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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Cheats for PSP

We have 8 cheats on PSP
We also have cheats for this game on:   iPhone/iPad

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Added 29 Oct 2012, ID #4342
When you are (hunter rank)H.R2 or 3 buy a ravager blade just for 2150z.Then get these items:
Book of combos 1,2,3,4,5 for combining
Mega and normal potion 10x
Shock trap (snowy mountains)
Trap tool 2x
Genprey fang 2x
Paintball 10x
(every kind of bomb for extra damage)
Well-done-steak 10x
Max potion 2x
Ancient potion
Whetstone and
Hot drinks 5x

Now start going to the box and get the map.Go to map 2 to map 7,8 or 6,when you see it let your pet go first then plant the trap(put some bombs if you want)and get ready for charge on it's head or slash it's tail,combine genprey fang+trap tool keep doing it until it is limbing have the charge on it's head
DONE!!!.(when you have nomore traps,wait for it to jump or dash slash it's head or tail)

Monster Ecology MoviesAdded 14 Aug 2012, ID #4295
Ecology movies can be unlocked by slaying the monsters listed below.










Zazami (Must be done in the Desert Crab Urgent Quest)
1 kill all elder dragons and have new weaponsAdded 30 Jun 2012, ID #4259
First:kill an elder dragon and get a elderdrago blood and go to the shop and buy some sword that is the kushala daora ligthning sword the damage is 1,800
Extra Traps and Pickoff SpotsAdded 6 Mar 2010, ID #3282
If a monster is a little harder to kill than you can manage. There is one of two things you can do. (Used with Dual Blades)

Opinion 1:
You can carry into your quest a shock trap and a pitfall trap (if it can be used). With that, bring along the things to make more.
(Tool Traps and Genprey Fangs) for Shock Traps
(Tool Traps and Nets) for Pitfall Traps.
To increase your odds of a kill. Bring some Power Juice, Power Seeds and maybe even some Demondrug if you have it.

When you find the monster, drink the Power Juice and eat the Power Seed or drink the Demondrug. After using your trap, to inflict major damage. Move to a safe distance, and combine the two items to make one of the two trap. When repeating this over and over again. You should kill him a lot easier.

Opinion 2:
You can use a (Bowgun or Bow) to set up on a ledge that is out of reach.
For example:
(In the Jungle) in Area 1 near the Area 9 exit, and in Area 3 near
the Area 8 exit.
(In the Snowy Mountains) in Area 1,3,6 and 2 shooting into Area 3.

You can use a combo of the two, to keep a monster in place while you shoot it. (For open areas or pickoffs)

Good Luck!
helpful hint and somewhat of a cheat i thinkAdded 20 Feb 2010, ID #3265
Okay I'm surprised no one has found this out yet or submited this yet on the subterrien glutten mission (the one with the khezo whelps) you know how they drain your life and you can only bring one farcaster well that is only half true bring some bomb materials and some exciteshrooms and after you deliver the first whelp with the first farcaster (assumming you brought one) combine the bomb material and the exiteshroom to make a new farcaster keep in mind that you can only have one farcaster at a time so if you try to combine while you have the farcaster in your bag so if doesnt work don't blame me also keep in mind that the combine rate isnt 100 percent unless you have all the combo books

And for the people who ask Qestions and stuff on the cheat pages it is really annoying for peaple who look for cheats so please DONT DO IT ANYMORE

Defeating TigerexAdded 30 Jul 2009, ID #2975
Capture the Tigerex by trapping it when it's weak and limping with a shock trap or when it's sleeping/resting. Then throw a couple of tranq bombs in the monsters face and if it's weak enough it'll go to sleep. Then use a Great Sword's charge attack on it's head to badly wound or kill it (have a Gunner or Sleep Knives ready).
Collecting CrystalsAdded 30 Jul 2009, ID #2974
If you need to collect crystals bring your kitten and gather at mountain area 4. The kitten will find the gathering spot for you (Giant Ice pillar).
Gallery MoviesAdded 14 Jul 2009, ID #2943
When you have complete the indicated task the corresponding movie at the 'Gallery' menu will become an available option.

Unlock Akantor Ecology Movie:
Slay an Akantor.

Unlock Akantor Movie:
Encounter an Akantor.

Unlock Alternate Intro:
At the tower Kill Nana Teskatory.

Unlock Ancient (White) Fatalis Intro:
Encounter an Ancient Fatalis.

Unlock Babakonga Ecology Movie:
Slay a Babakonga.

Unlock Babakonga Intro:
Encounter a Babakonga.

Unlock Beach Intro:
Complete a quest at the Beach area.

Unlock Cephadrome Intro:
Encounter a Cephadrome.

Unlock Crimson Fatalis Intro:
Encounter a Crimson Fatalis.

Unlock Desert Intro:
Complete a quest at the Desert area.

Unlock Diablos Ecology Movie:
Slay a Diablos.

Unlock Diablos Intro:
Encounter a Diablos.

Unlock Dodobrango Intro:
Encounter a Dodobrango.

Unlock Dos Fango Intro:
Encounter a Dos fango.

Unlock Fatalis Intro:
Encounter Fatalis.

Unlock Forest and Hills Intro:
Complete a quest at the Forest and Hills area.

Unlock Game Credits:
At the tower kill Nana Teskatory.

Unlock Giadrome Intro:
Encounter a Giadrome.

Unlock Gizami Intro:
Encounter a Gizami.

Unlock Gravios Ecology Movie:
Slay a Gravios.

Unlock Gravios Intro:
Encounter a Gravios.

Unlock Gypceros Intro:
Encounter a Gypceros.

Unlock Hypnoc Ecology Movie:
Slay a Hypnoc.

Unlock Hypnoc Intro:
Encounter Hypnoc.

Unlock Khezu Ecology Movie:
Slay a Khezu.

Unlock Khezu Intro:
Encounter a Khezu.

Unlock Kirin Intro:
At the Mountain area encounter a Kirin.

Unlock Kusharudaora Ecology Movie:
At the Mountain area slay the Kusharudaora.

Unlock Kusharudaora Intro 1:
Complete the Purple Dress Lady urgent quest.

Unlock Kusharudaora Intro 2:
In the mountains encounter a Kusharudaora.

Unlock Lao Shan Lung Intro:
Do the Lao Shan Lung quest requested by the legendary blacksmith.

Unlock Monoblos Intro:
Encounter a Monoblos.

Unlock Mountains Intro:
Complete a quest at the Mountain area.

Unlock Nana Teskatory Intro 1:
Do the Nana Teskatory urgent quest.

Unlock Nana Teskatory Intro 2:
Do the Nana Teskatory quest at the tower.

Unlock Narugakaruga Ecology Movie:
Slay a Narugakaruga.

Unlock Narugakaruga Intro:
Encounter a Narugakaruga.

Unlock Oonazuchi Intro:
Encounter an Oonazuchi at the Forest and Hills Area.

Unlock Plesioth Ecology:
Slay a Plesioth.

Unlock Rahjan Intro:
Encounter a Rahjan in the Elder Dual Rahjan quest.

Unlock Rathalos Intro:
Encounter a Rathalos.

Unlock Rathian Ecology Movie:
Slay a Rathian.

Unlock Rathian Intro:
Encounter a Rathian.

Unlock Swamp Intro:
Complete a quest at the Swamp area.

Unlock Teo Teskatoru Intro:
Encounter a Teo teskatoru at the Volcano Area.

Unlock Tigrex Ecology Movie:
Slay a Tigrex.

Unlock Tower Intro:
At Area 1 complete a quest in the Tower area.

Unlock Ucamulbu Intro:
Encounter an Ucamulbu.

Unlock Velocidrome Intro:
Encounter a Velocidrome.

Unlock Volcano Intro:
Complete a quest at the Volcano area.

Unlock Volganos Ecology Movie:
Slay a Volganos.

Unlock Volganos Intro:
Encounter a Volganos.

Unlock Yamatukami Ecology Movie:
Slay Yamatukami.

Unlock Yamatukami Intro:
Encounter a Yamatukami.

Unlock Yian Garuga Intro:
Encounter a Garuga.

Unlock Yian Kut Ku Intro:
Encounter a Yian Kut Ku.

Unlock Zazami Ecology Movie:
In the Desert Crab urgent quest slay the Zazami.

Unlock Zazami Intro:
Encounter a Zazami.

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