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Full Review for Kingdom Hearts II by riprino

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This game was very fun keeps attention for a very long time and is fun to max out lvl. I also loved the way that you can pick the members on your team ex:instead of donald I could have riku. Kinda don't like that you can't take the other team mates with you to other worlds.



The graphics were awsome during the cutscean at end and gameplay graphics were pretty good.i also love how when you beat the game the cutscean at very end looks almoste lifelike like I could just jump into the game at any time during it. I wish they would have made the graphics in battle a little better.



I loved the music throughout the game very nice never turned the sound down. Also love that each world does not have the same music and all the cutsceans and boss battles have there own diffrent music like the battles with organization 13(the bad guys)



The game play was awsome becouse of the multiple types of monsters and bosses. Also love the command button makes fights a little more winnable and it's hard to do some of the action commands also love all the abbilites and the drive modes plus the new summoning people.



This game lasted me about 5 months trying to get all the missions done and getting max lvl and doing all the gummie lvls also like trying to make the ultiment gummie ship with the little mini gummies. I hate that at max lvl there is not much use getting xp:(



This was a AWSOME game recomend getting the entire searies like birth by sleep,chain of memoies,365/2 days,and re chain of memories. Also get the games final fantiese if you love rpg games with good graphics. I love the final battle but hate that you can not restart game after battle.

Final Score: 98%

Review by: riprino and get

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