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Form and sommoning building
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This isn't really a cheat but it is very usefull. If you haven't noticed already that if you go into your form and exit the world you are in while in the form and come back to a new world your drive gage will be completely restored. It also works for summoning. I will tell you the best places to level up each form. Make sure that when you do this you return to a save point and exit the level before your gage is depleted or else you will have to build it up again.

Valor- For valor form you rais the level by each hit on a heartless. I have found that the heartless with the most health will alowe you to get the most hits on it. So I went to mulans level to the thrown room and went into the hallway and went into valor form and defeted as many monsters as I could and went back to the save point exited out of the world and started over.

Wisdom- The way to power up wisdom form is by getting 1 point for each heartless you kill, so you don't want to waist your time on a heartless that takes a while to beat. For wisdom form I went to the world that never was at the place you go to when you first come there. If you continue forward from the save point in the next area there are a whole bunch of shadow heartlless. Fight as many of those as you can then return to the save point and start over again.

Master- I think that master is the easiest. Inorder to power up master form you have to get a smalle yellow drive gage orb for 1 point and a large yellow drive gage orb for 3 points. For this you want to fight a monster that is big because they usually drop a lot of big yellow orbs. The place for this is the same place for vallor form if you go back and look at it. Defete the heartless and start over. Master form is hard for a lot of people to build up but this makes it very very easy.

Final- This is the one that is the hardest. To build up final form you get 1 point for each nobody you kill. For this you want to get a nobody that has only a little bit of health because you don't want to waist time. For this you obviously have to go to the land that never was because that is where most of the nobodys are. If you go to proof of existence and continue onward you will come to the area where a bunch of little nobodys are and defeate as many as you can and return to the save point and start over.

Summons- These are very easy but truly anoying. The way to raise these is for each drive bar depleted you get 1 point. You can go any where for this one. All you have to do is summon it and wait untill your drive bar gets low and get out of the world and come back. It is easy but boring so I would suggest summoning chicken little and running from him to pass time lol.

I hope this helped and please rate itSmile

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