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Ratchet: Deadlocked


Weapon / Mod FAQ

by xsparda17x

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Weapons and Mods
By: Vincent Sanchez
Questions? Comments? Email: [email protected]
Copyright 2006 Vincent Sanchez
Only Allowed on

Version History

1.00: Original Guide created, submitted, and rejected

1.10: Original Guide modified to include much more relevant content, 
submitted, and accepted. Posted on January 19, 2006

1.20: Added Ammo and Weapon Costs, and also the Mega Weapon prices. Made 
some minor adjustments to the look and feel. Added thank you's and legal 

1.25: added more info on the Stalker/Hunter Mine Launcher

1.30: Changed a few grammar problems, and added to the
allowed sites list. 


Weapon Guide Layout:

[Fusion Rifle]         <-- Weapon Name
Weapon Cost    : 50,000 bolts <-- Cost to buy Weapon
Ammo Cost      : 50 bolts <-- Cost per unit of ammo
Starting Damage: 500   <-- Level 1 damage
Starting Ammo  : 8     <-- Ammo capacity without any Ammo Mods equipped
L10 Damage     : 2000  <-- Level 10 damage
L99 Damage     : 4046  <-- Level 99 damage
Range          : Long  <-- Effective Range of weapon

Mega Weapon Cost: 1,500,000 bolts <-- cost to upgrade to Mega Weapon

Recommended Omega Mods: <-- Best Omega Mods for Weapon
Freeze, Shock

Notes:  <-- Notes about weapon

[Anti-Matter Rifle] <-- Name of upgraded Weapon
... <-- Notes about upgraded Weapon


[Dual Vipers]
Weapon Cost    : Free
Ammo Cost      : 3 bolts
Starting Damage: 10
Starting Ammo  : 200
L10 Damage     : 80
L99 Damage     : 168
Range          : Medium 

Mega Weapon Cost: 2,250,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Acid, Shock, Freeze 

Dual Vipers are your basic machineguns. They have a very high rate of 
fire, even without any Speed Mods. Each bullet does very little damage, 
but you can put a lot of bullets into an enemy in a very short amount of 
time. The Vipers never really get TOO powerful, so they're best used on 
small and medium enemies. Equip a lot of Speed Mods to get a higher firing 
rate, and stick on a few Ammo Mods so you don't run out of ammo as often. 

[Dual Raptors]
At level 10 the Dual Vipers become the Dual Raptors. There's no big 
changes except for now the stream of bullets turns from green to blue and 
each shot bounces off of anything it hits, almost like the Blaster from 
the original R&C. the bouncing function makes these much more effective at 
battling groups of enemies or lots of enemies in small rooms. 

[Magma Cannon]
Weapon Cost    : Free
Ammo Cost      : 5 bolts
Starting Damage: 60
Starting Ammo  : 20
L10 Damage     : 300
L99 Damage     : 567
Range          : Medium 

Mega Weapon Cost: 1,750,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Acid, Shock

Your shotgun. The magma cannon works on the same idea as the Shock Cannon 
and Blitz Cannon from the previous titles. It does more damage at close 
range than at long range, and it has a very wide spread. Equipping a few 
Impact Mods and Ammo Mods will make this weapon much more effective. 

[Vulcan Cannon]
The Magma Cannon becomes the Vulcan Cannon at level 10, and besides more 
damage, every shot homes in on the closest target when you pull the 
trigger. It's possible to hit more than one enemy this way, and you wont 
waste near as much ammo. It also seems that the distance factor doesn't 
matter so much.  

[B-6 Obliterator]
Weapon Cost    : 15,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 50 bolts
Starting Damage: 60
Starting Ammo  : 6
L10 Damage     : 750
L99 Damage     : 1550
Range:         : Short 

Mega Weapon Cost: 2,500,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Napalm, Mini-bomb

The B-6 Obliterator is the latest iteration of the Mininuke and Nitro 
Launcher from GC and UYA. And it's disappointing. It has very short range 
and doesn't really do that much damage at all. It's a really good idea to 
put lots of Ammo Mods on this weapon, since it only starts with six shots, 
and 2 or 3 Area Mods to increase its blast radius, and even a couple of 
Tracking Mods if you have the space. You really wont use this weapon very 
much throughout the game, although it's necessary to complete several of 
the skill points.

[B-11 Vaporizer]
The B-6 becomes the B-11 Vaporizer when it hits level 10. There's no big 
change in this weapon from the B-6. It does more damage and has a slightly 
larger blast radius, but other from that its no different, and you STILL 
wont use it very much at all.  

[Fusion Rifle]
Weapon Cost    : 50,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 50 bolts
Starting Damage: 500
Starting Ammo  : 8
L10 Damage     : 2000
L99 Damage     : 4046
Range          : to infinity and beyond! 

Mega Weapon Cost: 1,500,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Freeze, Shock

The Fusion Rifle is the first weapon you buy that really does a lot of 
damage. It fires precision blasts of energy that will tear your enemies to 
shreds. While this weapon is much more effective in sniping mode, it's 
still great to use in third-person. ("hip-sniping" is the common term) 
this weapon has no limit on its effective range, so you can hit any enemy 
you can get a clear shot at, no matter the distance. It's an excellent 
idea to put Ammo and Speed Mods on this weapon, it becomes much more 
useful that way.

[Anti-Matter Rifle]
Shoots bullets that look like they belong in Quake 4. The Anti-Matter 
Rifle will turn your enemies to ashes, and leave you to stomp on thier 
smoking remains.

[Holoshield Launcher]
Weapon Cost    : 20,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 50 bolts
Starting Time  : 10 seconds
Starting Ammo  : 8
L10 Time       : 28
L99 Time       : 54 seconds
Range          : Short 

Mega Weapon Cost: 750,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods: 
Brainwash, Morph

The Holoshield has never been too great of a weapon. It's always 
been outdone by weapons like the Tesla Barrier. However, in 
Deadlocked, there is no Tesla Barrier, and in deadlocked, you 
STILL probably wont use these things at all, because they are 
really a terrible weapon. Each shield you launch will create a 
defensive wall in front of you that will block all incoming fire 
and will damage enemies who happen to walk into it. If you equip 
the Brainwash or Morph Omega Mods, then the shield will apply 
the Mod when the enemy touches it. Really the only Alpha Mod 
worth putting on here are Ammo Mods, but you could even leave it 
completely Mod-less since it probably wont see much use. 
[Omnishield Launcher]
At level 10, the Holoshields become Omnishields. Each Omnishield you fire 
will absorb a certain amount of enemy fire and then fire it back as a 
burst of energy. While this upgrade is helpful, it still wont make the 
Omnishield Launcher any more useful. 

[Mniturret Launcher]
Weapon Cost    : 100,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 100 bolts
Starting Damage: 50
Starting Ammo  : 8
L10 Damage     : 150
L99 Damage     : 238
Range          : Medium 

Mega Weapon Cost: 2,000,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Acid, Freeze, Shock

The Miniturret Launcher, unlike the Holos, has undergone some drastic 
improvements since the last game. Each time you deploy a turret, it will 
target the closest enemy to it and fire a high speed stream of laser 
bullets at them. The turret will continue to fire until it is out of ammo, 
or there are no more enemies. The turrets will begin to explode if you 
place too many, and if it doesn't shoot at anything for a certain period 
of time

[Quasar Turret Launcher]
at level 10, the miniturrets become railguns. Each turret you deploy will 
target the closest enemy, and after charging for about half a second, will 
fire a high speed round that penetrates multiple enemies, and looks like 
something from Halo or Quake 4. The Quasar Turrets do much more damage 
than the regular Miniturrets, and it is wise to equip plenty of Ammo and 
Speed Mods, and even a few Impact Mods as well. 

[Scorpion Flail]
Weapon Cost    : 75,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 5 bolts
Starting Damage: High
Starting Ammo  : 20
L10 Damage     : 1550
L99 Damage     : 3012
Range          : medium 

Mega Weapon Cost: 1,000,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:

The Scorpion Flail is an extendable mace from the dark ages. Every time 
you push the fire button, Ratchet slams down with the mace. It creates a 
small shockwave and is very effective at destroying groups of ground-based 
enemies. It becomes much less effective if used on flying enemies. Eqiup 
the Flail with two or three Ammo Mods, several Area Mods, and a few Speed 
Mods to finish it out. The Shock Omega Mod really shines on this weapon, 
as it is possible to take out an entire screen of enemies in certain 

[Leviathan Flail]
The Scorpion Flail becomes the Leviathan Flail at level 10. this weapon 
does the exact same thing as the Scorpion Flail, except every smash with 
the mace creates a shockwave that moves straight ahead and through 
multiple enemies. It only works on ground-based targets.  

[Hunter Mine Launcher]
Weapon Cost    : 35,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 25 bolts
Starting Damage: 120
Starting Ammo  : 12
L10 Damage     : 500
L99 Damage     : 1034
Range          : Medium 

Mega Weapon Cost: 1,250,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Time Bomb, Napalm, Minibomb

This weapon works on the same concept as the Mine Glove from the original 
R&C. every pull of the trigger places a mine on the ground, and when an 
enemy comes within range, it homes in and explodes. This weapon definitely 
needs Ammo Mods, and Area Mods as well. It's also possible to simply run 
into an enemy with this weapon which will cause the mine waiting to be 
deployed to detonate on contact. 

"Ratchet Freak" points out in an email that this weapon can also be used 
as a shield. The un-deployed mine in the barrel will stop all incoming 
enemy fire that hits it.  

[Stalker Mine Launcher]
The stalker mine launcher fires mines that are twice the size as the 
Hunter Mines, and every time they explode they split into two mines.
It's a great idea to equip the Time Bomb Mod on this weapon, so that each 
mine will do even more damage.  

Weapon Cost    : 60,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 100 bolts
Starting Damage: High
Starting Ammo  : 8
L10 Damage     : 2500
L99 Damage     : 4991
Range          : Long 

Mega Weapon Cost: 2,750,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:
Time Bomb

The Arbiter is your basic Rocket Launcher. It's the fourth generation in 
the rocket Launcher series, which began with the Devastator from R&C. it 
fires single rockets that have homing abilities similar to that of the 
Minirocket Tube from GC, but with the same speed as the Annihilator from 
UYA. It's a must to equip a couple of Speed Mods on this weapon, and then 
definitely some Ammo Mods since no rocket launcher should have eight ammo. 
The Time Bomb Omega Mod is easily the best mod for this weapon, and will 
let it do much more damage. 

The Silencer is the same as the Arbiter except that it fires three 
rockets for every shot instead of just one. If you equip the Time Bomb on 
this weapon, you can get up close to an enemy and fire all three rockets 
into him for maximum damage. 

Weapon Cost    : 2,000,000 bolts
Ammo Cost      : 1,000 bolts
Starting Damage: 1000
Starting Ammo  : 3
L10 Damage     : 10000
L99 Damage     : 19967
Range          : Long 

Mega Weapon Cost: 3,000,000 bolts

Recommended Omega Mods:

The Harbinger is the best weapon in Deadlocked. Each shot fires a group of 
markers that mark the ground with crosshairs, and then lasers rain death 
from the sky onto your unsuspecting foes. This weapon is insanely 
powerful, but very limited on ammo. That's no big deal though, since Ammo 
Mods are the only thing you can equip on this weapon. The Freeze Omega Mod 
is a great Mod to use, since on the higher difficulties there are a FEW 
enemies that the Harbinger can't kill in one hit. Ammo is 1000 bolts a 
shot, so use it wisely. 

The harbinger becomes the Supernova at level 10, and it's probably the 
most pointless upgrade in the game, and that's only because there's no way 
to improve this weapon at all. All that changes is the color of the laser 
beams, from orange/red to blue.  


Omega Mods

Works With: Hunter Mines; B-6; Arbiter
Notes: weapons that use this mod create a puddle of molten lava when 
their shells explode

{Time Bomb}
Works With: Hunter Mines; B-6; Arbiter; 
Notes: this mod turns your mines, bombs, and rockets into sticky 
grenades. Its very powerful and also comes with a shock mod built in

Works With: All weapons.  
Notes: slowly freezes the enemy that it hits, it'll wear off if you 
don't kill the poor frozen slob this one hits. It's probably one of 
the most useful mods you can buy.  

Works With: Hunter Mines; B-6; Arbiter;
Notes: when a weapon using this mod explodes, it shoots out a lot of 
little tiny bombs like the ones the bouncer shot in GC and UYA. Its 
not very useful except for skill points. 

Works With: All Weapons.
Notes: morphs enemies into sheep, chickens, ducks, or pigs, that then 
walk into and explode on other enemies. Its really only useful on the 

Works With: All Weapons.
Notes: works like the Infector from UYA, and yes, its still just as 

Works With: All Weapons.
Notes: works exactly the same as the Acid mod from UYA and GC. Only it 
seems to be a bit more powerful this time around. 

Works With: All Weapons
Notes: works exactly the same as the Shock mod from UYA and GC. This 
one actually seems to be a bit weaker than in UYA and GC. 

Alpha Mods

Works With: All Weapons
What it does: increases the ammo your weapon can hold, usually by 1 to 
3 bullets

Works With: All Weapons except for the Harbinger
What it does: increases your weapons rate of fire. You really only 
notice on super slow weapons like the B-6 and Silencer, and you can 
tell on the Vipers too. 

{Auto Tracking}
Works With: Vipers; B-6; Arbiter; 
What it does: increases your weapon's homing ability, and helps it 
decide what enemies to kill first

Works With: All Weapons but the Harbinger
What it does: increases the chances that a shot from your weapon will 
knock an enemy over. The more you have, the more often they fall. 

Works With: B-6, Scorpion Flail, Arbiter, Hunter Mines
What it does: increases the blast area of your weapons

Works With: All Weapons
What it does: increases experience gained from killing enemies by 50%

Works With: All Weapons
What it does: increases bolts gained from killing enemies by 50%

Works With: All Weapons
What it does: spawns nanotech from dead enemies. The nanotech is only 
there for a short time. 

Thank Yous and Legal

Thank you to:

"Ratchet Freak" for info on the Hunter/Stalker Mine Launcher

GameFAQS for hosting my guide
Insomniac Games for creating such a great game

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances other than 
personal or private use. Not for redistribution. This guide is only 
allowed to be hosted only on 

And nowhere else. 

Copyright 2006 Vincent Sanchez