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The first game that I have ever played on the wii that had to do with Pokemon, at first glance this seemed to be a good game that I would love to play. I couldn't wait to see what features it had and to battle against other people over the wi-fi of my wii. The great pop effect of it made me want to play it more reminding me of Pokemon Stadium.



I give the Graphics a 9 because they were good, I liked how the attacks weren't flat and that it showed them all the way through even though they missed the Pokemon, The graphics were always different in some way with each Pokemon which gave the game some uniqueness to it.



The sound could of been a little better, just like with Pokemon Stadium there was a announcer but it was a little annoying when the announcer always says the same thing over and over again. As for the attacks those sound effects where good cause they matched the attack.



Game play was a little of a disappointment cause there really was no Game play behind it you just turned it on and battled your way through the stadiums until you reached the finally one, which I didn't think was very creative. After playing the game for a little I had to put it down cause I got kinda bored with the whole thing.



Lastability isn't that long because there really was no story behind it and the only new thing that was in the game was over Wi-fi you could battle many different people. Other than that the game was basically the same each time you played it. Which in a short period of time I did get bored with it.



Overall, I believe that the game was good for a first release on the Wii, and that from here the creators can only go up. It would be nice if they could combine that kinda of game play and mix in a slight story with it to make it more interesting and more playable where people like myself won't be bored with it.

Final Score: 76%

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