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Full Review for Assassins Creed by deadlysnips

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Assassins Creed is the new benchmark for “next generation” games. The truly amazing graphics and fully interactive environment provides a new and outstanding gaming experience. Assassins Creed is based on a futuristic male character, by the name Desmond, reliving his memories of his ancestor. Back in the time of King Richard you play as a high skilled assassin that carries out the dirty work for the brotherhood. One by one you choose the way and style in which you assassinate each heavily guarded target. As you progress through the game you are rewarded with equipment, abilities and rank that you were once stripped of.



The graphics in Assassins Creed are exceptional and of such high quality. The game is definitely a step up from most others. The multiple maps provide a huge free roaming environment that has been detailed meticulously. Each individual character has different features, dialog and in game effects. The crowds throughout the maps have to be in the thousands with five to ten different personalities within it. The four maps have their unique building style and atmosphere that affects the way in which you can climb, run and jump. While following in the 3rd person camera view, whether Altair (the assassin) is running, climbing or riding on a horse it is always fluent and realistic.



The sound within the game is done very well. As the atmosphere changes so do the music and the voices of the characters and crowds. Each city even has there own base music style to fit the environment. One noticeable sound aspect is that when you assassinate your enemies they just don’t go down quietly they can lay there and cry out in pain as they suffer the inevitable death. The timing of the sound effects to his actions is pretty accurate as well. When he throws a knife it will make a sound when it hits something, or when you assassinate someone from behind it has a cool effect that heightens the experience.



The game play in Assassins Creed is outstanding. There are multiple ways to eliminate each individual target. You can choose from an assassination from behind, deaths by throwing knife or an all out battle where you can combo kill or counter kill. The stealth aspects of this game are brilliant. If you find yourself attracting attention from guards all you have to do is break their line of sight by running round corners or climbing to rooftops and then hiding. There are also other factors such as using scholars or vigilantes to distract the guards. Apart from that you are left to free roam all the maps and do what ever you want to do. You can also travel horse back between the homeland and other neighbouring maps. The only negative aspect I picked up on was that all the missions in each map were all relatively the same and once you grasp the understanding and technique it becomes rather easy. Other than that the game play is definitely next generation.



Assassins Creed does have depth to it, however there is no online multiplayer so the life is very limited. The campaign is a lot larger and longer than any other game of it’s kind and with the factors of outstanding graphics and game play the game does have some “lastability” on the market place. For the gamer’s point of view, the game does take a few solid days to pass. It will take even longer if you want 100% completion. So if you want to buy it, you wont be disappointed by the length.



Overall Assassins Creed is an awesome game. It went beyond my expectations and provided me with a weeks entertainment. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. It is without a doubt a next generation game and one of the best games of it's type on the market place today.

Final Score: 96%

Review by: deadlysnips

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