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Beating Exterminators just got easy .

Close at the end of the game there is a Gun that is worth 1 000 000 -2 000 000 It is alled the Harbinger or something like that.

It is AWESOME !!!!!!!! Better Start.

Saving .

Added 2 Apr 2006, ID #20516, by XCrozzX
Ask.com and get

This is Too Good

After you finish beating Reactor in Dread challenges there is a challenge called Endzone. Put Exterminator difficultly on and use the weapon you want to upgrade .

Doing this you will also get lots of bolts if you use bolt mod I think that is what it is called. Exterminator difficultly is only when you beat this game.

Added 2 Apr 2006, ID #20515, by XCrozzX


Exterminator mode:complete the game.
NInja ratchet: Get all exterminator cards (ratcget is better).
To get your weapons to 99 do endzone challenge.
Saving bolts/free ammo.: go to any dread challenge then exit.
Rainbow: Get your weapon to lvl 99 then you will see a little rainbow color.
Weapons on full level;
Mega leviathan flail
Mega dual raptors
Mega vulcan cannon
Mega stalker mine launcher
Mega b11-vaporizer
Mega silencer
Mega anti-matter rifle:
Mega omni-sheild launcher:
Mega quasar turret launcher

Added 18 Mar 2006, ID #20143, by COOL OKJ

Mega bucks and great weopon level

One way to get all you weopons to level 99 fast is by doing the endzone challenge in the arena.

This challenge can also get you alot of money.i have 70'000'000 bolts and every single one of my weopons is level 99 including the sheild glove thing.

So if anyone wants to get big bucks and fast weopon leveling go do the endzone challenge over and over again.when you get your weopon to level to 99, when your weopon shoots it causes the shot to change colors example:(the dual raptors bullets change colors).

Hope this helps someone.

Added 12 Mar 2006, ID #19965, by ownmastr

Easy money and weapon exp.

You will need to beat the game once so you can buy exp. and jackpot mods and the vandor.

Once you do beat the game go to the Endzone challenge in challenge mode and equip exp. mods and jackpot mods on any weapon and your exp. will go at a really fast rate while getting loads of money.

You may need to repeat this a few times but it is worth it.

Added 9 Mar 2006, ID #19906, by juggernaut_90

If you complete the game once you'll find out that you will only have 1million bolts or something like that but if you go through it the second time you'll get 5million or maybe lower.


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Added 6 Mar 2006, ID #19853, by nadeem sacranie

How many upgrades

On every weapon you can upgrade it to level 10, when it reaches this level it turns into a more powerful version of itself. After you complete the game, if you buy a mega mod for a weapon you can upgrade it to level 99 at which it will be much more powerful and the bullets will change colour.

Added 29 Jan 2006, ID #19365, by stickman phil

Here is your answer

Ratchet's tail is stuffed inside his battlesuit, and Clank is assisting Ratchet in a different way.


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Added 20 Jan 2006, ID #19234, by The Dark Key Master


For the Ace Hartlight card you need to get 400,000 dreadpoints.

For the Shellshock card you need to get every weopon up to lvl 10.

Added 18 Jan 2006, ID #19201, by Daretor


Use the Harbringer to take down his health in 30 seconds.


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Added 18 Jan 2006, ID #19200, by Daretor


Here are the cheats in deadlocked:
Hud color(health bar located on top of the screen): 5 skillpoints
Gangsta guns: 10 skillpoints
Mirrored world: 15 skillpoints
Remove helmet:20 skillpoints
Exterminator bot heads: 25 skillpoints
Super bloom: 35 skillpoints
Super morphing freeze wrench: 45 skillpoints
Weather(you can change the weather): 60 skillpoints
Kill qwark(dz strikers become robot copies of qwark): 105 skillpoints
Colorblind:120 skillpoints
Morph mod on vehicles:140 skillpoints
Crypto 1037 out!


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Added 24 Nov 2005, ID #18243, by crypto1037

How to get Ace Hardlight card

Get 400,000 Dread Points

Added 1 Nov 2005, ID #17842, by Vetiro
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