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add-on to the 'infinint bolts' cheat

for all multi-taskers out there, i completely agree with the guy who made the infinint bolts cheat, but if you have something to do, thats no reason to stop, so try folding a sticky note into a triangle like you would for finger-football, then stick the sharper pointed ends into the space on the controller right at the circle button.

Added 2 Jul 2010, ID #32976, by Guest
Ask.com and get

inferno armour glitch

If you have inferno on and then you go to a cutscene (must be one that isnt a replay) then when the cutscene ends you will still have the armour but no the 2 weapons

I hope you like this glitch :p

Added 5 Dec 2009, ID #32495, by jamsterrat

When you are playing a quark video game press up,up,down,down,left,right,circle,square,square.

Added 8 Dec 2008, ID #31308, by heward packard


When you have the Quark-o-ray, go to the first planet. When you see the monster in the water, shoot it with the Quark-o-ray. When it has become a duck, it should walk on the water. Good luck!!!

Added 7 Dec 2008, ID #31302, by kingker

lightsaber madness

This cheat will allow you to have a duble sided lightsaber instead of a rench it makes your melee wepopns much better press this is how you do it 1st press the start button and press theese buttons------------>" circle square circle square up down left left" if you would like to undo this cheat repeat the buttons above

This cheat will in no way scuff up your game

Added 29 Nov 2008, ID #31266, by nooban8er

Lightsaber !!!!!!

To Get The Two Sided Lightsaber...

1st. Pause The Game
2nd. Rress: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Left.

The Game Should Unpause By It's Self. If Not, You Did It Wrong. If You Want To Get Your Wrench Back Then, Go To The Secrets Menu And At The Bottom There Should Be Something Called: "Demo Code". Press That And You Get Your Wrench Back.

This Can Help You Get Some Skill Points Like "Monkeying Around" Where You Hit The Monkey Running Around The Front Of The Space Station

Happy Gaming, Mikol-_

Added 20 Oct 2008, ID #31087, by Mikol-_

titanium bolt

On metropolis go into the ranger ship then pick the third one then go to any tower thers one that has a gravity boot walk take your ship down to it you will see somthing shiny hit it with your ship and you will get a titanium bolt

Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #30836, by poptart22

Darth Maul's Lightsaber With Mace Windu's Color

To get the purple two-sided lightsaber, pause the game, press: circle, square, circle, square, up, down, left, left. The game should unpause by it's self. If not, you did it wrong. To get the wrench, go to the secrets menu and at the bottom there should be something called: "Demo Code". Hit it and you get your wrench back. Do the same thing to get the lightsaber back. Also, to get the "Monkeying Around" skill point, you cannot use the lightsaber, you must use the wrench. I've tried like 30 times.

Added 26 Apr 2008, ID #29949, by Triple Threat

How to Keep Getting Bolts

On the planet tyhrranosis go to the blue ship next to your ship then go in it. There will be 4 missions keep doing the 4th one use the nitro erupter if theres enemies in piles. At the end of the mission there will be 4 rounds of the litte guys keep runing and lead them into a pile then use the nitro eruptor.keep doing this cheat you will get 2000 bolts each time you do the last mission.if you repeat doing the 4th mission you will have alot of bolts.i have 500,000 bolts because I did this cheat.

Added 24 Mar 2008, ID #29597, by poptart22

Strategy for Grand Prize Bout in Annihilation Nation,Station Q

Round 1: Just Hyper Strike every ninja TWICE.

Round 2: You might want to pull out your Shock Blaster for this round.

Round 3: Just destroy every Blade Ball with your OmniWrench 8000.

Round 4: Nitro Launch each group and Hyper Strike every other enemy.

Round 5: The Robots are "Laser Launchers" here. Same strategy as last round.

Round 6: Wrench those Blade Balls, Nitro Launch the groups and Shock Blast everything else.

Added 31 Dec 2007, ID #28711, by Tyranitar Master

Dual Blade Laser Sword- Pause the game and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Left.

Qwark's Alternate Costume- Start a game of Qwark Vid-Comic and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, circle, Circle, Square.

Pirate Vs. Ninja Mini-Game- At the Qwark Comics Issue select, press Square to bring up a password screen. Enter _MEGHAN_ as a password.

4-Player Bomb Mini-Game- At the Qwark Comics Issue select, press Square to bring up a password screen. Enter YING_TZU as a password. Press Start, Select to return to Starship.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves Demo- At the Title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

Happy gaming =) Superstyle4

Added 22 Dec 2007, ID #28608, by superstyle4

SLY2:band of thives demo

On the main menu hold all back r1 r2 l1 l2/all the back buttons. To get the sly2:band of thives demo. You can not use eney cheats on the demo only on the real game

Added 8 Dec 2007, ID #28499, by gkjghfjfg

Duel Blade Laser Sword

All you have to do pause the game and press:circle,square,circle,square,up,down,left,left.

Added 23 Oct 2007, ID #28063, by Shadow61345

A werid glitch/Cheat

Ok when you got the infernox armor by hitting a block and getting it go to Speaicls screen go skins now click a differnet pair of amromr than the one you have now exit if you did right when the timer runners out ratchet will still be wering the siut but if you die it wont work and your not incivle though.

Added 24 Aug 2007, ID #27615, by maxxy209

Walk through any wall offline!

In multiplayer, go to any level that has gooey stuff and a hovership. Start off by getting a hovership and go where your practically touching the goo. Get out of your hovership. While your flailing, press triangle to get back in your hovership. You can now walk through any wall! Note: I would recommend switching to first person mode so you can see more inside of the wall in case there is an edge right by you in the wall. You also have to jump to get in the wall.

Added 17 Aug 2007, ID #27566, by UToobDood7

Special minigames

Go to the qwark vidcomic and,at the selection menu,press square and enter the codes:
_MEGHAN_ -Pirate vs Ninja minigame
YING_TZU -A game like bomberman,with Ratchet,Qwark,a thug and someone that I don't remember who

Added 28 Jan 2007, ID #25440, by teba64

Fast kill for big robot dudes

You find the Robot dudes in places like Koros all you have to do is shoot 1 bouncer at their feet and they will die in 2 seconds.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #24959, by Mercs FTW

Fast kill for big robot dudes

You find the Robot dudes in places like Koros all you have to do is shoot 1 bouncer at their feet and they will die in 2 seconds.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #24957, by Mercs FTW


Ratchet trophy - florana - after the only wall jump of the level climb up the yellow ladder then turn around and jump to the ledge..next go around the side of the building (without falling off) and you will get the trophy.

Clank trophy - holistar studios - after using the hacker for the elevator when it reaches the top turn left and you will see the trophy.

Courtney gears trophy - koros - when you kill the second big robot guy with the missiles and lasers climb up the boxes to the right of him then jump the the glass ledge left of the boxes and go in the small building.

Plumber trophy - daxx - when you get the charge boots don't jump down near your ship look right of the ledge and you'll see a glowing ball of gold...wonder what that could be?

Al trophy - tyrannosis - when you go to the northeast one of the four big guns you have to take out go up the wall jump...turn around...then long - jump to the ledge of which you see the trophy.

Lawrence trophy - command center - when you get past the hologise section...past the swingshot/dynamo pad...and you turn left, look up and you should see the trophy on a ledge of which you need to climb a ladder to get to.

Dr. Nefarious trophy - crash site - once you kill the big dude with the miniguns at the beggining of the level go up the ledge north of there and it will be sitting there.

Quark trophy - quarks hideout - before you go into Quarks room where he is sitting go west and you will see it in a small room off the side of the main room.

---------acheivement trophys---------

Friend of the rangers trophy - complete all the galactic rangers challenges

Annailation nation champion trophy - win all challenges including quarktastic battle

Nano finder trophy - get all 200 nanotech

Omega arsenal trophy - get all weapons to V8 (only available in challenge mode)

Platinum bolt finder trophy - obvious

Skill collector trophy - get all the skill points

Added 19 Dec 2006, ID #24816, by Gamesmaster230694

Yo listen up there is a aso micre minster on top of the asl building right when you go to the race thingies then click yes so when you do that you have infinite boost here are other cheats........................

Get ultra light sabers lef tup down left up left up and main menu of screen

Be jack sparrow press left up left left left up down really fast you have to type the thing in 2.5 seconds beilive me after I was done I was like whooooooooo

Get rocket shoes not boots left right down eft up so that is my cheats oh ya all at the screen main menu

Added 17 Nov 2006, ID #24361, by monsterhouse
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