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Do not chose faction!!

When on season DO NOT choose faction!!!

If you chose this, when you've got members in your faction someone from the other show will join your show until you change it next season.

But the trouble is if a tag team champion joins your show when you finish the season, start a new one you go on to the program rosters showing all the champions.

If the 2 tag champs are on seperate shows you cannot change champions over and it will not let you start another season.

You have to default all data ruining everything including attribute points that you've done!!!!!!!! (doesn't include shop items)

This IS TRUE it happened to me RVD and Booker T were my champs and RVD came to Smackdown ruining my game.

IT'S NOT WORTH THE RISK Believe me....


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Added 12 Apr 2004, ID #8141, by the master gamer
Ask.com and get

Ref on strike story line

To get the refs on strike first win the wwe title.

Then 4 weeks before the royal rumble you have a 6 man battle royal, WIN!!!!!!!

One of your opponents will acuse the ref of cheating and will attack him all of the refs will go on strike!!!!!!!!


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Added 3 Apr 2004, ID #7861, by wordlife2004

Moving in Season

As you all know, before a match on season you have several options.

But before every match I would advise you to go on the 'move' option.

If there is a wrestler in one of the rooms then go and talk to them. Some wrestlers have good advice.

When you talk to them they could get your SP up, but if you tick them off then you will loose SP.

Also, you can create factions with some wrestlers.

I was Goldberg and I created a Faction with Stone Cold.

We were unbeatable!


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Added 16 Mar 2004, ID #7456, by danny_parkur


What I did is I made a stable with animal and hawk I named it THE LEGION OF DOOM (i think).

Set there video and muisic as Evolution, set the entrance as origional 1, you actually see the evolution video instead of the wrestlers.


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Added 11 Mar 2004, ID #7377, by rko

Faction Tip

When you make a faction you can choose three other people (two guys and one girl) and the other comes from the other show.

Anyway the first guy you pick will say he is popular, the second will say he is powerful so my tip is to pick a popular man first and a powerful man second.



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Added 6 Mar 2004, ID #7291, by BobbyBrink

Full stats with a CAW

What you have to do is make any CAW(create-a-wrester) nad get it to full stats in season mode.

Once you have done this, make a copy of this wrestler and call the copied CAW 'X'. This wrestler will have full attributes.

You can then keep on copying 'X' and then just change the appearence and profile to get a CAW which already has full stats.

Pretty Cool


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Added 26 Feb 2004, ID #7138, by BF1942 Rules

Easy tag matches

If u are a wrestler with low strength, form a stable with a strong wrestler (goldberg on raw or undertaker on smackdown).

Then when you are in a single match press R3 to call them in and on tag matches get the tag belts for your show.

Whenever you are in a tag match use them and the oppenent will be weak quick then your person can pin them.

Plus you could change to the non-legal man and beat up the oppenents partner so the other person can pin


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Added 21 Feb 2004, ID #7021, by wtevrmasterofgames

Easy win in season

Get a table and set it up in the corner, hit Triagle and run into the table so you fall on it, be sure to do this at the exact same time that you opponent trys to grapple with you.

This will force your opponent to put you through the table and you will win the match.


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Added 13 Feb 2004, ID #6870, by Squigles

Easy Royal Rumble Win

When your in the royal rumble match get your oponent in a graple with you facing the ropes.

If you have powerbomb 7 for a move in that graple do the move and your opponent will be eliminated over the top rope.

Added 3 Feb 2004, ID #6686, by RVD

Skip season maches

Complete the season once and you'll be able to skip ( youl lose though)...

Added 26 Jan 2004, ID #6524, by freakazoid

How To Create- My William Regal

Go to create an apearrance. Copy one of superstars with good attributes.

Go to sample model. Delete the hat, the vest, and the short pants.

Follow these instructions:

Edit Shoes 1,165,1 X:35 Y:9 Shade:0 Length:-2
Edit Underwear 1,194 X:33 Y:9 Shade:0
Kneepads 5,156 X:28 Y:9 Shade:0 Trans:100

Now you have the Bristish Native on your team!


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Added 22 Jan 2004, ID #6394, by DeadmanWalking

Area Hints

The Fork Lift

If you go to the back area with the motorbike, you will have noticed that there is a forklift there.

Go over to it and press square if you want to drive it. You will also notice that a box is on the lifting part of the Forklift.

Press circle to lift it up into the air, and it will fly off, smashing in the air.

If you want to get another box, go over to the corner of boxes.

Times Square

Play a hardcore match (not in season) and make the areana Times Square. You will be on the streets.

If you go over to the ladder and press
Up + Triangle.

You will climb up the ladder.

Then if you press it again, you will climb up the building onto the next floor.

Thats the highest you can go, but to jump down without hurting yourself, press Left + Square
You will get up really quickly, and your body wont go yellow or red.

By doing this, if you land on a car, all cars will blow up.
Plus if you want to climb up the lamppost, go over to it and press
Down + Square.

Or if you want to climb up the hellicopter ladder, get under it and press

You will climb the ladder and control the hellicopter breifly.


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Added 7 Jan 2004, ID #6096, by Y2J_KingOfBlingBling

DQ Override

You've heard a million times how you can get passed the DQ in singles, tag, and all the other matches that don't let you use weapons.

There is of course the whole throwing weapons at your opponent but there is always one thing that's overlooked. What is it? The announce tables!

No matter what happens you can always powerbomb, chokeslam, etc.

You can do any move that throws them through that table that won't get you DQed. It really does work, try it!

Added 4 Jan 2004, ID #5922, by Contradiction

Black blood?

If you have a hardcore match with Charlie Haas keep on hitting him with a chair and you will see he has black blood.

Added 28 Dec 2003, ID #5651, by Rizla_100


To do a smackdown on a table is to put them on a table as usual.

Pick them up and then tie them up and then press down and the kick button, then lay the smackdown not all of the work(Rey Mysterios 619) have fun putting splinters in your oppenents body =)


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Added 14 Dec 2003, ID #5309, by dark demon hunter101

Backstage attacks/Hardcore matches

When in the car park back stage in either a locker room brawl or hardcore match, wait and see if your opponent gets on the motor cycle, if the AI does, use the triange and direction buttons to climb on the wooden crates in the corner and use your taunts.

Allow each one to finish and this will put your smackdown bar up.

You need to be patient as it takes a while, but the AI usually continues to ride round aimlessly and ignores you.

sometimes the AI gets off the bike near the forklift truck, but the game always seems to jam a little and it just hovers there while you carry on with your taunts - the game appears to unfreeze when you get down off the crates(usually with 5 smackdowns!!!)

The AI does not always get on the bike - but when it does - this always works!


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Added 8 Dec 2003, ID #5242, by xferrarix

Call out for Help

If there are two superstars in the same stable, push R3 for your partner to come out to the ring and help you out.


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Added 10 Nov 2003, ID #4809, by DavidSNK3

Move lists

I figured out the move lists:

Move Set 1 WWR: William Regal
Move Set 2 WAS: Al Snow
Move Set 3 WSD: Spike Dudley
Move Set 4 WBR: Bradshaw
Move Set 5 WFA: Faarooq
Move Set 6 WBG: Billy Gunn
Move Set 7 WCP: Chuck Palumbo
Move Set 8 WBK: Billy Kidman
Move Set 9 WS2H: Scotty 2 Hotty
Move Set 10 WTA: Tazz
Move Set 11 WHH: Hardcore Holly
Move Set 12 WJN: Jamie Noble
Move Set 13 WRJ: Rosie/Jamal
Move Set 14 WTD: Tommy Dreamer
Move Set 15 WBD: Bill Demott
Move Set 16 WFU: Funaki
Move Set 17 WCR: Crash Holly
Move Set 18 OJH: Jeff Hardy
Move Set 19 ORA: Raven
Move Set 20 OXP: X-pac
Move Set 21 ODD: Diamond Dallas Page
Move Set 22 ODL: D-Lo Brown
Move Set 23 OJC: Justin Credible
Move Set 24 OGF: Godfather
Move Set 25 OSB: Steve Blackmen
Move Set 26 WSM: Shane Mcmahon
Move Set 27 WBB: Big Bossman
Move Set 28 NJPS: Perry Saturn
Move Set 29 AJMA: Mike Awesome
Move Set 30 ODM: Dean Malenko
Move Set 31 OMP: Mr Perfect
Move Set 32 OMF: Mick Foley
Move Set 33 CBH: Bret Hart
Move Set 34 ZAG: Andre The Giant
Move Set 35 ZBB: Bob Backlund
Move Set 36 OER: Essa Rios
Move Set 37 ORD: Road Dogg
Move Set 38 DLTF: Terry Funk
Move Set 39 CRR: Razor Ramon
Move Set 40 CST: Sting
Move Set 41 LKS: Ken Shamrock
Move Set 42 CJJ: Jeff Jarett
Move Set 43 KTM: Taka Michinoku
Move Set 44 WJKS: Kensuke Sasake
Move Set 45 AJKM: Keiji Mutoh
Move Set 46 NJMC: Masa Chono
Move Set 47 NJHT: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Move Set 48 NJMN: Manabu Nakanishi
Move Set 49 NJYN: Yugi Nagata
Move Set 50 NJJL: Jushin Lyger
Move Set 51 AJKK: Kendo Kashin
Move Set 52 AJTK: Toshiaki Kawada
Move Set 53 FRGT: Genichiro Tenryu
Move Set 54 WJVD: Vader
Move Set 55 NOMM: Mitsuharu Misawa
Move Set 56 NOKK: Kenta Kobashi
Move Set 57 NOJA: Jun Akiyama
Move Set 58 PAI: Antonio Inoki
Move Set 59 ZONO: Naoya Ogawa
Move Set 60 ZOSH: Shinya Hashimoto
Move Set 61 MGS: The Great Sasuke
Move Set 62 JAO: Atsushi Onita
Move Set 63 WIV: Ivory
Move Set 64 MS: Fred Durst
Move Set 65 PAT: Shoot Set 1
Move Set 66 PGP: Shoot Set 2
Move Set 67 JIDA: Joshi Set A
Move Set 68 JIDB: Joshi Set B
Move Set 69 MEX: Lucha Set
Move Set 70 OHH: Hulk Hogan
Move Set 71 OUW: Ultimate Warrior

Added 8 Nov 2003, ID #4732, by DavidSNK3

Fill Up 5 Specials Quickly

In the training room, hop on the treadmill and press Square. Once your wrestler starts walking, press X as fast as you can. This will fill up your specials in mere seconds depending on your wrestler.

Added 31 Oct 2003, ID #4609, by Charles_Nnolim
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