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No money loss when busted

Successfully complete the Avenging Angels missions on Staunton Island.

Added 22 Apr 2006, ID #465, by tunezEre and get

Baricade on wheels

To make some missions easier. For the ones that have spots you can block off with one or two vechiles. EG: for the mission Friggin The Riggin you do for Donald Love. You take in Staunton Island. You need to destroy the inside of a warehouse and more. Ain't say the rest, cause it would give away the rest of the mission. I drove a patriot inside the warehouse and ran over the enemies that I could and just shot the rest. After I did that I used the patriot to block the entrance to the warehouse. Making it so the waves enemies that came during your destruction of the warehouse couldn't come in. Don't put to much work into your baricade, cause it might just vanish. Due to the recycling system that gta games have. So you don't have all the past vechiles you dumped off in your way.

Added 22 Apr 2006, ID #464, by tunezEre

Get a Banshee or another fast sports car on the 1st island.

When you unlock the car salesman mission, simply get into the fastest car then fail the mission by annoying the customer then simply drive around in a fast sports car =) easy way to get a cheetah, banshee ect. Don't know if there are any other cars yet. Without the trouble of goining to the 2nd island =)

Added 18 Apr 2006, ID #452, by tunezEre

Play in Italian

This is quite funny =)

Set your system language to Italian, then start the game. The game menus,
Messages, mission briefs, and even some car names (Police, Ambulance, etc.)
And places (Francis Intl. Airport, etc.) will be in Italian. However, it is
Not spoken, but the subtitles will be in Italian. Note: This does not work
With any other language.

Added 17 Apr 2006, ID #451, by tunezEre

Underwear costume

Successfully complete one unique jump to get the Underwear costume at your safe houses.


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Added 17 Apr 2006, ID #450, by tunezEre

Food delivery mission bonus

Go to the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Staunton Island or the Noodle Punk shop
In Portland. Start the delivery missions and reach level 9 to increase your
Maximum health by 25 points.

Added 17 Apr 2006, ID #449, by tunezEre

Vehicle Bonuses

Another well known fact but could still be helpful to a few players.
When you get into specific vehicles, you're given some bonuses. Getting into a Police Car gives you a Shotgun with some shells.
Getting into an Ambulance Van gives you a small health boost.
Getting into an Enforcer Van gives you a complete body armor boost.
Getting into a Taxi gives you $12.

Added 16 Apr 2006, ID #444, by tunezEre

Cop Memory Loss?

This is'int reali a hint but it's quite funny =)

This only works if you have a one-star wanted level. If a cop is chasing you
On foot with a nightstick in his hand, instead of attacking him and getting
More heat on yourself, why not "transfer" it to someone else?
When the cop chases you, go stand next to a ped in such a way that the cop
Inadvertently hits the ped. Believe me, it's a lot easier to do.
The ped may either run away or attack the cop. If the ped attacks the cop,
The cop will start beating the ped mercilessly. Often, the cop comes out on
Top because he's got a nightstick. And when he does, he won't chase you any
More for some reason, unless you provoke him.

Added 16 Apr 2006, ID #443, by tunezEre

On the mission where

On the mission where you get trapped in that boat and all them men after you with chainsaws just as you come down and have to turn left look right there is a python hand gun there just waiting to be used


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Added 7 Apr 2006, ID #425, by gta is wicked

Most of you would know this but I found this race track thing on the 2'nd island to do it, go to the park (were you killed the mayor) walk or run aroung till you find a pond then look to your left you will see a little house there will be a car there then you will see tracks going into the pond go tothe other side of the tracks you will see a van go in it then the screen will go dark and you will see down the bottom the word "ragin RC"after the loading screen you will see 4 moto cars and your 1 of them in a race around the park, but wait have some fun and don't worry about the race and go for a ride around the roads, but don't go to far becouse it will say out of range and it will go bak to the park, HAVE FUN!!!

Added 1 Apr 2006, ID #421, by boogyman92

Underground Tunnels

First get a PCJ and head for the hospital on staunton island. Go into the construction site next to the hospital. When going in knock down the barrier andthen go back get a run up drive the the site and up the dirt pile and land on the second roof. When on there turn right and slowly drive into the wall then when your front tire goes into the wall speed up then you should fall into the underground tunnels that are blocked off. P.S the only way to get out is to die or to reload.

Added 6 Mar 2006, ID #393, by Death Shadow

More than one vehicle in safehouse garage

Its not a code, but it is a cheat and some people would have figured it out already.

To store more than one vehicle in the safe house in Portland, say a fast car and a bike, take the fast car by the garage so the door opens. Drive the car halfway in tha garage, so you cal leave the safehouse area, but the door is still open.

Then, get the Bike and drive it in the safehouse garage. The door won't close because your car is in the way. Then, drive the car in.
Its the same with Staunton, except you can fit 2 cars.

Do this cheat if you want to fit in 3 cars, except drive another bike or car in.

Added 26 Feb 2006, ID #387, by RadeonXLS

New dirt bike

What you have do is get to the dirtbike track and if you find a dirtback on the track if you get on it you can do courses and if you complete the ten courses you unlock a new dirtbike.

Added 7 Feb 2006, ID #365, by andrew1602

Heeling cars

All that you have to do to get your car heeled just typing in the health cheat and your car can be heeled.


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Added 7 Feb 2006, ID #364, by andrew1602

Unlocking stuff

I know a lot of people just fool around and don't do the missions but there is a lot of stuff you can unlock by doing the missions like the car crusher and the other islands which have a lot more stuff than the first island does. So your better off just doing the missions than just playing with what you have at the start of the game.


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Added 5 Feb 2006, ID #355, by pimpdaddy1450

Make Rhino go faster

While driving the Rhino, Turn the cannon to the back and keep firing by pressing circle. Through time you will go faster.

Added 26 Jan 2006, ID #343, by kevin1234


If you go to the back of the church in bedford point,you'll find a graveyard. In it you'll find graves of some fimilliar people. Who are:

Mayor Roger .C. Hole
Paulie Sindacco
Vincenzo Cilli
Giovanni Cassa
Dan Sucho
Joseph Daniel Otoole
Cedric "Wayne" Forthingay

Added 19 Jan 2006, ID #331, by ps2 junkie

Bf injection

There is a bf injection on the ist get to it go to sals and run down onto the beach keep on running further away from sals on the beach and you will see it.


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Added 10 Jan 2006, ID #304, by billie joe armstrong

Glitch: Revolver Headshot Glitch

Ok, when standing at any road walk infront of a car and take out the revolver.

Free aim the revolver at the drivers head.

When you shoot the driver's door will fly open and the driver will
Act like he/she is being car jacked. They will get socked and thrown out then kicked over. They will lay there and die instead of getting back up and running.


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Added 3 Jan 2006, ID #281, by Vato101


By Collecting the number of packages on the right will generate the object listed on the left at all safe houses. You'll get a reward for every 10 packages you collect. Object Number of Packages Required.

Pistol 10 Packages
Shotgun 20 Packages
Armour 30 Packages
MP5 40 Packages
Python 50 Packages
M4 60 Packages
Sniper Rifle 70 Packages
Flamethrower 80 Packages
Rocket Launcher 90 Packages
Generate $50,000 100 Packages

Other Unlockables
Infinite Sprint Beat Ambulance Missions Level 12
Bickle '76 Drop off 100 Passengers in the Taxi
Fireproof Toni Complete Level 12 In Fire-fighter Missions
Extra 25 Max Health Points Complete Level 10 in Pizza Delivery Missions at Well Snacked Pizza in Staunton Island
Extra 25 Max Health Points Complete Level 10 in Noodle Delivery Missions at Noodle Punk in Portland
150 Max Armour Points Complete Level 12 In Vigilante Missions
Bullet-proof Angel @ Portland safe house Completing Avenging Angels missions in Portland
Getting Busted Won't Cost Money Completing Avenging Angels missions in Staunton Island
Bullet-proof Lands talker @ Shoreside Vale safe house Completing Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale
Upgraded Sanchez Complete all ten courses in the "Bump & Grinds" at the dirt bike course in Portland
Spirit E and PJC Generated at Staunton Safe house Deliver all 16 listed makes of vehicle to a garage at Love Media in Bedford
Underwear costume Complete 1 Unique Jump
Generate cash from "Hogs & Cogs" Sell 38 motorcycles in Belleville Park, Staunton Island
Hero Costume Beat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale
Generate 1000$ at Capital Autos Beat Level 6 of Car Salesman

Enjoy!!! If you go to you can get the hidden package maps to find out where they are. Got it!!!

Added 5 Dec 2005, ID #244, by mat_moore
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