WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Hints for PlayStation 2

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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
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Two tables!

I found this pretty cool. If you set up two tables next to each other, and stand on one and use a pedigree, both tables go through. I also noticed that it does double the damage!

Added 21 Jan 2006, ID #19230, by annefranman52 and get

Funny Glitch

OK first have a tag stable of 3 three or more people, then make two of the people tag champs and then give their trio tag moves - tag 1 (D-X). Next have a six man tag match with both of the champs and another member of their stable and in a couple of points of their entrance one of the tag belts will be on the wrong person.

Added 19 Jan 2006, ID #19222, by adamiscool

Swaton Bomb

If your guy has Swaton bomb for a finisher and you and your opponet are on the top of a ladder get them dizzy and press circle up and your guy will push the opponet off the ladder go to the top and do a gaint swaton bomb. Make sure the ladder is not near the ropes ore you may jump out of the ring.

Added 19 Jan 2006, ID #19217, by !! Him !!

Infent points

Once you beat smack down and raw on season mode you will get the 2 trophies and infinent points for created superstars and stables.

Added 17 Jan 2006, ID #19179, by shanemc

Instant KO in Parking Lot brawl!

Ok. To instantly KO your opponent in a Parking Lot Brawl press O to grapple him/her. Then do a grapple punch by pressin X while in a grapple hold. Then press O again to grab your opponent by the hair. Drag them over to the back end of JBL's limo using the directional buttons. Press O at the limo, you will throw him/her into it. You will then automatically get in the pick up truck and drive straight into the lime. KO!
Plz rate.

Added 6 Jan 2006, ID #19027, by smack

Teen Titans

The voices on the WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW 2006 are like the voices on Teen Titans which is on Toonami and Cartoon Network.

Voice 1 - The water person
Voice 2 - Robin
Voice 3 - The archer person
Voice 4 - Cyborg
Voice 5 - Slade

Im not sure about 1 and 3 because my brother told me and they are only in a couple of episodes.

Has anyone got any CAW for any of the Teen Titans?

Added 2 Jan 2006, ID #18931, by the_ruler

Make GM Mode Much Easier

To make this mode easier, you must pick normal rosters. But before you do this, you must take nearly everyone from the opposite show and free agency. E.g. If you are RAW, you should leave SmackDown with Divas only. This is easier if you manage RAW because no title on SmackDown could be won. They will always be vacant because Divas can only win the womens title which is on your show. Their show rating will never be less than 2 stars and will never have a full match card.

Happy Gaming

Added 30 Dec 2005, ID #18881, by KingJames

In GM mode, yes it's good to have big Hell In A Cell matches but a lot of the time people end up with injuries. I couldn't use my shows two main highlighters because Batista fractured his wrist in a Steel Cage Match against Edge and John Cena got Back Spasms in a Armagedon Hell In A Cell for his WWE Championship which Edge won.

Added 26 Dec 2005, ID #18813, by the_ruler

Hulk Hogan's Strength

I've heard from my friend that Hulk Hogan in a Royal Rumble that he can lift anyone over the rope and try it out. Put it in Hints if it doesn't work.

Added 19 Dec 2005, ID #18716, by TJD_1992

Makes challenges a little easier

Just use both controllers like you have a friend playing too but control both of them it helps out alot with some of the challenges.

Added 29 Nov 2005, ID #18339, by bmcghee0822

I'm just telling all of you what I heard about the weapons:

The weapons are:
Foley's Barbie (bat with wire), regular baseball bats, glass balls, pool sticks, tire irons, televisions, ring bell, championship belts, and several other things are all in there.

Hope you find this usefull.

Added 25 Oct 2005, ID #17757, by yugisdabest
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