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Easy Escape From A Police

If You Have 2 or More Star Wanted Level Just Go To Pay N Spray And Spray Your Car So It Will Change The Color Of Your Vehicle, They Will Not Spotted You If Your Done Spraying Your Vehicle Your Star Wanted Level Becomes Color Blue And Drive Good So That The Star Wanted Level Will Disappear. Hope It Helps.

Added 29 May 2013, ID #4406, by TheSimsAddict and get

Lots Of Money

Finish All The Missions Of The Game After You Finish It, Play It Endlessly And They Will Give You Lots Of Money, You Will See It In Your Beeper. Hope It Helps! You Don't Need To Worry About Saving Money.

Added 29 May 2013, ID #4405, by TheSimsAddict

GTA Vice City PSP Hints

If you got two or more star wanted level, don't worry just go to pay and spray and your star will become color blue it means the police can't see you because you change the color of your vehicle, Hope it helps.

Added 25 May 2013, ID #4403, by Kenneth Ledesma

How to hide on 6 or 5 wanted level and kill them

You should have a sniper rifel or bazoka at the docks on the other island if you see there a motor cycle in there go in youl find a boat if you see a island a small island go there therse a tower there go there and wait for the police boats to come use a bazoka or sniper rifle and shot the police head and it will stop

Added 9 Sep 2011, ID #4106, by Guest

How to unlock a "Hunter"

I don't know how to write in the unlockables section so I'm going to write it here.
When you play the last level you notice you play in a helicopter(Hunter) to get this helicopter in free roam mode (Run around go crazy) is First you need to beat the last level and beat the game after you have done that you will be able to achieve that helicopter at the airport. The Hunter is behind a building, behind the little airplane on the little run way for planes(not the run way with the big plane the run way that is on the side) and enter the Hunter and it's going make you do a mission but just exit out by pressing up 2x(up,up) and now you will bookmark it on your map where the helicopter is so you know where it is and have fun wreaking havoc on feds,people,and Cars and other gang members but in stead of regular ammunition like the (little willie) you will now have Missiles.

Added 26 Aug 2011, ID #4094, by stagang12

Get rid of cops

When you get the cops on you and you want to get rid of them quick just go to your house and change your clothes and the stars you had will disappear. I just figured this out earlier and it's a great way to get rid of cops I hope that this helps.

Added 4 Jul 2011, ID #4023, by Guest

To get a helicopter on first island

Do the perfect traction cheat then go to starfish island go right down the road then take a left turn go through the back garden and when you see a bridge pick up speed and press down button without crashing into anything and then your on the second island.REMEMBER you CAN ONLY DO THIS IN A FAST CAR

Added 22 Apr 2011, ID #3964, by Guest

How to beat jive drive

Point the gun and shoot the cholos and when you done shooting them you and lance will get out of the car and the car blow up after thatyou have too shoot the rest of the cholos

Added 5 Feb 2011, ID #3859, by Guest

"Light My Pyre"

If you are struggling to beat this mission, the best way to defend Lance in the first part is to use an Infernus or Phoenix car and stay in between Lance and the attacking car and continue until you reach your destination. You might need to switch to different cars due to the damage. When you get to the Mendez Mansion, the best weapons to use is the Spaz 12, AK-47, and the Rocket Launcher. When you enter the mansion, you'll find Armando Mendez holding a flamethrower. You can beat him in less than five seconds with just three shots from the Spaz 12. And the story continues from there. Good Luck! Hope I helped!

Added 28 Sep 2010, ID #3636, by Soviet-Shock


Instead of holding the x button keep tapping it and you will never get tired!!

Added 6 Sep 2010, ID #3593, by Guest

glicht at the race track

go to the race track in downtown vice city go to the fare right corner where if you go to fast u will fly off. just go around the hill and run in to the corner then turn right u will fall under the island

Added 5 Aug 2010, ID #3557, by Guest

faster almost death

on your first mission when you ride the motercycle there is this open fence you drive through and get there faster and thats all pls rate high

Added 4 Jul 2010, ID #3483, by babbster

Where to find the binoculars?

You can find the binoculars at the ship in front of your first safe house. First thing you should do is to climb the stairs at the back of the ship, climb until you reach the highest part then you will see another stair, climb that and you will see the binoculars pick it up and you can now use it.

Added 25 May 2009, ID #2868, by rastahsportz

To get a miny helicoper you have to have unlocked the second island. Once you have go to your hotel and then go upstairs then you go outside. You then walk over to the sign and buy it. It cost 50000

Added 25 Apr 2009, ID #2822, by ultimateDRagON685

Kill Phil: part 2

To make this easier, just complete the ambulence missions. After 6 and 10 missions, you can take a break and finish the last 5. That gives you infinite sprint. Run through the course with a rapid fire gun and a rocket launcher. (for the basement)

Added 17 Nov 2008, ID #2511, by Tboy43

final mission

When you have to kill both Mendez and Martinez take some cover so you can shot them to death onne at a time.

Added 1 Nov 2008, ID #2480, by L game clocker

To your help

There is a gun that is one of those special guns (purple halo). I think it's called a cocktail or something. You can find one at the inter global films. Enter the main gate and take the first turn into one of those huge domes. Climb the stairs to you left and look straight. You should see it. I think you can get more of the ammo after popping a number of red balloons or something.

Added 21 Jul 2008, ID #2291, by obito_kakashi

Bovver 64' Land, sea..................... and air.

The hovercraft can go on land and sea as you heard. But did you know that it can fly, too. When it's raining or if there is high tide take a hover craft into the water. Head towards a wave. Ride the wave woth the analog stick pushed down.Hold analog stick down. If done correctly you should be in the for a short time.

Added 18 Jul 2008, ID #2286, by obito_kakashi

Airplane Trick

Go to the Skimmer (seaplane) in Downtown. Get in Skimmer. Drive until in air. Push Your Analog stick down. When your plane is almost straight up press left or right. Hold left or right. If done correctly Skimmer should do a flip.

Added 4 Jun 2008, ID #2170, by obito_kakashi

Translated conversation between Diego and Jerry at the end of th

When you get to the last mission, did you ever wonder what Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez was saying in Spanish? Well I know what they were talking about, but I won't ruin what happens at the end of the game.

Diego Mendez: Me cago en tu madre!
Jerry Martinez: Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?
Diego Mendez: Veta a la mierda!

Translated, that conversation goes like this:

Diego Mendez: I screw your mother!
Jerry Martinez: I hear that! What's new?
Diego Mendez: Know the shit!

Being English, I don't know what Mendez meant by "Know the shit!"

Added 14 Mar 2008, ID #2016, by Tory Burnett
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