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Ninja Gaiden is a Shinobi - like game. In this game there are various weapons to choose from & level up into better weapons.
At the start of the game you are a ninja called Ryu & you eventually start looking for a greater fiend named Doku. You travel to various places including an Aquaduct, an armie's base & in various temples.



The graphics of this game are almost perfect. The water looks really real & ninjas look almost like real humans. There is spectacular colour & lights from the ninpo techniques that you can use, from lightning to tremedous looking fire. You can even see birds in the background flying.



The sound of Ninja Gaiden has very good sound effects, you can hear the rumbling of the thunderbolts & the smashing of ice while you destroy the enemies. Although the soundtracks of a few pieces of music can be annoying. The overall sound is just a little bit from perfect.



Ninja Gaiden is a very, very fun game to play & can be challanging at times. The game expects you to get stuck on certain bosses in the game because the fum is finding out ways to defeat the bosses & the feeling you get when you eventually do defeat them.



Although the game is a really fun & entertaining game to play, when you are getting to chapter 10 or 11 out of 16 you start thinking that the game is near the end. The last couple of levels are quite short although there are plenty of things to unlock as well by collecting golden scarabs.



The game Ninja Gaiden is a good & has a well planned out storyline. There are loads of things to unlock & loads of combos from diffents weapons of diffent levels to master. An entertaining game to play with good graphics & ok sound. It can last quite a long time but it could have been longer.

Final Score: 88%

Review by: kyle_cliffe and get

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