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Kingdom Hearts II

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Full Review for Kingdom Hearts II by MasterofPokemon

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Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel to the smash-hit video game from Disney and Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts II had a lot to live up to, so did it measure up to Kingdom Hearts, did it fall short, or did it beat out the first game? We will see which it did in four categories-Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and Lastability.



These graphics were just a bit better than the first game's. They didn't impress me as much as I hoped they would. The cutscene graphics were also a bit better, but more or less, looked the same. They were still good, but they didn't impress me as much as I hoped they would. I have to give these graphics a seven out of ten. They didn't really impress as much as others and I hoped, but they were still good.



Once again, this game's sound was about the same as the first games. I didn't notice much difference, but they were still pretty good. The combat sounds were still good, and it was once again, easy to get sucked into it because of the sound. I was a bit disappointed that one of my favorite aspects from the first game was a bit lacking. But overall, I give it a seven out of ten.



The gameplay on Kingdom Hearts II was excellent! It really impressed me. There were many types of Keyblades, any really MULTIPLE keyblades for every type of play.

The companions were very cool. Almost every companion, aside from Goofy and Donald, were new. There were several instances were if Sora was K.Oed, you could play as Mickey and save Sora. It was awesome!

The new worlds were fun to explore, and they added a lot to the game. Each of the worlds had it's own story, and instead of completing one objective over all the worlds like in Kingdom Hearts, each new world had a different story that was all it's own.

Overall, I must give Kingdom Hearts II's gameplay a ten out of ten because it was once again, outstanding, and blew my mind.



This game, I think, will outlast the first Kingdom Hearts because the first one raised people's attention to the series, so more people will come to the series because they heard about it from other people who have played the past games, meaning more people will be playing it over time.

It is good enough to have people playing it more and more over the years, and I also still play avidly. Overall, I give it a eight out of ten.



Overall, I have to give this game a eight out of ten. It was very good, but it did use a lot of the systems from the first game, with the only real new things being in the gameplay department.

Even if it did use many things from the first game, it was still addicting and very fun. I enjoyed every second, and it may have been because some of my favorite parts were carried over.

It was fun, I enjoyed it. It was a good game, and I hope to see more sequels!

Final Score: 80%

Review by: MasterofPokemon

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