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Added 31st May 2011, ID #9114

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ya i think that u cant cuz on my ipod i could woohoo but it did not give me the choise to have a baby

Added 18th May 2014, ID #5805

ok look you cant have kids on the sims 3 ds because it wuld be inappropiate for the little kids who play the nintendo. you can only do it on the computer so i suggest buy a computer and then the game. you can look up all the cheats, read the things people put up but you're never get a baby because you cant.

Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #4736

you cant move house on sims 3 for ds but i think you can move on the 3ds version
also you can only have babyies in the 3ds version

hope this helped lots (:

Added 7th Aug 2012, ID #4444

you have to be their friends then kiss them then get your sims to relax then woohoo

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #4392

How long does it take to woohoo cause my cousin erase my game so now I haff to start over[color=red][size=12][color=red][/color] [/size] [/color]

Added 24th Jan 2012, ID #3385

How long does it take to woohoo cause my cousin erase my game so now I haff to start over

Added 24th Jan 2012, ID #3384

Don't ask me

Added 6th Aug 2011, ID #2416

You have your Sims relax on the bed have them cuddle then click on one Sim look for Try for Baby a cupple times then wait till one Sim is pregnet thats all i can tell you

Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #2403

how do you have baby on the sims 3 will ?

Added 1st Aug 2011, ID #2379

you cant have a baby on sims 3 for ds, can you move house?

Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #2366

all i can see is black n i have tried to get a baby on sims 3 but someone told me you have to get both of them together on a bed make the girl relax then it says woohoo then they try but it didnt work on mine whot a waste of time

Added 19th Jul 2011, ID #2287

All i can see is black :(

Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #2195

Please please tell how do u get a baby or child
On sims 3. I've got sims ambitions on my iPod
And u can get a baby! Please please help me

Added 21st Jun 2011, ID #2103

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