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Go to ocean beach and in the laybye there should be a sanking 4x4.

Added 30 Jan 2007, ID #1146, by djgreggerz07 and get

Easy kill skills

First run over a person with your car then after that you will see they are not dead their stuck. After that kill them with your gun. That helped me on lots of missons it helped me on "Got protection"

Added 9 Jan 2007, ID #1098, by 135we

Easy fixing for your car

All you need to do if your car is damaged is to go to your safehouse and put your car into the garage and walla open the garage and it;s fix even if it blows up inside your garage repeat what I told you.
Note:If car blows up in garage and you get it fixed. It might be another color.No money for pay and spray.

Added 8 Jan 2007, ID #1095, by 135we

Another dimension

First go to the bridge that leads to the island in the middle of the map. Swim under the bridge and jump on the very last ledge going to the island. When you are on it keep jumping until your howl body goes through then youll be in a diffrent world.

Added 7 Jan 2007, ID #1093, by 135we

Good guns at the start of the game

To get good guns as soon as you start steal a car and run down the blokes walking up and down the yard at the army camp then get out of your car and nick the guns the dead dudes have droped.

Added 3 Jan 2007, ID #1072, by dude love

Domo Arigato Domestoboto

You, Victor Vance, are sent to destroy important information from the villainous brothers, Armando & Diego Mendez. By using the technology Lance has provided, it is easy for you to accomplish this task.

Quickly drive, run or walk to your destination: the van.
Once you have taken control of the Domestobot, you are to find and crack Armando's safe. The safe is located in the basement. However, you require a 4-digit code to unlock the safe: 8-4-2-3. Afterward, simply follow the on-screen instructions and the task completed.

I hope this information is useful to you. Enjoy!

Added 27 Dec 2006, ID #1032, by Nail

Big moon small moon

First you need a sniper rifle. Point it at the moon. Make sure the red part is in the center. Then you fire at the moon. It will turn big to small. You'll have your self a light show.

Added 22 Dec 2006, ID #1023, by 135we

Airplane (2nd island needed)

Go into the airport and go to the north east of the diagonal runway. If you see two ramps then you should see the airplane. You have to complete a side mission and then it's yours to enjoy.

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #976, by knacker69

Get an aeroplane (2nd Island needed)

Go to the aeroport via the entrance to the left of the main building. Go to the two ramps which are parrell and about a cars lenght away is an aeroplane. You have to complete a side mission but after it it is yours to free roam.

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #975, by knacker69

Unlocking costumes

This is not realy a cheat but the following costumes are:
Army futigues. You start off with these
Casuals. You unlock these when you get kicked out of the army
Cuban style. You unlock these when you complete umberto's last mission
Trailer trash. Complete the mission D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
Hired muscle. Buy a high roller property in the protection racket business
Repo man. Buy a high roller property in the loan shark business
Smuggler. Buy a high roller property in the smuggling business
Leisure. Buy a high roller property in the prostitution business
Pastel suit. Buy a high roller property in the drugs business
Hood. Buy a high roller property in the robbery business
Winner. Complete the mission last stand ( this is the final mission of the game)
Smart suit. Max out your reputation for all of the businesses (E.G. Prostitution/ robbery/protection racket/smuggling/leisure and drugs.
Tracksuit. I'm not sure how you unlock this but I think it's when you complete either gonzales missions or diaz missioins

Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #947, by plum_nut
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