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TJLM23rd Nov 2005, ID #214
When I heard about the Path of Neo coming out I instantly looked for a trailer on the net. When I saw it and read about the game I could not beleive it. You get to play as Neo. You actually get to p..

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Path of neo on ps2 review Added 27 Nov 2005, ID #18316
Hi, this review is for the ps2 version of the matrix:path of neo.

Well start things off with graphics:good graphics, but with one or two glitches,and also the sort of trianglular knuckles of neo, but they aren't too noticeable.

Right sound:the music fits the scene perfectly,and gives you the feel that you truly are the one,and so does the punching,shooting and kicking sound effects.


Famtastic combat and special abilities like dodging bullets, but when the time comes you wont have to!because you can stop the bullets like on the first movie, also fight hundreds of agent smiths, with the pole as well!!!.

Also you can use the code vision to see enemies through walls and find hidden objects.

Lastability:Forever!its a game that when you complete it,its so good you can just play it over and over again!

Score: 9.9/10 ! and get
6.5-10 Added 28 Jun 2011, ID #8088
Swan Dive -
Press the following in sequence and Lara will do a swan dive:
R2 + Up + Circle

Handstand On Ledge -
Lara will do a handstand on a ledge when she hangs from one and the following sequence is pressed:
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