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Follow the dark path or use the light


by uvbeenpwnd33

Ratchet: Deadlocked
Walkthrough/Strategy Guide by uvbeenpwnd33

Version 0.20 - (December 18th, 2005) - Finished FAQ
Version 0.22 - (December 21st, 2005) - Some Updates

Hello! This is my first strategy guide, and Iím hoping to do a good job 
with it. Since this is my first strategy guide, I hope that you would 
forgive any mistakes I make in terms of formatting this guide.

In this guide, I will give you the walkthrough for the whole game, 
along with strategies, weapon details, and the skill points. If anyone 
has a strategy for a certain enemy/boss/, please feel free to email me. 
My email address is If you do send me something 
and I find it helpful, I will certainly put it in the guide and credit 
you. You can even send in some cool glitches if you would like. One 
thing that I will not write about in this guide is the online play, so 
please donít send me any tips or tricks that have to do with online 
play. Thanks!

Also please feel free to use the Control + F to search around on the 
guide for faster use. Also keep in mind that this guide will not reveal 
any spoilers about the story, except the summary of what it is about, 
but there will be some spoilers from the 1st 3 games so keep that in 
mind while reading on. And if I make any mistakes at all, please email 
me so I can fix them.

Table Of Contents

1: Getting Started.
1A: What the Story is about.
1B: Characters
1C: Controls.
1D: Basic Tutorial and Info.
1E: Weapons, Mods tutorial, and Vehicles.

2: Walkthrough

3: Copyrights and thanks
1: Getting Started
In this Part I will explain the Basic components of the game.

1A: What the Story Is About.

Like the first 3 games, this one contains Ratchet and his partner in 
grime, Clank. If you ever seen a movie called The Running Man, which 
was directed by Paul Michael Glaser, this game is somewhat similar to 
that movie. Ratchet is now the Captain of the Starship Phoenix, When he 
abruptly gets attacked by some random robots which take him far into 
the Shadow Sector to participate in a blood sport, reality show called 
Dreadzone You must survive many challenges to make your way to the top 
and stop Gleeman VoxĎs terror spreading game show.

1B: Characters.

Ratchet: The Character that you play all through the game. Ratchet is a 
Lombax from the planet Veldin. After recently beating Chairman Drek, 
Captain Quark, and Dr. Nefarious, he becomes the new Captain of the 
Starship Phoenix. He commands the Starship Phoenix with his 2 partners, 
Al and Clank.

Clank: Yes, Ratchets sidekick in the 1st 3 games. Unfortunately he 
doesnít ride on your back in this game, he gives you info on certain 
parts and eventually helps you out later in the end. Even though he is 
very short, donít underestimate him, he packs a mean punch and a smart 

Al: Yes, the Al From the 1st game. He seems like a typical nerd knowing 
everything about computes and technology. He gives you upgrades for 
your friendly bots and costumes for them to.

Gleeman Vox: The antagonist in the game who runs a underground reality 
show called Dreadzone. He has a wicked mean mind and hates if the 
rating for his show are low.

The Exterminators: There are 4 of them, and there job is to exterminate 
(hence the name) the players who participate in the show. In the game 
they are the bosses that you vs. at the end of each tournament, but 
donít think that they will be easy.

Merc and Green: Your 2 battle bots that come along with you during all 
the challenges. They contribute a lot to your missions like hacking 
orbs, or shooting grind rails. They will also attack the enemy. Merc is 
the tougher one with the deeper voice, while Green is the one who seems 
a bit more scared. Al found them off a gladiator who wonítÖbeÖ using 
themÖ anymoreÖ

1C: Controls.

Directional Button: Highlight item in menu.
Left Analog Stick: Highlight item in menu, walk/run, highlight weapon 
in weapon select, zoom in and out with Fusion Rifle.
Right Analog Stick: Camera Rotate/ Pan, highlight weapon in weapon 
X button: Jump/Double Jump, Select highlighted item in menu.
O button: Fire selected weapon.
[ ] button: Swing Wrench/Multi-Strike Combo/HyperStrike/ThrowWrench.
!^! (Triangle) button: Previous screen, Open Quick Select menu, Weapon 
Quick Switch.
R1 button: Fire Selected weapon, use Swing Shot.
R2 button: Open Quick Select menu, Weapon Quick Switch.
L1 button: Jump/Double Jump.
L2 button: Throw Wrench, Zoom Fusion Rifle.
R3 button: Expand Map.
L3 button: nothing I think.
Select button: Expand Map.
Start button: Open up menu.

1D: Game Basics and Info.
Unlike the other 3 Ratchet and Clank games, this game has one new 
factor, No Platforming. If you already donít know, platforming is when 
you jump from areas to areas to satisfy a certain condition. There 
actually is some of this like when you need to climb stuff, but other 
than that you shoot everything.

There are 3 types of Control options, Lock Strafe, 1st person mode, and 
3rd person mode. Lock Strafe is the default control and the one I use. 
Your simply stuck in strafing mode, to turn one way, you use the Analog 
sticks. This Control type is good because you can keep dodging bullets 
while you shoot out your bullets making I a very effective control 
type. The 2nd one is 1st person mode which is when you see the gun and 
thatís all you see. I donít like this because you canít see around you, 
only in front of you, but you still strafe which still makes it 
effective. Finally thereís 3rd person mode, which is exactly like all 
the other Ratchet and Clank games. In this mode, you are not stuck on 
strafe which means you can turn around in a 360 degree succession. You 
can still strafe if you want by pressing the L2 or R2 buttons.

Now lets start on the types of enemies youíll vs. There are swarmers, 
Commandos, and Executioners. The swarmers are the really small enemies 
that come in huge numbers. Donít let there small size fool you, even 
though they dies in nearly one shot from all weapons, in numbers they 
can be hard to control in large numbers. The Commandos are the 2nd type 
of enemies. They are the average enemies, average attack strength, 
speed, health, and armor. A few arenít so much of a trouble but a big 
group like 4 or 5 can take a bit to kill and might hit you a few times. 
The last types of enemies, the Executioners, are the big killers. They 
are really big, hence that they have a lot of health armor and attack. 
Taking down just one of them could be somewhat difficult. You will need 
some time and lots of ammo to take one of the out.

A lot of times you may need to dodge your enemies. Dodging can increase 
how well you play the game and you will most certainly need dodging 
skills for the bosses. Strafing is a good way to dodge incoming 
bullets. Sometimes enemies will send little shockwaves that you will 
only be able to dodge by jumping so do that often. If you double jump 
while you strafe, it will almost near impossible for the enemies the 
hit you. One of the weapons, the Holoshield Launcher, will block most 
attacks from the enemies, but will not stop hand-to-hand enemies so 
watch out. Also blue shields will sometimes pop out of the ground, take 
advantage of those and hide behind them. Your bullets can go through 
them, but the enemies bullets canít go through them, so take advantage 
of this. When you vs. the big enemies hide behind some objects so you 
can protect yourself, jump out when they pause to shoot.

Around the beginning of the game you will get your own set of 
BattleBots, Merc and Green. They can do most tings like set C4 charges, 
to Hack orbs. They donít just do this though, they can shoot enemies 
and will shoot almost everything that moves (except you of course). 
They have a little bar at the bottom right that will eventually fill, 
when it does you can unleash a special attack that is very powerful. 
They can do one of two things, one they can throw a big ball that will 
float around the arena and shoot little red beams from it hurting and 
killing most enemies. The 2nd one you need to purchase from Al later in 
the game, this one isnít as good as the other one IMO because all they 
do is throw a Shrunken at them enemy causing medium damage, and it 
lights them on fire. Whenever you come back to the DreadZone Station 
most of the time if you go and see Al you can upgrade your bots. You 
can give them special abilities like the Shield Link which shields you 
whenever you turn a bolt with your wrench. You can also purchase them 
grenades and a sniper rifle. Including those abilities you can purchase 
upgrades that increase damage that you bots will inflect. The other 
thing you can buy isnít so much as an upgrade, but it makes your bots 
look cooler, you can buy new heads for them making them have the head 
of an assassin, in addition to that, you can buy new body paints for 
them making them have cool patterns on them.

Sometimes when you complete Campaigns in areas you will receive cool 
items. You can receive Charge boots which you use by pressing L2 twice. 
They pretty much make you zoom across a battle field in about a few 
seconds, think of them as booster boots. Kind of like have a little 
rocket engine on you feet. Another item you can get are Gravity boots, 
they allow you to walk on walls and ceilings, but only in certain 
areas. Youíll notice these areas because they look like gray pathways 
leading up sides of walls.

Conserve ammo, you need to save lots of ammo for the really tough guys. 
Use your wrench a lot, mainly on swarmers because they easily die in 
nearly one hit. Donít just use the regular [ ] [ ] [ ] combo, use the 
Hyper-Strike (Jump [ ]) because it almost does double damage of a 
regular strike from your wrench. Also use the Throwing Wrench (L2 [ ], 
press them nearly at the same time to throw it while your still in 3rd 
person mode.). Use this when your nearly out of ammo and you need a 
ranged weapon.

A lot of things people forget to do are how to use swingshots. To use 
the swingshot, you can either access it by going to the 2nd quick select 
screen, or you can do it the easier way, by jumping into the swingshot. 
To do that, start off running toward the swingshot target and jump, 
while in the air press the fore button (either O or L1) and you will 
automatically equip it and use it.

In this game there are some enemies that just completely suck. One of 
them is the little turrets that fall to the ground, they are really 
accurate and  are really small and hard to hit, watch out for them. The 
other enemy is the enemy Landstalker, which are shielded which means 
you need your bots to use an emp on the before you can kill them. Once 
you use the emp though they will not attack you for a few moments, so 
take advantage of this and hot them with everything you got. They may 
take a lot of ammo to defeat so keep this in mind. The last annoying 
enemy are just like the Landstalker enemies except theyíre turrets 
which canít move at all, take them out in the same manner. 

You earn bolts in that same manner as the other games, defeating 
enemies, getting skill points, beating a challenge. In Challenge Mode 
you get a bolt multiplier which increases every time you kill an enemy, 
but goes down if you get hit.

1E: Weapons, Mods tutorial, and Vehicles.
Hehe, now we get to the good part, the weapons. I will explain the 
weapons in this way.

Ammo Capacity: Amount of ammo it can old without any mods.
Damage: Amount of damage. Rated from 1-10, 1 being small amount of 
damage to 10 being lots of damage.
Firing Rate: How fast weapon fires. Rated from 1-10, 1 being slow, 10 
being fast.
Rating: How well I think the weapon is. Rated 1-10, 1 being worst, 10 
being best.
Conclusions/Strategies: Iíll explain how the weapon works, and give you 
a good strategy on what mods to put on.

Dual Vipers:
Ammo Capacity: 200
Damage: 2
Firing Rate: 10
Conclusions/Strategies: Ahh yes, one of my favorites, a dual machine 
gun. It doesnít do a lot of damage but shoots extremely fast. It 
doesnít become very useful later in the game due to that it is 
underpowered and costs lots of ammo to take down enemies. I suggest 
putting either Shock Mod or Freeze Mod. Shock Mod will kill the 
swarmers while you attack the bigger enemies. The freeze mod will take 
down the Executioners in a less amount of shots. Put a few speed and 
ammo mods on. Impact mods and aiming mods wouldnít hurt either.

Dual Raptors: Wow, it shoots out blue bullets that ricochet of walls 
and enemies hitting other enemies increasing damage. Still doesnít work 
very well later in the game though.

Magma Cannon:
Ammo Capacity: 20
Damage: 6 when close, 4 when far
Firing Rate: 7
Rating 6
Conclusions/Strategies: This is like the infamous shock cannon from 
Going Commando. This guns a lot better now because the increase in 
attack and speed from its earlier friend for GC. It acts as a shotgun 
shooting out about 20 bullets at once that cover most of the screen. 
The closer you are, the more damage you do so keep that in mind. Almost 
has no range for enemies across the screen. Put the shock mod or freeze 
mod. Add a few ammo mods, speed mods, and impact mods.

Vulcan Cannon: A lot better than it was before, each of the bullets 
locks on the enemy making hitting them a lot easier and more 
efficiently saving ammo.

B-6 Obliterator:
Ammo Capacity: 6
Damage: 5
Firing Rate: 4
Rating: 4
Conclusions/Strategies: Ugh, they really toned this gun down. It was 
actually somewhat useful in GC. Now it does nearly no damage, has 
nearly no capacity, and shoots very slow. The good thing about it is it 
covers a huge area, so use it on a group of swarmers. Where the bomb 
will hit it indicated by the little white circle. Use the Napalm Mod, 
Time Bomb mod, or Mini-Bomb Mod. Definitely add some speed and ammo 
mods, if you have any space left over add area mods for maximum effect.

B11 Vaporizer: Still not the best weapon, but does a better amount of 
damage, and the blast looks cool, somewhat like a mini-atomic bomb.

Fusion Rifle:
Ammo Capacity: 8
Damage: 9
Firing Rate: 4
Rating: 8
Conclusions/Strategies: I love this weapon, itís so good. Its pretty 
much a sniper rifle, but you donít just use it for shooting enemies far 
away, you can use it for enemies close because it does so much damage 
that they take out almost every enemy in a few shots. If you feel the 
need to, you can use the L2 button to zoom in, but it is so accurate 
you donít need to use it at all. Add a few ammo and speed mods to it, 
and a few impact mods. Iíd add freeze mod to it so it makes short work 
of the Executioners.

Anti-Matter Rifle: This gun breaks down atoms of the enemies turning 
them to dust. Big increase in attack and it shoots blue bullets.

Ammo Capacity: 8
Damage: 7
Firing Rate: 4
Rating: 7
Conclusions/Strategies: This huge gun is pretty much a rocket launcher. 
It does good damage and has a big area effect making it good against 
all enemies. Equip this gun with speed and ammo mods, and of course a 
few area mods for maximum effect. You can either attach the time bomb 
mod which is very effective damage wise. If you want to add the napalm 
mod when this gun is at V10 for lots of hard hits.

Silencer: The name says it all, if you shoot one of these bad boys it 
kills most enemies. The cool part is it shoots 3 ROCKETS AT ONCE. If 
you can get close and person it pretty much acts as a shotgun rocket 
launcher since it shoots out 3 at once.

Hunter Mine Launcher:
Ammo Capacity: 12
Damage: 6
Firing Rate: 6
Rating: 6
Conclusions/Strategies: This weapon shoots out mines that stay in one 
place until an enemy gets near them, blowing them up. Throw a bunch of 
these around a bolt crank for good defense. Once you level it up a lot 
you can remotely run into an enemy and will explode. Its pretty good to 
use so shoot a bunch of these in a group of enemies and watch the heads 
fly. Add some Ammo speed and area mods for maximum effect. Time bomb is 
a good mod, and also is mini-bomb mod.

Stalker Mine Launcher: About the same thing except the mines are near 
twice as large as its counter-part. When the mines explode, they turn 
into 2 other mines meaning you get more out of your bullets.

Holoshield Launcher:
Ammo Capacity: 8
Damage: 0
Firing Rate: 3
Rating: 5
Conclusions/Strategies: This definitely got better from the last 
Holoshield Launcher in UYA. It shoots out giant shields that block all 
incoming attack, but enemies can still walk through it so keep that in 
mind. The cool thing is you can shoot through it so it makes a level 
really easy. Every time you upgrade this it adds an extra 2 seconds to 
how long it will stay active. Add a few ammo mods, and speed mods 
impact mods donít do much so donít worry about them. Add either shock 
mod to it or brainwash mod, shock mod will make sure most enemies canít 
come through your shield without getting zap, brainwash mod brainwashes 
the enemies who come close to it.

Omni-Shield Launcher: Pretty much the same exact thing, except enemies 
seemed to get hit back, even when no mod is equipped.

Scorpion Flail:
Ammo Capacity: 20
Damage: 7
Firing Rate: 7
Rate: 7
Conclusions/Strategies: For those who have played UYA this weapon is 
somewhat like the Quantum Whip. itís a huge Flail that rains down 
terror upon the enemy. Keep in mind it has very short range so donít go 
and try to kill an enemy far away from you. This weapon canít do good 
damage against the airborne enemies, but you can hit them sometimes if 
you Jump and attack. Add a few speed and ammo mods, also add a bunch of 
area mods. Id add the shock mod so it hits almost every enemy every 

Leviathan Flail: Almost the same exact thing except the end part of the 
flail looks a lot better because the spikes stick out a lot more.

Miniturret Launcher:
Ammo Capacity: 8
Damage: 3
Firing Rate: 4 ( 8 for the Miniturret shots)
Rating: 7
Conclusions/Strategies: Most people donít like this because its on the 
2nd quick select screen, but itís one of my favorites. If youíve ever 
played GC, these turrets are nearly the same thing. Throw some of them 
on the ground to protect a choke point. Be careful though because they 
will blow up once they run out of ammo. Also keep in mind that only a 
certain amount of turrets can be active at once so if you throw to many 
on the ground, only a few will actually attack. Add speed and ammo 
mods, nothing else is very effective. Shock is a good mod for this 

Quasar Turret Launcher: Same turret, same rules, but it shoots out a 
laser beams instead of individual shots. Other than that same thing.

Ammo Capacity: 3
Damage: 10
Firing Rate: 4
Rating: 7
Conclusions/Strategies: This is the Ryno of the group. It shoots beams 
of lights in the air that rain down on enemies and kill almost all of 
them in one shot. Looking at the price tag for this baby(2 million) you 
might need to play Challenge mode before you can get it. Even though it 
has a small capacity, you donít need much ammo when it pretty much 
obliterates every thing on the screen. Definitely add ammo mods to it, 
itís pretty much the only thing you can add. Add shock, though you 
donít really need it when it kills everything.

Supernova: Same thing except the shots steal atoms from the enemy 
making them turn to dust, other than that same idea.

After you read the weapon descriptions you might be confused on what 
mods are, well there are two kinds, omega mods and alpha mods. Omega 
mods you must buy at the vendor, these mods equip on your weapons and 
give you extra power. Keep in mind that every weapon canít use every 
mod. Here are the omega mod types:

Napalm Mod: Blows pools of lava on the ground, pretty good.

Time Bomb Mod: Sets charges on enemies that blow up after a while: very 

Freeze Mod: Freezes enemies after a certain amount of shots, good at 
end of game.

Mini-Bomb Mod: Like the bouncer from GC, throws little bombs 
everywhere, not bad.

Morph Mod: Morphs enemies into farm animals that blow up, not very 
effective IMO.

Brainwash Mod: Brainwashes enemies onto your team, not that bad, but 
not good.

Acid Mod: Poisons enemies that slowly deteriorate health, not good, 
takes to long.

Shock Mod: Hits enemies with shocks that travel from enemy to enemy, 
Best Mod IMO.

Now Alpha Mods, these mods equip to your weapons and increase there 
basic skills, lie ammo, speed, and area. Every time your weapon 
upgrades you get a free Alpha Mod. Keep in mind not every weapon can 
use every mod. Here are the Alpha Mod types.

Speed Mod: Increases speed.

Ammo Mod: Increases Maximum Ammo capacity.

Aiming Mod: More accurate shots.

Impact Mod: Increases knock back rate.

Area Mod: Increases area of weapons shot.

XP Mod: Increases the experience you get for you weapons.

Jackpot Mod: Increases amount of bolts you earn.

NanoLeech Mod: Every time you kill an enemy you get some health back 

2: Walkthrough

Here I will explain strategies and how to get through the game.

3: Copyrights and thanks

I would like to thank and for 
hosting this Guide.

Iíd also like to thank CJayC for keeping gamefaqs up and running.

Iíd also like to thank my friend who wishes to remain anonymous, he 
showed me this game and got me hooked on the whole series.

Lastly Iíd like to thank Insomniac Games for making this wonderful and 
addicting game for which this guide would not be written.

PS if you give me any tips or hints, I would gladly include your name 
in this guide. Just email me at, Thanks!

This Guide is copyright © 2005 Taylor Fick, the author. This Guide was 
written solely to be hosted at,, and, if you send me an email stating you would like my 
guide on your site, I would be glad to let you do that.

I encourage people to send me any feedbacks, to tell me how my guide 

Thanks for reading my 1st guide, I hoped you enjoyed it and hope it 
helped you as well.
The End