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Defeating Tigerex cheat for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


Defeating Tigerex

Capture the Tigerex by trapping it when it's weak and limping with a shock trap or when it's sleeping/resting. Then throw a couple of tranq bombs in the monsters face and if it's weak enough it'll go to sleep. Then use a Great Sword's charge attack on it's head to badly wound or kill it (have a Gunner or Sleep Knives ready).

Added by: Sanzano Jul 30th 2009, ID#2975 and get
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Ok so this means nothing if your at the guild double tigrex quest because I have the statisticians blade and can defeat one easy but the two seam impossible dose anyone know how to split them up.

Added 26th Sep 2014, ID #451831

I have a great sword can I kill a tigrex

Added 17th May 2013, ID #283177

have some weapon that has attribute of thunder

Added 2nd May 2013, ID #279560

nop... , how to kill the wyvern so fast ?

Added 4th Mar 2013, ID #260853

How to deafeat kirim

Added 1st Jan 2013, ID #233687

i killed that tigrex easily but a have a technique :D i got a blade with dragon attribute xD

Added 9th Dec 2012, ID #217236

bring the paraliing meat and use it at the 2nd place the tigrex goes to

Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #159756

I know the easiest way to kill a tigerex

you need a great sword, best one you can get.
doesn't matter to much on the armour just as long as it is strong. you will need 10 mega potions, 10 potions, 10 honey, large barrel bomb+ x2, small barrel bomb+, whetstones, tranq bombs, shock trap, trap box and gengprey fang.

when you fight the tigerex aim for the face because it is weak. as soon as you strike roll out of the way and repeat. alot of the time if it does its charge you can get behind it and charge up your great sword, you will always hit it in the face because it turns around into your strike. use your fist shock trap and put both large barrel bombs in its face then your small barrel bomb to blow it up. when you run out of mega potions combine all your potions with honey to make 10 more mega potions. when you see the tigrex limping combine the trap box and gengprey fang to make another shock trap, throw you tranq bombs at it and you have completed the level. easy all under 40 mins.

Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156244

All you need is the Ravager Blade+ and hermitaur suit

Added 10th Jun 2012, ID #150901

All you need is a ravager blade +

Added 29th May 2012, ID #146656

thanks but i capture tigrex 3 times so thanks for the tip.

Added 23rd May 2012, ID #144578

i know one way kill it in hour just get all bomb thing you need and flash bomb... here list you got to know :
need 20 gunpower
need 10 big barriers
need 3 bomb big barriers
need 10 bomb small barriers
need 10 small barriers
need 5 bug flash
need 5 tape
need bow weapon last high fire level ( mean bomb up attack)
need fit fall X4
ter it dont wait at it just do it before go after your cat.

Added 27th Apr 2012, ID #137438

I have a khezu thunder sword.....can I kill with it..?
and what item can i recieve when i kill an tigrex...?

Added 27th Apr 2012, ID #137234

i tried everything but i can't kill it i have rathian helm,mail,greavestasset and monoblos gauntlets and my weapon is eager cleaver pls help!

Added 25th Apr 2012, ID #136792


Added 17th Mar 2012, ID #123711

I really need some help with the urgent quest. the one that the granny person gives you outside.

Added 5th Jan 2012, ID #103122

Man i hate Greatswords i like the longswords

Added 25th Nov 2011, ID #90161

i want a cheats baby

Added 31st Oct 2011, ID #84269

i once weakened it with the serpent blade but it worked out that the golem blade+ was better most useful is the red wing

Added 23rd Sep 2011, ID #76014

Get the Rathalos armor and upgrade it and the Electric Katana Sword and Upgrade till 798 Attack, and hit the Tigerex on the head.

Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #65206

thanks for the help because i always seem too die lol

Added 19th Jul 2011, ID #59321

i can easily defeat the tigrex with jus using a gunlance

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57560

If you focus your attacks on the head you eventually break its face which quickly lowers its health.
Also if you land enough hits on its head while it is in rage mode, the Tigrex will get snapped out of rage.
Tigrex are super weak to lightning attribute and flash bombs are a must, but when its blinded it will still do the 360 degree tail spin.
THE SAFEST PLACE TO BE IS AT THE TIGREX'S SIDE(S)! it does not have many attacks that hit you when there.

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #54805


Added 4th Jul 2011, ID #54737

In the desert sorry

Added 7th Jun 2011, ID #47593

Where does tiger rex go when he limps I. The desert

Added 6th Jun 2011, ID #47422

thank for the advice ... i already beat tigrex but it just happen that I'm having a hard time to defeat that monster..

Added 7th Apr 2011, ID #36221

Why don't very many people play this online?

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22721

i realy want to download cwcheat but im only 12 and not very good with tecnolagy

Added 4th Dec 2010, ID #20079


Added 1st Dec 2010, ID #19928

i dont nedd it i know but i want a cheat

Added 4th Sep 2010, ID #11318

thanks 4 the help bubddy :-D

Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #3371

i no another way.
you need to upgrade your blango armour to about lvl 7 and you need the ravager blade . take chock traps and flashbombs. you also need the max potion. go to the tigrex then set up a shock trap then lure it to the trap. start hitting its tail until it falls off then keep hitting the head until it'd dead.
i only died once doing it.

Added 24th Jun 2010, ID #1705


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