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Make Grabbable Glass

With this cheat, you can make glass grabbable. First, take out a peice of sponge in one of your " My Moon " levels. Then, change it into a gas using the lethalizer tool in your tools bag. Then save the object. After you save the object, use the change material tool in the tools bag and then change it into a glass. It should turn into the sponge that you had when you started

Added 11 Apr 2009, ID #1574, by 1122andyozz33 and get

Secret Race

While playing the level first steps you might see a shoe sticker it and a race flag comes down and that is also how you ace the level and get a new trophie

Added 3 Mar 2009, ID #1441, by 1122andyozz33

Brain Switch!

You can hook a switch up to a brain and it will if set to 'on/off' will turn the brain on or off, if sat to 'direction' the creature will move in that direction. Hope this helps you make so crazy monsters!

Added 1 Feb 2009, ID #1337, by lewism333

Custom Colors (Characters or Costumes)

Very simple all you gotta do is take all costumes off your Character get a color sticker Ex:Blue Circle make it about 10x the size of your Character and paste it on them.Your character is now a custom color.Do the same with costumes except 5x it's size but if it's a hand costume your hand will become that color.

Added 22 Jan 2009, ID #1316, by MUDKIPTORCHIC

Secret Video

When in your pod, simply to don't press anything. That is including the analog sticks for about a minute or two and you will unlock a secret video of Sackboy running through out Multiple area's.

I hope this works and helps you all.

Added 30 Dec 2008, ID #1239, by Avery201

Easter Egg

This easter Egg is to load the game faster. If you press X makes the icon jump for the HDD warning load screens and also the server sign on screen.

I hope this helps.

Added 30 Dec 2008, ID #1238, by Avery201

Bonus Costumes & Unlockables

Bonus costumes
Successfully complete the indicated level without dying to unlock the corresponding costume:

Bunny Tail: The Collectors Lair
Chicken Beak: The Dancers Court
Chicken Gloves: Great Magician's Palace
Chicken Tail: Elephant Temple
Cowboy Boots and Leather Gloves: Boom Town
Cowboy Hat: Serpent Shrine
Dinosaur Mask: The Construction Site
Dinosaur Tail: Lowrider
Googly Eye Glasses: Sensei's Lost Castle
Green Sock Puppet: Subway
Japanese Festival Headband: The Terrible Oni's Volcano
Japanese Festival Robe: Endurance Dojo
Jeans with a Belt and Cowboy Bandana: The Mines
Moustache: Burning Forest
Neon Helmet: The Bunker
Pirate Hat: Skate To victory
Pirate Hook and Pirate Eye Patch: First Steps
Pirate Waistcoat and Pirate Shorts: Get A Grip
Ringmaster Jacket: Swinging Safari
Ringmaster Top Hat and Gold Monocle: The Meerkat Kingdom
Roman Armor: The Darkness
Roman Helmet: Skulldozer
White Neon Eyes: The Frozen Tundra
Wooden Sword: The Wedding Reception
Yellow Head: The Collector

Earn all the prize bubbles on the indicated level to get a 100% completion and unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Anteater Concept and Anteater Concept With Frame: The Mines
Bad Witch Concept, Bad Witch Concept With Frame: The Bunker
Big Cat and Big Cat Concept With Frame: Burning Forest
Big Sumo, The Islands Concept, and The Islands Concept With Frame: Sensei's Lost Castle
Boom Town Concept and Boom Town Concept With Frame: Boom Town
Boss Concept, Boss Concept With Frame, and a Monster Truck: The Construction Site
Bunny Tail and The Gardens: Skate To Victory
Circus Concept, Circus Concept With Frame: The Frozen Tundra
Costumes Concept and Costumes Concept With Frame: Elephant Temple
Early Sackboy and Early Sackboy With Frame: Lowrider
Fairy Tale Concept and Fairy Tale Concept With Frame.: Get a Grip
Grabbing Machine, Rock God, and Rock God With Frame: Subway
Graveyard Concept, The Wedding Concept With Frame, and Skulldozer: Skulldozer
Jumping Tank, Very First LittleBigPlanet concept, Very First LittleBigPlanet Concept With Frame: The Collectors Lair
LittleBigPlanet Concept With Frame, Background Environment Concept: The Dancers Court
LittleBigPlanet Cosmos Concept, Magicians Box, and Cosmos Concept In A Frame: Great Magicians Palace
Savannah Concept and Savannah Concept With Frame: Swinging Safari
Sheriff Zapata's Explosives Machine, The Mines Concept With Frame, and The Mines Concept: Serpent Shrine
Temple Concept, Temple Concept With Frame, and a Mystical Dragon: Endurance Dojo
Terrible Oni, Islands City Concept, and Islands City Concept With Frame: The Terrible Volcano
The Collector Boss, The Collectors Pod, and The Collector: The Collector
The Gardens Concept and The Gardens Concept With Frame.: First Steps
The Savannah and The Pink Scarf: The Meerkat Kingdom
Theme Characters Concept With Frame and Theme Characters Concept: The Darkness
Wrestling Ring With Frame and Wrestling Concept: The Wedding Reception

Added 19 Dec 2008, ID #1199, by random guy
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