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Pokemon Yellow Gift Pokemon

Latest update by Warrior13 on Dec 16th 2013
In Pokemon Yellow, like all Pokemon Games, you'll receive Gift Pokemon. These Pokemon are given to you for free, requiring no trade.

Gift Pokemon of Pokemon Yellow:

Starter Pokemon:

Your Starter Pokemon actually counts as a Gift Pokemon, since you receive it from Professor Oak for free.

Gift Pokemon: Pikachu (Level 5)

Cerulean City Pokemon:

Within one of the houses in Cerulean City, a girl will give you one of the three original Stater Pokemon if your Pikachu has good Happiness.

Gift Pokemon: Bulbasaur (Level 10)

Route 24 Pokemon:

On Route 24 there is a trainer who will give a one of the three original Starter Pokemon.

Gift Pokemon: Charmander (Level 10)

Vermillion City Pokemon:

After you have defeated the Vermillion City Gym, Officer Jenny will give you one of the three Original Starter Pokemon.

Gift Pokemon: Squirtle (Level 10)

Mt. Moon Fossil Pokemon:

After you defeat Team Rocket at Mt. Moon, you will be given a choice between two fossils. Revive the fossil on Cinnabar Island and you'll receive your Fossil Pokemon.

GIft Pokemon: Either Omanyte (Helix Fossil) or Kabuto (Dome Fossil) (Both Level 30)

Dojo Fighting-Type Pokemon:

After you have defeated all the trainers in the Dojo found in Saffron City, you will be given the choice between two Fighting-Type Pokemon.

Gift Pokemon: Either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan (Both Level 30)

Silph Company:

Within the same room as your Rival in the Silph Company Building is a man who will give you a Pokemon for trying to defeat Team Rocket.

Gift Pokemon: Lapras (Level 15)

Celadon City:

Within Celadon City is a Mansion. This Mansion has a front and back entrance. If you take the back entrance, it will lead to the very top of the Mansion. At the top of the Mansion, there is a person who will give you a Pokemon.

Gift Pokemon: Eevee (Level 25)

Old Amber:

This technically is a Gift Pokemon, since you can revive the Old Amber to get a free Pokemon. The Old Amber can be found behind the Pewter City Museum. Revive it on Cinnabar Island and receive your Pokemon.

GIft Pokemon: Aerodactyl (Level 30)
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