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Full Review for Assassins Creed by Chicken_Nuts

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Assassins creed. One of the bestest games from Ubisoft. Offering beautiful graphics, awesome gameplay, and a nice story. Crawl into the skin from AtaliŽr, an assassin. Climbing huge towers, killing guards. And hiding in the most sneakiest ways. What are we waiting for? Let's go for it.



The graphics are well detailed and intense. Ubisoft did a great job on model designing, as AtaliŽr the main character, has very realistic looking clothing, faces and hands, together with other characters in the game. If you expect some nice effects from the swordfighting, you won't get any. Every single detail from that age is good for the eye. I did wanted to see some realistic looking shadows, but they did a great job on that too nowadays.



The sound is perfect. You completely hear the envoirement, along with footsteps and people talking. The music was catchy while fighting, but along the main story you don't hear much music. But that didn't dissapointed me. Because the talking from all the civilians and gaurds, and the arrogance from Atalier, you sure will enjoy the game, and every single sound you will hear from almost every move you make.



The gameplay is what you say, unique. It takes a while to get used to it. Every assassin shouldn't be discovered or killed by a guard. It'll tun red, and you have to run, once it's yellow you have to hide where the guards can't fight you, after that you ''vanish'' and you are completely anonymous again. Because you don't want to get in trouble, you have to walk like any other civilian, so the guards won't think you're suspicious.

As an assassin you have to assassinate (doh). This can be performed with your hiddenblade. You have low profile, and high profile in the game. Low profile does standard moves, and not quite impressive, and high profile really looks cool. (AtaliŽr jumps sometimes, and then but it's hidden blade right down their throat). The Sword Fighting is quite hard to master. Since you have to block their attacks, then counter, and kill them in a brutal way.

Along with that, you can use climbing walls, and other stuff do become a lethal human. Climbing is quite hard, because sometimes ataliŽr just jumps down.



Even though there isn't a multiplayer game. You're quite busy with the single player. This is because you have to think of your actions, and perform the nice moves. If you don't have any games for the Ps3 or Xbox360, I recommend to buy Assassins creed.



Overall, assassins creed is an awesome product from Ubisoft. And will keep you entertaining for a couple of weeks. Along with it's graphics, and unique gameplay, you will enjoy the nice stories from AtaliŽr, and it's awesome assassinations. I will review the NDS Version later :D

Final Score: 94%

Review by: Chicken_Nuts

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