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Give a signature move of kane to 2 players lifting them up

When rage is full tap L1 L2 to store the signature move
Now do your action to complete the rage press triangle button kane will lift the player up giving chokeslam now slowly go near the another player press action double chokeslam


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Added 29 Mar 2013, ID #34230, by Guest
Ask.com and get

Ratings For GM Mode

In gm mode some supertstars have specialty matches heres a list
Chris Benoit-Submission
Kurt Angle-Submission
Shawn Michaels-Ironman
Rob Van Dam-Hardcore/TLC
Undertaker-Buried Alive/HIAC
Kane-Buried Alive/HIAC
The Rock-Handicap
Triple H-Hardcore/HIAC
Mankind-Hardcore/Backstage Brawl/HIAC
Shelton Benjamin-Submission
Chris Masters-Submission
John Cena-Parking Lot Brawl
Eddie Guerrero-Parking Lot Brawl
JBL-Bar Brawl
Stacy Keibler-Fulfill Your Fantasy
Stone Cold Steve Austin-Hardcore/Backstage Brawl
Ric Flair-Submission


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Added 14 Apr 2012, ID #33999, by awesomekid154


1.In Exibition Mode if You Put Davari As Your Manager Than He when The Match Starts He Will Yell And Shout Things Over The Announcers.

2.In Season Mode It Doent Matter If You Win The Royal Rumble Or Not Because If You Lose The Match Will Be Restarted as A 6-Man Battle Royal.

3.To Make The Challenges Easier Just Put Player Two In The Match

Added 14 Feb 2010, ID #32675, by Psycopatrick

Easy Ten Over The Top Rope Challenge

If you are stuck on the Ten Man Royal Rumble Challenge,
Chose Andre The Giant Because he is big and he can toss out everybody unless they are a super heavyweight, press down and left plus X or right and down plus X and then grapple them you will then lift them above you're head then you walk towards the ropes and press O which will then toss them over the top rope and out of the ring. P.S it's easier if you come in at entry # 17

Hope This Works For You

Added 22 Jan 2008, ID #28937, by Swanton_Dude

Easy Ledgend Trophy!(works for other chal. Trophys)

It is so easy to get the ledgend trophy if you:look at what challenge you want to do, go to exibition, put two controllers in and put 2 controller as no profile(if you don't have two controllers borrow your friends and if you have no friends you truly are a hermit living in the dark), pick players and arena, then win with the right person and there you go.(it does take a while to do it this way but easy wins!!)

Added 17 May 2007, ID #26479, by Skater Z

Easiest Royal rumble win ever possible

Make a CaW that is diva Weight(DO NOT make it an actual diva because then it won't work)don't upgrade him or change his moves(but if you want,make his finisher Eugene up)make as much copies as possible. Go to royal rumble, Play as a Heavyweight or Super heavyweight character or CaW, have a friend be there(he should be a heavyweight or superheavy weight guy too) your friend will make sure noone is eliminated by anyone but you)before the match,select change superstars and make all of them except you and your buddy thecopies of the divaweight CaW.if you run out,just put clean cruiserweights because dirty ones reverse alot.Super Irish whip any one besides your partner out.hit O to grapple them and then they will be pucnched out by you.for the cruiserweights,hit O and Up and you will pick them up(you can do this to the divaweight guy too) and move to where your facing the ropes.hit O up to throw them out automatically.when theres noone left,have your friend put the controller down and you Super Irish whip them out.Hit O to grapple them and rapidly hit buttons to make the bar go down.no matter how many times you hit it,you won't get it in one shot.just keep super Irish whipping them and grappling them until they are elimanated

This is For Exibition only,for season mode,your best bet would be to stay on the top rope until only two people are left. Make one of there bars go down and then eliminate the guy with the higher bar.then you can easily eliminate the last guy left.

Added 12 May 2007, ID #26441, by zachary978

How to get in GROUP!

If you want to get in group, you need Diving Side kick or Diving clothesline Those are standing oppotent dive moves. Then Iris whip your oppotent on to the barricade, climb side of the ring or to turnbuckle and do diving side kick or diving clothesline. Then you jump trought the barrigade and then you are in group!
Hope I help! :D

Added 30 Apr 2007, ID #26356, by Cola-Cala

Spinner WWE Championship Belt

You have to unlock WWE Championship belt.Then go to exibithion mode and select a TITLE MATCH. Then select a WWE Championship and beat John Cena.Then that game ask you which title belt you want.Choose a Spinner belt.

Added 10 Apr 2007, ID #26159, by Cola-Cala

Exp points for you created charactor

Create a charactor choose season pick some body good beat season then you should have lot of exp points so keep doing this until you max him out


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Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #26023, by eragon128

Easy hell in the cell trophy

First you have to make a custom player. Make it a diva wheight and do not raise his stats, AT ALL! Then you simply copy it four times.(it does not matter what moves he has) Then put the difficulty level to hard, beat them all( you have to beat them you cannot let them beat each other or you wont get the trophy) Then you have the loading screens of Ric Flair, Batista, and Rey Mysterio.


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Added 3 Jan 2007, ID #25045, by Tivo

Beat The Undertaker In A Buried Alive Match

This is easy, Its the way the casket closes... When you get undertaker in the casket, just sit there, don't press nothing, after a moment or two, the casket will atomistically close resulting in a win, Then watch the cut seen.

Added 30 Dec 2006, ID #24966, by Dontknow

How to get u're bros of destriction

You need to pass the season mode with undertaker or kane 7 times its a lot of work but it's worth it.

Added 22 Dec 2006, ID #24854, by jjloko

Parking lot brawl

If you strong irish whip someone into the wwe truck thing, it will open up and there is a pipe thing in it you can use as a weapon. Also, you can use the horns on JBL's limo as a weapon too.

Added 25 Nov 2006, ID #24496, by venomscool

Fun with ladder matches

First you have to get the ladder on the barricade ...

you \
--------------------------/| table
------------------------/| | table
----------------------/| | | table
____________| | | |
opponent | | | |
Press [] in the direction you want to put the ladder

Then your opponent will stand next to the barricade
And then you can a a diving out of the right move or go on the turn buckle

Added 24 Oct 2006, ID #23973, by drdrei30003

How to Create Cryme Tyme

To Create JTG give him some braids, a bulletproof vest like 50 Cent has the same jeans 50 has and the same shoes and mustache.For Shad the same hair a white undershirt black jeans or to make it easier the same Jeans as JTG and some brownish boots.give JTG a hat like 50Cent too. And give JTG a gotee on the chin and a mustache. Do the same for Shad

Added 17 Oct 2006, ID #23833, by Cryme Tyme

How to beat com in legend mode

First thing if you are trying to get the hardcore or the million dallor belts you may need thise advice first go to the locker room next go to the pda second look for legend challenges and see not all of them let you get out of the ring. Next go to the type of match you are going to have most of them are single no manager next pick your player and the com. Important you sould pick the person dirty and the com clean, you have to do this in order for the hint to work. Now for the match rules put no DQ and only if you have a ko move put ko also put no count out. Now start the match and quickly get out of the ring then get the stairs and put one in the ring and the other outside. Pick up the stars and wait for the com then press x to hit him most of the time he will block it when he does hit him or better press o closely to get the stars back keep doing this and you shold turn the com's head red with blood.

Pleas grade this good luck

Added 6 Oct 2006, ID #23719, by wapo

Easy GM trophy

Ok,go to "2 player" in "General Maneger Mode",then go to two player and pick to be RAW GM or SmackDown! GM.Then do matches for both shows 1 week,what ever on your on,do the best matches and do sucky ones to the other teams,then skip everything for a couple of "Months" in game time,exept Wrestlmania 21,then make the other show skip the PPV and you will get the GM of the Year reward.

NOTE:you have to do it twice

Added 29 Sep 2006, ID #23614, by Ace Of Spades 117

Hit about T.L.C.

In T.L.C. Or Ladder match you can throw your opponent onto a ladder and Body slam him onto it. Pick-up ladder and press o-button while opponent is Looking at you, then press up,down and 0-button and you will body slam him Onto the ladder.

Another great move to do is pick chris benoit get a finisher then pick up the Table and press up,down,O-button benoit will place the opponent on the table Then climb the ladder and press L1 to do your finisher the flyin' head butt From the ladder and down crashing through the table. In a ladder match if you Have a belt on the line and you have fell down and if your opponent has grabbed the belt you can go up to his legs and pull him down to do this go to his feet and press over and O-button this will pull him down and you have the chance to get the belt.

Added 20 Sep 2006, ID #23500, by JesseWayne

Backstage brawl cheat

In this cheat you can go beyond and beyond in the bacstage brawl. First go to create-a-moveset, then make jumping on grounded opponent "Divingheadbutt"(Chris beniot's second finisher).

Remember don't make it as a finisher. After that go to options and make target indicator number "manual number 2".

Go to the game then indicate your target to the man that comes to take soda. Wait for him to go then quickly climb the soda machine and press the "Divingheadbutt" buttom to go inside the room.

You can fight the guys beyond the brawl.

The funny thing is that if you hit the them for example to the body several times your body will change to yellow (warning don't make any submission move like sleeper hold because if you do so the game will tilt.

Added 18 Sep 2006, ID #23450, by batista bombs

In the Backstage brawl/Parking lot, go up to the truck's ladder and press triangle up and poof you'll climb the ladder but be careful if you dive & miss you'll take alot of damage.

Added 16 Sep 2006, ID #23423, by John Cena forever
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