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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
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This is a hint on how to get on the 2nd island without unlocking it you go underneath the pillar by the construction site on the bridge (it's easier to go in the water lol) then you swim to the second pillar and wait for the tide to fall and then you press square. And as you know vance will jump on the pillar and carry on throughout the sea and wallah you are on the second island

Added 4 Feb 2008, ID #1945, by josh rawl and get


First, go to Starfish Island. Take the first left turn and follow the road until you see a car on your left. Take that car. Then do this cheat during gameplay: down, left, up, L, R, triangle, circle, X. Then, when you exit Starfish Island, turn right. You should see a long bush. Speed up and go right through it. Be careful, because there is a wall and, if you go far enough, you might hit it, but don't stop. Dont stay in the bush, either. Watch out, too. There are stairs that stick out just a little bit. Now, right before you hit the end of the jump, press down on the directional pad. (Note: This may take a couple tries.

Added 21 Jan 2008, ID #1921, by used shoe 42

Easy fix

If your vehicle is burning don't panic just use your health cheat to put the fire down thanks for reading

Added 20 Dec 2007, ID #1833, by 07garcesm

Little Willie

When you have unlocked the Penthouse suite as a safehouse you can buy a little willie.

Go into the safehouse, climb up the stairs and go out the door.

There's a picture of a lock walk over to it and you can buy a little willie helicopter for about $5000.

It is really small and it has a machine gun. You can fire the machine gun by pressing o.

Added 15 Dec 2007, ID #1819, by ejgranty

At 35 ballons

You get a water plane at the 1st island in downtown water dock just before you get to vice city area. Just folow the wall that gose from vice city to down town on the left

Added 29 Aug 2007, ID #1612, by tabz

At 40 balloons

At 40 balloons you get motovic cocktail at you're safe house

Added 29 Aug 2007, ID #1611, by tabz

A good glitch

In the first island there is a building that looks like an(H), go to it find the side you can go through, you will fall and it will freeze, don't worry, just watch you want loose any health and you will appear in the streets. If your in a car and you do it you will go through and get an insane stunt bonus and the same thing will happen so it is an easy way to get money!!

Added 19 Jul 2007, ID #1509, by eragon128

Infinite swim

Just like to run infinitely by tapping 'x' repeatidly it works to keep swimming quickly.

Added 1 Jul 2007, ID #1472, by adamebdon

copy cat cars

sometimes when you take a car other people seem to have the same cars

Added 26 Jun 2007, ID #1462, by cashcheck10

Ak-47 Location

You can find an AK-47 at the police station right across the street from the bikers bar. After each save it will regenerate and you can go back and get more ammo.

Added 5 May 2007, ID #1377, by Hints Master

Destroy Police Radio Towers

The mission where you are required to destroy the police radio towers, take the helicoter on the roof of the police station and fly it to the next police station. Hop out of the helicopter before you land because if you land, the police most likely will shoot the helicopter until it blows up. Then hop into the helicopter again and go the next police station. Once you have destroyed the towers on that police tower, you have to go the Pay N' Spray. Don't bother taking the helicopter as it is useless now. Go down and take the crotch rocket that sitting across from the SWAT truck. DON'T bother taking the SWAT vehicle as it go too slow and will get blown up before you get to the Pay N' Spray. The motorcylce provides good speed and agility.

Added 5 May 2007, ID #1376, by Hints Master

Jumping cars

While you are driving, if you are using the analog stick control, press down on the arrow keys. You should hop into the air. This is useful when running from cops and you are about to hit a small wall. You could use thhis hint and hop right over the wall.The cop would get off you beacause he would hit that wall. Enjoy. PS: Please rate this.

Added 4 May 2007, ID #1373, by Pokemon diamond guy

Don't enter 100% multiplayer it doesn't work fully!

When you enter 100% it might give you all gangs, locations but here's the low down when you beat the game it gives you more people like bub the zombie, both Mendez brothers, Phil Collins and some other people. And when you beat the game you also can find the hunter helicopter in the airport in the first island (it is in a hidden place go to the diagonal runway go to th two ramps then go right then there is the hunter if it is not walk around the building then it should be there

Added 29 Mar 2007, ID #1291, by eragon128


You can really get helcopters and airoplanes on the game. You have to have all the islands (21% game completion) and go to where you would find them usually on the origanal game. There is extra's like a fire rescue helicopter and air ambulance. There is also a little willie heliopter you can purchase at your posh hotel on the third island.

To get the fire rescue helicopter you have to got to the fire station on the first city next to the police station, go past the firetruck and around to the back. The helicopter should be sitting right there. You will enter a side mission but you can just press up 2 times to cancel and just do whatever you want.

To get the air ambulance, go to the hospital at the top of the first city and go through the entrance where the ambulance is parked. You will see a door you can go through, go through that and you will enter the roof. Right next to you should be a helicopter just waiting to be used. Again, the same with the fire one, you will enter a mission, but just press up twice and you can fly around.

For the little willie, just go to your hotel next to the golf course, and go in. When you get in go up the stairs, past the bit where you change your clothes, and through the door. You will enter your roof. Go to the dark patch with a unlock sign floating. It will cost you $2000 to get it but but you can just use he cheat to get $250,000 (up,down,left,right,x,x,l,r). Then you will get one little willie. To get the 2nd little willie just go round to the other side of the roof and go through the same progress. You will now have 2 little willies.
Note; when you get in one and don't return it back to your roof, you will ot get another one that place for free, you will have to buy a brand new one.

To get the normal helicopter got to the airport in the left entrance next to the airport. Go past the plane and you should see a helicopter on your left next to the ramps.
You will ener a side mission but just press up twice.

To get the police helicopter just go on top of the police station next to the fire station and just go on the roof. The helicopter should be right there, in front of you.
Note; if you are getting chased by the police, they can't get you up there for some reason.

To get the sea plane, go right up the main road on the right of the first city. Stay right until you come across the chopper bike shop. Go to the left hand side with the stairs on the side, and go up that pathway next to it. You will come across a sea plane. you cannot land it on a surface otherwise it will stop as soon as it touches the ground, and you will not be able to move it again.

To get the stunt plane, go into the airport entrance on the left of the actual airport building. Go straight up onto the runway past the helicopter. At the begining of the runway will will come across a small 1 seater plane. You will end up on a side mission but you can just press up twice and fly.

Added 22 Mar 2007, ID #1276, by sanjay

Unlimited Swimming and bulletproof BF Injunction

Go to the midddle of the beach in the second island, and you will find a BF Injunction, get in it it will say beach patrol, then drive to the boat then you have to rescue people that is drawning use a drive by and he will throw a life raft, then after you beat 15 levels it will say you will not get tired while swimming, then it will say new item avalible at sun shine autos it costs $4,000.

Added 21 Mar 2007, ID #1264, by eragon128

Extra Armor

You get 25% more armor by doing all 15 cop missions.

Added 15 Mar 2007, ID #1250, by eragon128

Extra armor

After you do 15 vigulante missons is says you now have 25% more armor then your armor goes down 25% slower when your getting rained on by bullets.

Added 15 Mar 2007, ID #1249, by eragon128

From zero to hero

First push up on the d-pad when you walk out of lances hotel in the car. It will automaticly go to your location. When your there keep lance alive. If he dies mission failed. After killing all the guys jump into a truck and drive to the bridge, you will be getting chased. But it is easy to out run them. Just keep dodging them. When near the bridge, put in the perfect trction code. Then dodge the missels. Is it that hard.

Added 11 Mar 2007, ID #1238, by Thug boy

Deactivate a cheat

To deactivate a cheat you first have to save your game or do a mission. Only some cheats like no wanted level deactivates when doing a mission but the others you deactivateby saving or loading a game.

Added 25 Feb 2007, ID #1196, by Thug boy


Before you do this you must complete the mission Last Stand.
Enter The Airport then go to north east from the diagonal runaway when you see two ramps go right up to them then turn east into the we hidden place go on to the bottom and you will see the hunter when you enter it a surprise mission will come up just press up two times.

Added 17 Feb 2007, ID #1171, by owensniall101
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