battle attacks look way better than in the portable games. I think that the best part is that you get to customize you character completely. From shoes to tattos, you can customize it all! The only part I didn't like was that you don't get to walk around. If you were allowed to walk around I bet the game would have been 5x better! I also like that you get to go to different colluseums.
Pokemon: Battle Revolution! Added 24 May 2008, ID #1568
Pokemon: Battle Revolution is the extreme Pokemon game known by most Wii owners.
The gameplay of Battle Revolution is like no ordinary Pokemon game as you cannot level up or even earn yourself new pokemon. The main extremity of the the game, though, is the graphics and the moves, they look really extreme. Pokemon Battle Revolution is a brilliant game but still needs quite a few readjustments for it as it is classed by me as an anti-Pokemon game.
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