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Halo 2

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Full Review for Halo 2 by Ups Hitman

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Halo2.....a new generation of gaming and hope for us all......all right ill cut the crap halo2 is probably the best flippin game on the planet and always will be(until halo 3 comes out :D)Halo has started a new generation of gaming. I don't no anyone who has xbox and dosent have halo. I pity the fool who dosent like halo or dosent like violence.i mean WTF!



I can't really complain about the graphics there awesome! The cut scenes have INSANELY improved from halo 1. Some of the cut scenes are a little choppy but who really cares right? I have to say I will miss the fact that you could melee a dead body in halo 1 and blood would come gushing out. That was great!



Sound is great.Sound effex are great. The detail in some of the gun noises are great. I just love the whirring sound of the rocket launcher coming right at somebody as they scream and you laugh hysterically enjoying your double kill. Plus the guy who says "Slayer" at the beginning of every game is awesome.



When it comes to gameplay this game has no flaw. I could play this game 20 years from now and still say it's the best. IT never gets old. Even after the greatest satisfaction of killing a brute in legendary mode. Those things are flippin hard to kill!!!



If you have x-box live your never going to trade this game in for 10 bucks at the nearest game store. I never get tired of hearing that bone crunching sound every time I hit someone in the back of the head.OR imagining another persons face when they find out youve locked on to them with your RL.priceless.



Overall this game is game of all games. This game was one of the only reasons I got xbox and xbox live. Even if youve beaten the campaign 100 times it's still fun to explore and find skulls,glitches, or even mods.i F you don't have xbox live...GET IT and the fun never ends.---10 out of 10, Bungie,your doing great keep it up!

Final Score: 98%

Review by: Ups Hitman

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