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WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain Pack Shot

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

Game Reviews for WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain


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Woot woot! Added 16 Dec 2007, ID #28558
OK I'm writing this Christmas 2007, three years after this came out and I still come back to plsy this!Top class wrestlers: Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Undertaker are the main reasons I come back to this game. Wrestling isn't the same anymore and neither are the games. OK, this game didn't have Jeff Hardy or Hulk Hogan, but I created them easily in create-a-wrestler!

The season is brilliant, The Elimination Chamber is brillliant and by God the Hardcore matches are f£*£@n brutal!!! wooooooo!
Here comes the pain!!! Added 29 Oct 2005, ID #17818
OK, so the games knocking on a bit now with SvR out now and the next one to be out soon. But in my opinion it is a great game. Great graphics, decent storyline and well detailed characters.

The create mode is also a great addition to the game, this is good as you can create a character and make him rise to the top and become champion. Also there are many more great features like stables where you can make your characters be in an alliance.

There are nore features but this is a short review so overall 91%
Added 29 Dec 2004, ID #12255
A worthwhile update of the popular series. It has everytin SYM had and it just updated it. Must have for fans of the wwe. Or if you just want a good wrestling game look towards WWE: Smackdown! vs Raw or def jam: fight for new york.
Added 6 Dec 2004, ID #11913
This game is a sweat a## game with awesome wrestling action, I would give it 7 out of 10 stars.
Simply The Best Added 11 Sep 2004, ID #10779
First of all, I have to say what a fantastic job THQ and Yukes did on creating this super realistic wrestling game.

It is such a shame that wrestling is not real, it would be brilliant if it was.

I was so amazed by the out-of-this-world graphics that I drooled over my controller.

HCTP includes world class wrestlers to date: Brock Lesnar, Undertaker,Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold and even Rey Mysterio (who looks wicked)!

Some classic Legends such as Old School Undertaker can be bought in Season modes massive Shopzone, which has some amazing wrestlers attires.

The only negative things I shall point out are that Legends like Jeff Hardy and Hollywood Hulk Hogan aren't in the game.

But other than that, here is my overall verdict:

Graphics: 100% Every wrestlers looks shockingly real

Gameplay: 95% Can be a bit corny sometimes, but the by far ultimate ever gameplay on a wrestling game

Sound: 92% It's a shame that it doesn't sound as good on the commercial, but still, amazingly realsitic

Game Mode: 97% A wide selection of matches, such as Elimination Chamber, First Blood, Hardcore, Elimination Tag and 30 man Royal Rumble. The Buried Alive match unfortunately isn't on the game, witch is a real blow

Season Mode: 98% Hundreds of different storylines, from forming a faction, to having a gorgeous Diva as your mananger. Rock on!

Final Verdict: Overall a heavily addictive game that will keep you locked in your room for months. 100%

BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!
2nd best game Added 27 Aug 2004, ID #10642
WWE games are good games no class games well smackdown games any way I give it a 9 out of 10 because the story mode is to short but game is still a class game...
Here comes the pain Added 14 Jul 2004, ID #10025
From the moment I got this game at christmas I knew it was something really special.

When I eventually put it on I was shocked at the graphics and wide range of match types.

It has all of my favourite wrestlers in it and some oldies are there too.

The CAW was realy good it has all the things ypu need to create the wrestlers who unfortunately are not in the game like Eugene,Chavo classic,Mordecai and Billy Gunn.

So far I have been champion 6 times with a created superstar and I'm not stopping now.

If I had to give this game a rating out of 10 I would give it 11/10
Smackdown 6 Added 1 Jul 2004, ID #9604
This is the best wrestling game on playstation 2 becuase the features on all the wreslters are great.

THQ has now allowed bleeding to be in the game and in season mode you can now make wrestlers better by adding to their attributes.

I give this game nine out of ten
Added 11 Jun 2004, ID #9050
THQ It would be a nicer game if it had the announcers and superstars actually talk instead of having two read every thing.And also when a superstar enters the ring it should intro duce him,where he is from,and how much he weighs.I have to admitt THQ you have intencely good graphics and great matches.But there is room for some big time inprovements like lights out match,casket match(buried alive).And why in the hell dont you have FBI,Zach Gowen,Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy,and more Legends to Unlock like Andre the giant,Bam Bam Bigalo.Please improve on next game.

But I must say I did like the game

Added 1 Jun 2004, ID #8898
Smackdown here comes the pain is the greatest wrestling game ever to be invented!!!!

Graphics 100% storyline 50% (because you only do 1 season) Matches flippin brilliant 100% + 900%=1000%
Wow Added 9 Apr 2004, ID #8009
This is a great game
Graphics 100%
Sound 50%
Gameplay 78%
Overall 100%
Added 21 Feb 2004, ID #7010
This is the most realistic WWE Game you can find.

WWE Raw 2 is real slow and Wrestlemania 19 is so unrealistic.

9/10 from me.

Rave is betta then Rock so naaaaaaa 2 the rockers in ere.....
Rubbish game Added 31 Jan 2004, ID #6602
The newest Smackdown game is the most gayest game I have ever seen. The graphics are good but half the superstars are missing. No excuses THQ , superstars like the Bashams the FBI and Zack Gowen are missing.

The list goes on and on. Some matches like the buried alive and the Ambulance Match are missing but some of the good matches are there like the Emlination Chamber.

THQ better take their time over the next smackdown game and season mode must improve or I'll show you my finisher move which will break your back
Awsome!!!!!!!! Added 21 Jan 2004, ID #6379
WWE here comes the pain is just awsome!

I have never played on a game as good as this.

It's just totally ten out of ten!

Just get it you will luv it!

10 (*_*)
Best Game Ever Added 2 Jan 2004, ID #5932
This is the best wrestling game ever it has great graphics and it has blood, its better then the other wrestling games....!
Best wrestling game ever!!!!!! Added 29 Dec 2003, ID #5712
This is probably the best wrestling game I have ever played. Much much better than the other smackdown games, its graphics are so much more detailed and theres heaps to do in the season, and also there are 2 new match types like the Elimination chamber and the Bra and Panties match.

A must by for all wrestling fans!!!!!!!
This review Added 27 Nov 2003, ID #5071
The fifth game in the WWE series is by far better than all the other games. THQ have made a brilliant job of creating this game.

The only thing that disappointed me was that there were some good characters like The Bashams or F.B.I. The thing I liked was that there were some good legends like Sgt. Slaughter and Old School Undertaker.

The new season has been improved like the option to either to attack taunt or respect after each match. some new games have been added to the game like the Elimination Chamber and the Bra and Panties match.

The new feature that I loved the most was the blood it really does make the game more fun and life-like, so obviously if there is blood in the game what type of match do you think there would be yep it's the First Blood Match.

The create a character is pretty much the same so there is no point in talkin about it. This game has got to be one of the best I've seen so the rating is 96% it only gets this due to the fact that there have been characters left out. Otherwise buy this game now because it is brilliant.

Hope you liked this review because it's my first. Hope you have fun when you buy the game.
Fanbloodytastic Added 18 Nov 2003, ID #4882
This game is absouloutly the ultimate wrestling game that the playstation company has ever released.

I love the blood so much, they have finally included the BRA & PANTIES matches, I am loving everything new they have done on this game and they have finally included Rey Mysterio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of every game I have played this has to get Infinity out of ten! P.S- Stacy Kiebler's the best Diva in the WWE, no aurguing with that!!!!!

P.P.S- It's Fanbloodytastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added 14 Nov 2003, ID #4847
HCTP is the newest instalment in the massively popular Smackdown series.

It features more sex, violence and bone-crunching mayhem than ever before, with gorier graphics and much more in-depth gameplay.

WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain is released on 7th November, and Torrie Wilson will be arriving in the UK for a week of promotions on 10th November. Checkout the Competition featuring Torrie

But the most popular feature in HCTP will no doubt be the brand spanking new Bra & Panties Mode.

Players can challenge any of the sexy WWE divas (including, of course, the lovely Torrie) to a catfight, and then use special combo moves to rip off their opponent’s clothes.

The first fighter to get stripped down to their scanties must concede defeat.

"WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain will feature several new gameplay enhancements, such as a new submission system, player-specific grappling mechanics and a countering system that will improve the overall dynamics every match," said Tiffany Ternan, senior vice president of THQ.

Developed by Yuke's of Japan, WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain showcases more than 55 WWE Superstars including, Brock Lesnar, Scott Steiner, Rey Mysterio and Goldberg.

The drama comes to life like never before with players creating, playing and developing their own Superstar. TV-style presentation will also be enhanced with new dynamic camera angles, improved audio, Superstar voiceovers, realistic animations and improved arena and crowd elements.

Characters now have different individual attributes, such as Technique, Speed and Stamina, and Season Mode has been fully expanded; as a result, winning tournaments is no longer simply about bashing buttons but also thinking strategically.

The game includes an all-new story mode that is being created exclusively by WWE writers depicting both fictitious story paths and classic WWE moments.

Enhanced gameplay elements with new match types and sensational production values recreates all of the electricity of actual WWE programming.

Players can track their progress with seasonal stats, earn money to build up Superstar abilities and unlock hidden features.

The overall gameplay has been enhanced and features real-life attributes of strength, submission, technique, speed and stamina.

These new attributes will allow players to wear down their opponents and take advantage of each Superstar's unique abilities and extensive move sets.


Exclusive story mode with original plot lines developed by WWE writers.

Unique Superstar abilities featuring real-life attributes of strength, submission, technique, speed and stamina.

More than 55 WWE Superstars.

Improved controls including an in-depth countering and interactive submission system.

New match types including Bra & Panty, First Blood and Elimination Chamber.

Enhanced production values featuring dynamic camera transitions, an improved audio experience, Superstar voice over and more realistic animations with specular highlighting.

Added 10 Nov 2003, ID #4785
The fifth installment of the Smackdown series was somewhat, dissapointing to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, it did have some key points, but it was not as good as all the hype.

Season mode, like all Smackdown games, was the same for almost all the characters.

You eventually get down to the point where you found yourself re-reading what you read an hour ago.

Also, it was missing some current characters that were out wrestling during the creation of Here Comes the Pain. Bashams anyone? Molly Holly? Perhaps Spike? Didn't think so.

What I did find suprizing was that there were some good legends, but not enough.

I agree however, that THQ and Yukes did do a good job on the graphics.

For all of you WWE fans, this is a great game to your collection. Otherwise, rent it.

7 out of 10
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