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Its not really working

Added 27th May 2015, ID #6310

Yay!! Xmas soon!
I'm getting Xbox 360 and the Sims 3 Pets with it!!
Can't wait!! %uD83D%uDE04%uD83D%uDE04

Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #6029

i cant wait bc in two weeks is my birthday and im getting sims 3 pets on xbox360 im exited

Added 8th May 2014, ID #5791

I have sims 3 pets I just can't play it yet because our computer needs to be fixed. But as soon as our computer gets fixed I'm installing the game putting the disc in and playing it.

Added 24th Sep 2013, ID #5538

Very fun.But on the 3ds you can't do nothing!!!No babies,no horses,no ghost,no kittens or puppies,no cars,no nothing!

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #5518

yes im getting it to the trailer is so great I watched it a lot

Added 10th Jul 2013, ID #5427

that is cool I well get me one

Added 24th Jun 2013, ID #5391

It is vey fun to play

Added 3rd May 2013, ID #5287

great game!

Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #5118

How can u get a horse ok

Added 30th Jan 2013, ID #5072

u cant do crap on the 3ds version ); no horses no kids no grim reaper NO NOTHING!!!!

Added 26th Jan 2013, ID #5061

I wish it could b 4 the ds cuz i dont want 2 get a 3ds just 4 that game and it doesnt even hav a action replay 4 it!!!!!!! :(

Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #5038

Hey want a tip for babies? Well listen up People! 1. first click on your wife/husband and go to special, it will say try for a baby.
2. click that, your sims will start kissing and then they will... uhh... well we dont need to go to that part in the bed...
3. after a day or two then you will be pregenat.
after 2-3-4 days your female sim will start screaming.
4. UH OH!!! its happening! if you want to have the baby at the hospital click on her and the only option will say take to hostpial.
5. or, if its to late... and she cant go to it then just make sure your male sim suports her.
6. but he will probably start screaming too... thats a big thing for him too, but he doesnt need to scream louder than you its not liike KE is going to have a baby. after that, it will come out smoothly, (hopefully.) then enjoy your happy baby!

Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #4679

the way u have babys is u make one sim realax in the bed then have your other sim go realax in the bed then click on the other sim and it will say whoohoo,try for baby,cuddle

Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #4670

how can i find ghosts one i know die so can you see ur ghost and a people is coming

Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #4519

how can i find ghosts one i know die so can you see ur ghost and a people is coming[video][/video]

Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #4518

about other things have sombody her gta san andreas on pc and howe to use cheats??????........


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Added 9th Jul 2012, ID #4330


Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #4163


Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #4162

hi my name is :maria
can you have a baby on the sims 3 pets or the sims 3

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #4161


Its awsome sims can have kids tooooo on xbox

Added 31st May 2012, ID #4147

That game is asome

Added 19th May 2012, ID #4096

i have it but i havnt played it XD.

Added 10th May 2012, ID #4067

i have the game too. does any one know if your sims or pets can get pregnant on the sims 3 pets for 3ds?

Added 27th Dec 2011, ID #3169

i have the game and it is soooooo fun the cats horses and dogs can have babies!

Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #2988

best game EVER

Added 24th Oct 2011, ID #2840

Yes its real, and yes it is fun they have many the sims games and this is the latest one...HAPPY SIMMING!

Added 10th Oct 2011, ID #2780

is it real??

Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #2006

The game looks fun

Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #2004

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